Dry Mouth In the Morning – Causes and Treatment

All people need saliva which will keep their mouths clean and moist at any time. Also, saliva is necessary for digestion and it can prevent different infections in your mouth. It is known that saliva helps the mouth to combat bacteria and acids that may cause gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay. When there’s not enough saliva in your mouth, your mouth will become dry, which will be quite uncomfortable.

Also, an absence of saliva during the night may disturb sleep and negatively affect your oral health. The condition of dry mouth is called xerostomia. Many people experience dry mouth constantly because they don’t produce enough saliva, while others may experience dry mouth only when they wake up or in other specific cases.

In this article we will talk about having dry mouth when you wake up in the morning. What are the causes of this condition and how we can treat this condition properly? Read carefully this article and you will find out.


Mouth-Breathing. If you also experience dry mouth in the morning, it means that you don’t breathe through your nose. When you are breathing properly, air will enter through your nose and it will be warmed and also moistened by the sinuses. This warmed air travels down the throat and comes into your lungs. But, if you breathe through your mouth, the air which comes to your lungs will be dry and cold, so the result will be a dry throat and a dry mouth.

As you can see, if you breathe improperly overnight, your mouth will probably be dry in the morning. There are many illnesses and disorders that may prevent you to breathe properly. You will see below which are the main causes of improper breathing and dry mouth in the morning.

Nasal Illness. Cold, flu, sinus infections and allergies can prevent people to breathe properly. People with these conditions usually breathe through their mouths, especially when they are sleeping. In order to prevent dry mouth in the morning, you should keep your sinuses clear. You should avoid antihistamines and other medications that will make your dry mouth even worse.

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking. A research has shown that many over-the-counter drugs may dry out the tissues and affect the production of saliva. These drugs may cause dry mouth in the morning. Also, it is proved that alcohol may dry out the tissues and cause air to dry out your mouth. It is known that cigarettes may reduce the production of saliva and cause your mouth to be dry, even if you were breathing through your nose overnight.

Environmental Factors. Aside from mouth breathing, dry mouth may also be caused by dry air. It is known that dry room air can irritate the sinuses, so it will be difficult to breathe through the nose. It is recommended to use humidifiers overnight in order to moisten the air in your room. Another way to moisten the air in your room is to place a pot of water on a hot radiator.

Sleep Apnea. In some serious cases, dry mouth in the morning may be the sign of a serious health condition, such as obstructive sleep apnea. People with this disorder usually stop breathing at several intervals overnight. This condition may be fatal, so people that are suffering from sleep apnea usually need a special sleep appliance or a surgery.


There are many simple ways to prevent dry mouth in the morning. You can simply change some things in your lifestyle and you will relieve the symptoms of dry mouth.

As we have already mentioned, you should use humidifier to moist your room air and to provide yourself a comfortable sleeping. Also, you can try nasal strips that will help you breathe through your nose. You should avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes, especially in the evening, because they will dry out your mouth. It is also recommended to make some dietary changes. It means that you should avoid acidic or spicy foods because they may make the condition of dry mouth even worse.

Also, oral hygiene is one of the most important factors. It means that you should brush your teeth twice per day and also floss them regularly. Also, it is necessary to drink plenty of water during the day because hydration is one of the most important factors in order to avoid dry mouth. We also recommend you to chew mint or parsley during the day. These are some of the tips that will help you relieve thy symptoms of dry mouth in the morning but you can also use some other remedies.

There are also many saliva substitutes and stimulants that may help you relieve the symptoms of dry mouth. These saliva substitutes usually include water, oils or artificial saliva. There are also saliva stimulants that may help you increase saliva production in the body. It is known that sugar-free gum or mints may improve saliva production, but you can also use some over-the-counter saliva stimulants.


As you have seen in this article, dry mouth in the morning is a common condition that has several meanings. In some cases it means that a person was not breathing properly overnight or that smoking, drug and other factors have reduced saliva production.

In some cases dry mouth may be the result of a serious disorder, such as obstructive sleep apnea that sometimes may be fatal. When it comes to a treatment of dry mouth, there are many home remedies that can help you. Proper oral hygiene and some lifestyle changes are the most important for treating the condition of dry mouth.

Also, it is necessary to avoid alcohol, smoking and taking over-the-counter drugs. If you notice that you have a dry mouth in the morning, it is always best to visit your health provider. You can also try some home remedies, but if they don’t help you, it is necessary to seek medical help.