Does Baking Powder Go Bad?

Everyone likes baking powder due to the fact it makes cooking much better and the food more delicious.

However, there are some facts you should know about baking powder. The first and the most important is that baking powder can go bad, because it has potent. When this happens, it is useless in cooking, so your meals won’t get that amazing taste. How long a baking powder can last depends on the product and the manufacturer.

In any case, every manufacturer will notify you with the label on the product, something like ‘’use by’’ or etc. It is mandatory to read the label and check is the baking powder good to use. If it has expired, you will have to get a new package.

For how long baking powder can be used?

In general, a baking powder can be used for 2 years, but only if it isn’t open and it has been stored properly. If it has been opened, it can last for 6 months, once again, only if you have stored it properly. On the other side, it wasn’t stored according to the needs, baking powder is bad to use and it isn’t recommended to use, simply due to the fact you won’t get the desired effect and the meals won’t be very delicious.

Once again, pay attention to the label, and make sure you use it in time the manufacturer suggested. Using an old baking powder is a serious mistake most people make, simply because they believe that it cannot go bad. Now you know that it can go bad, and it must be used as specified. If a baking powder has expired for a long time, it may have a negative effect on the digestive system, so it isn’t recommended to use it. In fact, it is the best thing you can to do to throw it away and buy a new package.

As we mentioned above, baking powder has to be stored properly, but most people don’t know what properly means. In any case, it means that you must keep baking powder in a place that it dry and cool. Keeping it in a kitchen, where is warm and has a lot of moisture is another mistake people make and it is the best thing you can do, not to keep in those places. Any cool and dry place will be good and it can prolong the use of baking powder. In addition, keep in mind that a package must be closed, so the air cannot get inside it. This is mandatory and the best choice you can make. Even better, you can use a duct tape to seal the package, so the air cannot get in.

Test baking powder to see is it good to use

If you don’t know is your baking powder good to use, you can perform a simple test. All you need to do is to add vinegar and add one teaspoon of baking powder. Mix both ingredients in a small cup and pay attention. If you see bubbles, the baking powder is good to use. This means that it still has potent, so it is safe to use and there is no risk of using it. Keep in mind that you should repeat this process every time you want to use old baking powder. Most experts and cookers recommend to test old baking powder, no matter if it was stored properly or not.

On the other side, if a baking powder doesn’t create bubbles, it has expired and it cannot be used. Make sure you throw it away and buy a new package. If you use it, your meals won’t get the desired taste and those meals may have a negative effect on the digestive tract.

Another way that you can use to test baking powder it to mix it with flour. If it dissolves completely and the mixture is smooth and looks perfect, the baking powder is till good to use. On the other side, if there are crumbles, it is bad and it must be thrown away. Make sure you pay attention to this test if you forgot to test it with the first test.

Pay attention to the labels and the manufacturers

As aforementioned, different manufacturers make different baking powders with different time they can be used. In any case, the general rule is that a baking powder can be used for 2 years, if it has been stored properly. On the other side, some manufacturers use different ingredients, so their baking powders can be used for 1 year, even when they are stored properly. Make sure you pay attention to the label and read the expiration date before using a baking powder.

If a baking powder is open and it wasn’t stored properly, it can last 1 month and in some cases probably less. If it has been wet at some point, it is ruined, so don’t use it. Some people try to dry it and use it, but this is a mistake and it should be avoided.


As you now know, baking powder can go bad, but the time for how long it can be used depends on many factors that must be taken into account. In general, it can last between 1 and 2 years, but only if stored in dry and cool place. If it is open, it can last for 6months.

On the other side, make sure you pay attention to the expiration date on the package. Some packages can last less than 6 months, if they are stored on the aforementioned way. Another fact you must remember is that if a baking powder is bad, it cannot be used, simply due to the fact it lost potent, so the meals you make won’t have that amazing taste and they will taste awful.

In any case, there are tests you can use to check baking powder and see is it good or bad. If it is good, it is completely safe to use it, no matter for how long it has been stored.