Does Triple Sec Go Bad?

Triple sec is one of the finest liqueurs that is extracted from dried peels of Curacao oranges. It is a strong and clear orange-flavored liqueur. Triple sec is always made from the most ripe and the sweetest oranges. When triple sec was made, it was sold throughout the world in liquor stores and in some grocery stores. Maybe you have an old bottle of this drink somewhere in your liquor cabinet and you must be wondering if this triple sec is still good to consume.

In this article we will tell you something more about triple sec and its shelf life. Also, we will show you how to store the triple sec properly and how to extend its shelf life.

Can Triple Sec Go Bad?

The good news is that triple sec doesn’t go bad, because it is made from alcohol which acts as a natural preservative. It is known that alcohol keeps bacteria from growing inside the beverage.

But, have in mind that triple sec will not go bad only if you store it properly. Otherwise, it will spoil and you must toss it out.

How to Store Triple sec Properly?

Although triple sec does not go bad, the opened bottle of triple sec should never be stored without the cap. The bottle of the triple sec should always be tightly sealed. If you leave the cap off the triple sec, the liquid will probably evaporate and it won’t taste the same. Aside from alcohol, there are also some other substances in the triple sec that can go bad if they are exposed to oxygen. Because of that, you should never remove the cap from the bottle and let it be opened.

Also, if you store the bottle of the triple sec away in the beverage cabinet, it is possible that dust gets into the drink and spoils it. The best way to keep your triple sec fresh and tasty is to store it in the refrigerator. This way the triple sec will extend its shelf life and it will keep its freshness much longer.

What Is The Shelf Life of the Triple sec?

Triple sec always comes with a use by date and it is recommendable to drink this beverage before that date, because at that period triple sec will have the most pleasant citrus favor and crispness.

It is known that overtime the bottle of triple sec begins to lose its crisp taste and flavor, but you can still use it for making other kinds of alcohol beverages. Triple sec is often used for making margaritas, fruity cocktails and other beverages.

How to Increase the Shelf Life of Triple Sec?

As we have already said, if you want to extend the shelf life of the triple sec, it is good to store this beverage in the fridge, because that way the triple sec will keep its flavor and freshness much longer. The triple sec from the fridge is especially good if you want to make some other beverages.


As you have seen, your triple sec will still be safe after many years if it was stored in the fridge and with a cap. Although it will be safe to use, it doesn’t mean that your triple sec still tastes good.

Because of that, it is always best to drink triple sec before the use by date, because then it has the best taste and you can feel maximum of its freshness. If you notice that your triple sec has changed in flavor or if it smells bad, it should be discarded.