How Long Does Broccoli Last?

Broccoli may be considered as a vegetable with full of nutrition, including different vitamins, folate and potassium. No matter whether you want to eat this vegetable in raw or cooked state, you know that it is the best healthy component in your food. Broccoli usually remains good for many days or week just after your date of purchase.

However, still many people want to know- For how many days broccoli may remain fresh?

Before knowing that information, it is essential to make out, whether the existing broccoli has gone rotten. And to do it, you have to do the following things-

  • Place your veggie near nose and try to inhale it thoroughly. You may be competent to have the fresh smell of broccoli; however, the odor must not be very strong. While the broccoli has become rancid, you may also get the smell, while opening the fridge, but that smell will be irritable.
  • On the subsequent step, you need to squeeze your broccoli stalk. Fresh broccoli must offer firm feel, while you touch it. When the stem of broccoli is shuffle, it has possible lost its freshness.
  • Then, you have to check its color because fresh green broccoli must offer a dark greenish tint. And when it starts to become yellow, it has really got rancid.

Rinse your broccoli before storing

Wash broccoli, if you have grown it and not purchased from stores. While you like to store this broccoli, slight amount of moisture may be an excellent factor; however, excessive moisture may be bad for the veggie. Wetness may cause development of mold within a very few days, and as a result the broccoli may become inedible. That is why you will need to keep away from rinsing fresh broccoli, which you have bought from the grocery, because it has been cleansed previously and then dried.

So, it needs no extra cleaning by you. But, you need to rinse broccoli, which you cultivate in your garden so that the insects and garden debris may be removed. After rinsing the homegrown broccoli, you should ensure that you have dried it to avoid mold.

For washing homegrown vegetable, take warm water along with some white vinegar and then soak it for almost fifteen in order to destroy the small germs.

Keep the broccoli within a ventilated container

When you do not have much the time and patience to do any complicated process, do not be concerned. It is very simple to maintain freshness of broccoli with a normal plastic bag. Only close the broccoli in carrier, and poke several holes on that carrier to ensure easy flow of air. Keep this broccoli in the refrigerator so that this vegetable may remain fresh for about some days.

Wrap broccoli with wet paper towels, and this is another good option to have fresh broccoli. You have to fill up a dirt-free, unfilled spray bottle by pouring some with cold water, and after that slowly spray the heads of your broccoli. Loosely cover these heads using any paper towel in order that this towel may soak some dampness. Keep the vegetable in the refrigerator; it will stay fresh for almost 3 days. Do not cover the vegetable very strongly with your towels and never keep this within a sealed box because broccoli requires flow of air to stay unspoiled.

Broccoli bouquet – Another storage option

Create a broccoli bouquet, and it is one of the unique ways to sustain the quality and freshness of broccoli. It is just like the way you keep flowers lively for many days. Only place all broccoli heads down in a big bowl with some water at its bottom.

However, the hairy portion of broccoli must point upwards. Refrigerate it and keep on storing it in this manner for almost 5 to 7 days. In order to have maximum freshness, you need to wrap broccoli’s head in a loose way by using a plastic container that has a number of holes to pass the air. Besides, try to change water on a daily basis.

Can broccoli be kept cool?

In case of most of the vegetables, very fast changes in biochemical structure and quality may occur within a short time. That is why many of the experts recommend you to keep vegetables cool.

Remember that broccoli is extremely perishable veggie, and in the present days, this is packed and cooled with the help of liquid icing. This liquid icing makes sure of the ice around your vegetable during the period of transportation. Possibly, it also reduces some of the damaging effects.

Broccoli and its shelf life

Though the shelf life details on any packet of broccoli are usually genuine, you need to keep in mind that every case may differ.

Like many other vegetables, broccoli may not have the ability to remain fresh for longer time. And in most of the cases, broccoli, bought from groceries, does not show you use-by or sell-by date. Thus, you need to have a look at the given purchase date. Due to the presence of vitamin as well as many other potential health benefits, such as, the prevention against cancer, you perhaps like to eat broccoli. But, it is only fresh broccoli that can give you these benefits. According to some experts, refrigerated broccoli may retain its quality for about three to five days.

On the other hand, cauliflower, which also looks like broccoli may continue its freshness for about one week.

Overall, it may be said that broccoli may get rotten after a certain period of time. It will not last long, if you cannot store it in the right way. You may plan to store your broccoli that has become floppy, but is not revealing any other signals that it has gone decayed. Cut a little piece from its stem and then immerse it in a jar of water for sixty minute. It may make the broccoli stalk strong once more. So, follow this simple instruction and save broccoli.