Does Almond Milk Go Bad?

When you are searching for a delicious milk product, almond milk may be the most popular option. Obviously, almond milk may give the good taste only when it remains fresh. Obviously, cow’s milk may easily get rancid.

However, after a number of days, the milk can go bad, and it is better not to drink the milk anymore. When you are experiencing almond milk for the first time, the following information may be helpful to you. You can understand whether almond milk losses its freshness and how to store the milk in a better way.

Make out the spoilage of almond milk

Whether you have prepared almond milk on your own or have bought the product from some store, it is quite easy to determine the freshness of the milk. The milk that has gone bad is sour in taste and it may begin to be thickened, and give out a bad smell.

While the milk has been kept in box, which is not opened, you may ensure that the carton is not bloated unnaturally. If it bloats, then the liquid possibly becomes spoiled. While looking over almond milk, you need to search for the actual color though the smell basically gets changed. The change of color is very simple to make out. When the smell of drink is quite parallel to some sour liquid, you may be certain that it is now not in good state and must be thrown away. Test the stability of the product – when it shows any chunky portions or gets curdled, you may discard it.

There is a very common myth regarding the rancidity of almond milk. Many people say that if the product gets separated, then it is rotten. However, the truth is that almond milk naturally separates. Emulsifiers and stabilizers may make the pasteurized milk separate very slowly.

However, in spite of that it is normal and natural and not any symptom of becoming rotten. Only shake your milk bottle prior to using it.

Some commercially produced almond milk that is available in the market is highly pasteurized, and the product is heated quite fast at about 280°F. Then, it is cooled down in order to increase the shelf life. When it is a frozen carton and when you have opened it once, it must be utilized within one week.

Almond milk is not only highly pasteurized but also sealed in disinfected cartons that enable the product to get stored under room temperature while remaining unopened. When it is opened, the box must be placed in the fridge. Many of the brands recommend that their milk has to be consumed within seven to ten days, after opening the container.

Know some best ways to maintain the freshness of milk

No matter what kind of the almond milk has been bought by you, the major way of keeping the milk fresh is by controlling temperature. The experts recommend that opened and fresh pasteurized almond milk has to be kept in the fridge because the product needs very cool temperature.

There are several brands, which manufacture almond milk; however, it is really easy for you to get the taste that you prefer. The taste of milk of various brands may seem to be quite different, and thus, you may like some brands, or dislike some others. If you have kept your almond milk container completely unopened, then you must store this in a manner that is recommended by the manufacturer. Many of them advises you to place the product in some cool site (for example, in a storeroom), whereas others purposely state that it must be placed in the refrigerator and somewhere else. Thus, you need to follow all the requirements, and when it is not clearly stated how it has to be stored, you may store the product in the similar way through which it remained in the particular store. However, if the almond milk at your home, then the product must be stocked in the freezer.

After you have opened the milk, it must be kept in a freezer, regardless of the manufacturer of the product. Obviously, you should also have to ensure that it is tightly sealed while not used. You may choose some airtight container that is helpful in this condition. Thus, you have to remember all these details, while you like to store almond milk for some days.

Almond milk and its shelf life

Like any other product, unopened container of almond milk may be verified best-by date, which is mentioned on the tag, and it is the most excellent indicator on the time period for which the milk remains in good condition.

Obviously, the milk will not become bad within one or two days after the stated date. When the product is stored in proper way, it may be well in most of the cases for minimum some weeks. Again, while the use-by date is crossed, you must test out whether it is rotten. Thus, before sipping the milk, you should do it to avoid health problems. In accordance to most of the experts, the milk generally stays unaffected for about three weeks or a bit more. However, it is best to drink the milk at once so that you may avoid deterioration of the milk very before it becomes rancid.

Thus, it may be stated that milk extracted from almond may go bad only in some conditions. While you have not yet opened your milk container, the product may be able to retain its good condition for some months. But, as soon as the container is opened, the freshness may be enjoyed only for two or three weeks, when you have stored it well. If almond milk remains exposed to normal temperature for an extensive period, it has the chance to become stale. So, try to store in your pantry (while sealed) or in your refrigerator (while opened), and in all these ways, you may take pleasure in fresh almond milk for some more days.