Is Black Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Black tea is a very popular drink. He contains dried tea leaves that combined with boiling water make a very delicious and healthy drink. He is not only used as a bevarage, but it is also used as a medicine since it has very beneficial components.

This bevarage has been used for 500 years, and it has a stronger flavor than other tea mixtures. His taste is almost bitter, and many people don’t like this aroma. When pregnant, women need to make sure they are getting enough vitamins, minerals and other beneficial components so that their babies grow healthy, so it is important to know which foods and drinks are okay, and which are not.

In this case black tea is safe during pregnancy but in limited amounts, and beneficial ingredients in it are even good for babies and expecting moms.

Black tea nutritional informations

Black tea is a very popular antioxidant. His antioxidant effects are lower than in green tea, but they are still there. The way we prepare our tea is very important. Antioxidant effects of black tea are released by higher temperature, so you will need to brew it a little more. The desirable temperature is 90 degrees Celzius and this temperature can really increase antioxidant effects.

Tea bags can also prevent extraction of flavonoids, and also adding milk can block antioxidant effects.

Black tea also reduces the risk of cancer and some people even claim that drinking black tea can reduce cancer risk. This especially goes for prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.

Black tea is also a good source of caffeine. The amount of caffeine is lower than one found in coffee, and also healthier for us. This component of black tea can make us a little nervous and energized but his other effects are mild.

Black tea also takes care of our digestion, by making the gut more receptive to certain good bacteria we need to stay healthy. There are also studies which show that black tea fights type 2 diabetes and prevents it.

Drinking black tea during pregnancy

Herbal teas are recommended during pregnancy. They contain a lot of beneficial components and make us healthier while we enjoy their pleasent taste. Certain teas are better than others, which is not strange since not all of them have the same components.

Black tea has a certain amount of caffeine in it. This component is known to be not too good for expecting moms, but only in big amounts. Black tea usually has from 40 to 120 mg of caffeine in them and recommended intake for pregnant women is less than 300mg a day. These are actually 2 or 3 8oz cups of black tea.

So, the amount of caffeine in the black tea is not dangerous if it is consumed in smaller amounts. So always keep in mind to calculate caffeine intake if you are consuming black tea within your diet.

Black tea is also a natural diuretic so this can cause problems for expecting moms. He also increases the amount of urine output and in certain ranges in pregnancy, this is not helpful at all. Black tea can also cause sleep problems, and raise blood pressure. This is all due to high caffeine component. So, in third trimester, try to avoid drinking black tea.

Also if you developed pregnancy related anemia, avoid drinking this tea because he exacerbates anemia. Black tea also depletes body’s calcium reserves so avoid drinking it if you have calcium deprivation.

If you enjoy drinking this bevarage and you want to drink it, than make a regular tea, and when your tea bag sits for about 30 seconds in your cup, spill out the water and add new hot water and put the tea bag in again. This way most of the caffeine will be gone and you will be able to enjoy it safely.

Black tea has many beneficial components, and like other tea sorts he gives us the satisfaction of drinking a tasty beverage while making us healthier. Black tea during pregnancy is allowed, but just like with any other drink or food be moderate and count in the caffeine you take.

Since the amount of caffeine in black tea is higher than in other tea sorts, make sure to take in consideration all the possible risks. Try to avoid it during your third trimester or if you have calcium deficiency, since it is not very beneficial in those cases.

In the end it is always good to ask your doctor for advice just to be 100% sure about your diet. Sometimes even the healhtiest foods can become problem during pregnancy and that is completely normal. Just find the diet that is most suitable for you and your little one, so that you both stay healthy and get all the important helth beneficial components you need during that crucial time.