How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

Lots of people in this world are experiencing intense hemorrhoid pain. It is a very common problem that may make us feel annoyed. Hemorrhoids, which are also called as piles, cause swollen or inflamed veins in lower part of your anus and rectum. Especially during your bowel movements, if you give excessive strain, then it may lead to the appearance of hemorrhoids.

Increased stress on the veins is perhaps the major reason for which hemorrhoids are developed during pregnancy. The veins, present on rectal and pelvic parts, don’t include valves as the veins of your legs and arms; thus all the forces on abdomen gets transmitted straight to them. As a result, they swell and lose flexibility, and you feel soreness while they become extremely stretched. 

Hemorrhoids of different types

Many patients try various treatments to reduce their discomfort, while some others want to wait for a long time so that hemorrhoids disappear on their own. But, they do not know how much time is needed for complete recovery of hemorrhoids.

Before discussing about the recovery time, let’s talk about the kinds of hemorrhoids that people generally experience.

  • Internal hemorrhoids – They emerge close to anal tube. Though they aren’t generally visible and aching, they may slowly worsen into some prolapsed condition, which drives out of your rectum during the movement of your bowel. Prolapsed conditions are rather more aching and cannot be shoved back to anal vessel, if they’ve already appeared.
  • External hemorrhoids – They look as tanned lumps, positioned on the border of anus, although the definite site may differ. A friction, caused in this spot, is likely to turn hemorrhoids into more throbbing disorder. Bleeding and itchiness are common effects for this kind of hemorrhoid. They also tend to get worse to become thrombosed hemorrhoid, which leads to the clotting of blood.

How must time is needed to cure hemorrhoids?

Recovery time based on hemorrhoids category – Most of the forms of hemorrhoids last only three to four days, if you do not make use of any medication or accept some treatments. Besides, more serious hemorrhoids will perhaps take a number of weeks prior to get cured completely. Internal hemorrhoids, in many cases, generally take 2 months for getting cured. On the contrary, the external ones, which have grown blood coagulation, take either 3 weeks or a number of months in order to be cured. Those, who have previously experienced hemorrhoids in any specific spot, are more expected to face such condition in future also.

Frequencies of occurrence – Patients, who are suffering from hemorrhoid for the first time, have quite lower possibility of it facing it again. On the other hand, a hemorrhoid, which has appeared previously two to three times, may come out very often at any time in future. This frequency of occurrence of hemorrhoid brings an increase to the time period it takes to become paler. Those, who are engaged with anal sex and have obesity, may experience more risks of the development of hemorrhoids. Moreover, such hemorrhoids generally take more extensive time to disappear.

Recovery time in case of medications

The kind of medical treatment that is provided to you, by your physician, may affect the time period for healing hemorrhoid.

  • If you have received ligation treatment or if rubber strips are used to prevent supply of blood to hemorrhoid, it will usually cure the condition within seven to ten days.
  • Infrared coagulation- Here, laser light is used to assist internal hemorrhoids in coagulating and shrinking. With this method, the recovery time may range from three to four weeks.
  • Sometimes surgical processes are applied to deal with serious hemorrhoids, and it possibly takes a number of weeks for complete cure.

These surgeries for healing hemorrhoids may be of different types:

  • Hemorrhoidectomy – This is an efficient surgical process that is conducted to get rid of extra tissue, which lead to bleeding. A physician carries out this surgical treatment with some local anesthetic and sedation. This is also a helpful option to care for chronic hemorrhoids; however, some intricacies may occur, including urinary zone infections or temporary trouble in draining the bladder. Bathing in a hot tub after this surgery will assist you to alleviate the uneasiness.
  • Hemorrhoid stapling. It is a different procedure, which is chosen to obstruct the flow of blood to hemorrhoidal tissue. This is quite less aching process, in contrast to the former process- Hemorrhoidectomy. But, in case of stapling, rectal prolapsed may occur, and this condition may cause a portion of rectum to stick out from anus.

Some home remedies that you may try

  • You may plan to sit in any tub with some balmy water almost three times on a daily basis (twenty minutes every time) to lessen the swelling. Be certain to dry your anal part later.
  • Besides, you need to take lots of water or introduce more fiber-rich to daily diet. It may help to avoid constipation, which always worsens hemorrhoids. By keeping away from constipation, it may be possible for you to lessen stress on the rectum. In turn, it can diminish distress, bleeding and swelling.
  • Another instruction is to utilize stool softeners for the avoidance of flare-ups. However, when you are experiencing hemorrhoids, liquid stools can also cause infectivity and tenderness of anus.
  • Do not sit for extensive period on any rubber donut. Always ensure that you remain lively and do physical workout on a regular basis to lessen constipation or to recover circulation of blood. Always be certain that bowel movement always happens after your urge.
  • There are also OTC creams, ointments or suppositories to relieve pain. Keep in mind that they will heal hemorrhoids. However, they may just deaden the part, so decrease the swelling and redness.

In addition to these home remedies, you may also try some natural treatment options:

  • Triphala – It is better to make use of basil Triphala for curing constipation, which arises because of hemorrhoid. And you may apply this as bowel stimulant.
  • Self-made cream -You may blend white oak, bayberry and myrrh along with root of goldenseal to produce a balm, which decrease hemorrhoids.
  • Self-prepared Tea – Blend some honey and fenugreek seeds in hot water. Then, sip it daily to heal the condition.
  • Witch Hazel – It is easy to reduce hemorrhoid if you use this hazel thrice per day by applying a cotton pad.

Thus, the recovery time of hemorrhoid may vary according to your chosen treatment. You may try out any method that seems to be best for you.