How Long Does Rice Last?

Rice is one of the staple foods in many countries, while some other countries, this is consumed only occasionally.

However, no matter, whether you eat it occasionally or daily, the cooked rice needs to be unspoiled: the same thing can be said in case of uncooked rice. So, consumers often ask a question – Will the cooked or uncooked rice be stored for an extensive period.

Just as pasta, you may find rice in a number of varieties, including brown and white rice. Due to relatively affordable price as well as high nutritional value, lots of people are likely to eat rice. But, all categories of rice are not produced in the same way.

White rice that is polished may be stored at forty degree Fahrenheit, while sealed in completely air tight container, and it may remain in the same condition for about thirty years. Every food item lasts for limited period, while not properly stored.

However, keep in mind that white and brown rice generally include best-by date rather than the date of expiry, and for this reason; you may safely consume it after best-by time. 

How to determine that your rice is spoiled? 

Becomes dry and hard

It is one of the visual warnings that your cooked rice, which has been in a refrigerator, is not fresh right now. Leftover rice may get dry whenever it is kept inside fridge.

However, when the grains become extremely hard and crunchy, there are possibilities that it has been placed inside fridge for some days. Rice remains in best condition while consumed just after some hours of cooking it.

Increase the cooked rice’s shelf life by simply storing it inside a locked container.

Kept out of fridge for long time

It is better to increase time period for which your cooked rice has been left under normal temperature. The environment, with full of moisture, offers the right conditions for the growth of bacteria. And though refrigeration may not prevent such stop growth completely, it obviously gets slowed down.

Rice in uncooked form may have bacterial spores, called as the Bacillus cereus. After your cooking also, such spores may still exist. While your cooked rice has not been cooled, preserved and reheated rightly, bacteria may lead you to suffer from food poisoning.

Thus, when you have left exposed steamed under rice room temperature condition for over two hours prior to stashing this in refrigerator, it may be good to toss the food in the trash.  

Chilled and heated several times by you

It is better to control the number of times you are cooling and reheating the rice. It presents a perfect condition to grow bacteria. The best rule is that you have to reheat your extra rice not more than one time. In fact, it is safe to toss the leftover rice.

Rather, when you find that you have rice more than what you eat in a day, you may better plan to freeze those leftovers to have them in some other times. 

Unpleasant stink coming from rice

When there is an irritating smell, emitting from the rice, you must think of it as a clear signal that the rice has to be disposed of right now. You have perhaps kept rice in fridge for over 3 days; thus, it is now not safe to consume.

Know the best ways to store your rice

The most excellent way to keep your rice fresh is the use of an airtight container, placed in your pantry. You may also like to keep it in some cool area; however, you need to ensure that the temperature is in constant level.

As soon as you make the conditions ready, you need to keep the rice refrigerated so that your food may be away from all the contaminants and dampness. Never let your steamed rice left exposed completely in your room temperature state for a very long period. Almost one or two hours may be enough to maintain the safety level of the food.

On the other hand, while you want to store up your rice for considerable long period, it is better for you to freeze the rice (dry), if you like to keep up its taste.

Do you know some usual facts about the storage of various species of rice?

In case of brown rice, the hull is eliminated and this is completely a natural grain. So, the presence of fats that you may find in rest of the levels may turn out to be a cause of the faster spoilage of this rice; however, the same case may not be seen in your white rice. White rice is generally milled and then completely stripped all the layers as well as nutrients.

However, enriched quality rice may give you some nutrients that have been restored chemically. On the contrary, brown rice has the ability to retain all possible nutrients. Besides, this rice has also wacky savour due to the natural layers.

Because of the low level of moisture, present in it, white rice may keep indefinitely. Such longer shelf life may give lots of advantages to all the underdeveloped nations.

For white rice, many experts say that you may store it for about four to five years; in some cases, this period may be longer than that. However, the possible shelf life for any variety of rice, in fact, depends on several factors, for example, the rice itself, uncooked or steamed condition, packaging method and also the way you have stored it.

Thus, in conclusion, we can now say that rice can be stored for a considerable number of days only if you follow the required conditions, needed for your rice. However, the best plan is that you have to cook rice, considering the right amount that you need on the particular day.

Otherwise, the perfect storage conditions should be followed. Bad or stale rice is not only disgusting in taste but also unhealthy for your body. So, keep away from spoiled rice all the time.