Does Green Tea Burn Fat?

Obesity is perhaps one of the major problems of your life, and you always struggle hard to combat it by any means- physical exercise, different pills and supplements. Yet, you are thinking that all these options are not enough for you to reduce the fat of your body.

Now, we are going to show you another path to reduce body weight, and if this option works for you, then you would probably want to have a mini celebration with the pleasure of becoming slim in the easiest way. It is nothing but green tea that you consume, very often. It has been recognized that this most preferred beverage has some nutrients, which reduce your body weight.

How green tea reduces your fat?

Let us start our discussion about the cause for which green tea is believed to be a tool to reduce weight. Whether it is oolong tea, black tea or green tea, all tea leaves are derived only from Camellia sinensis. It is such an evergreen plant, which is quite common in the southeastern region of Asia; however, they may be found presently all over the globe in subtropical and tropical areas.

Thus, Green, oolong and black tea – all are extracted from same shrub. So, what is the difference among them? The difference lies in the way of preparing them. Unlike oolong and black tea, green tea isn’t fermented, thus the effective ingredients remain unchanged in the plant.

However, what is leading actually to the buzz in the present world supplement? Polyphenol that is available in your green tea is the solution. Such essential polyphenols seem to be much more recognized in the technical field as catechins or flavanols.

The major catechins of your green tea include epigallocatechin and epicatechin and so on. Different researches that are conducted nowadays on the effectiveness of green tea focus on extremely intense EGCG catechin; however, the scientists have also gained some knowledge about catechins also.

Tea enhances fat burning during workouts

If you have a careful glance at the tag of any commercial supplement (intended for losing weight and burning fat), there are some possibilities that you may get some type of tea leaves in the product as one of the elements. It is for the reason that the green tea leaves have always proved its efficiency to enhance the fat burning level, particularly during workouts.

In a research, it was observed that people, who consumed extracts of green tea and did physical exercises, had burned about 17 percent more fat, in compared to those, who did not take such supplement. Such study indicates that all green tea leaves are able to improve the effects of burning fat after exercise.

Metabolic rate improvement with green tea

Our body keeps on burning the amount of calories. During the hours of sleeping also, our body cells carry out lots of works, which need some energy. The experts have found out that the leaves of green tea may burn your calories, even when you are at complete rest.

For an individual, who is able to burn almost two thousand calories on a daily, three to four percent amounts to some extra amount of calories every day. It is almost same as what you may anticipate with any high protein-rich diet.

Amount of green tea to be sipped

To have the needed amount of catechins and caffeine that claim to allow you in reducing weight, you have to sip two to three cups of best quality green tea on a daily basis. On the basis of the brewing process, one cup of this beverage has almost one hundred twenty to three hundred twenty milligrams of beneficial catechins, while caffeine amount is about 20 to 60 mg.

Different researches have been carried out in order to analyze the hypothesis that green tea leaves may help to lessen the weight. It is essential to observe that many of those researches have applied the extract of green tea, rather than true tea. Sipping an average green tea on a regular basis will never allow you to diminish the weight. So, your green tea must be full of catechins, and it is useful to type 2 diabetes patients also.

In a scientific test, it has been found that those, who drink catechin enriched tea, have reduced more weight than those, who have sipped beverage with lower amount of catechin.

Does the added flavor of green teas affect the results?

The huge benefits, offered by green tea, do not generally be reduced with the combination of tastes. The flavored tea often includes the zest of pomegranate and cranberry. But, if the flavor comprises sugar, then it perhaps has more amounts of calories than normal teas. So, the experts usually recommend you to keep away from tea that has some extra sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Take supplements of green tea

Most of us know the reason for which green tea has become popular to the bodybuilders. However, before sipping cups of hot green tea, it is better to consider the fact that while this tea is taken as a kind of nutritional supplement, it may give more advantages to you.

A research has revealed that polyphenols absorption may get boosted, while they are provided to any healthy person as one of the green tea supplements.

Thus, for all those individuals, who not prefer drinking green tea or never like to experience the hassle of preparing the tea, any supplement, based on green tea may be the best alternative to have all unbelievable benefits, offered by green tea.

Thus, we have now realized that we may be able to reduce our weight to a significant extent by drinking green tea.

However, green tea can also give some other benefits to health, for example, the prevention of the possibility of heart-related disorder and some kinds of cancer. It is also applied to decrease soreness for all those, who have bowel syndromes and to help in controlling blood sugar. Thus, green tea is the most nutritious drink that you may avail very easily.