How to Get Something out of Your Eye

Our eyes are very sensitive, and we have to be very careful with them. This organ in human body reacts to light and it has several purposes. It allows people to see, or this is the primary function of the human eye.

Eye has a very complicated structure but it is perfectly designed for vision and connected to our brain. Our brain is responsible for creating images but without the eyes we wouldn’t be able to recieve those images.

Since they are only protected with eyelids and very sensitive we have to be careful and keep them safe. If it happens that we get something in our eyes, then sometimes we must use special methods to get those foreign objects out of our eye.

Foreign objects

Foreign objects can vary. This can consider dust, small pieces of something that has accidentely fallen in our eye or maybe some other particle that is so small that is almost unnoticeable. There are different ways they can end up in our eyes.

These particals can end up in your eyes by accident. For example if it is windy outside you are more at risk of getting aomething in your eye. Or if someone handles badly certain materials they can end up in your eye as well.

People that are working in certain jobs are more exposed than others. Perhaps people in construction are most at danger. They work with different materials and tools which produce these particals, so they need to protect their eyes at all times.

Some of these objects can be very dangerous, like glass or metal. They can really hurt your eyes and make even serious injuries that require medical help. So it is good to know different ways to treat your eye when things like this happen.

It is best to avoid situations where you can hurt your eyes but if you can’t then maake sure to be protected at all times.

When you end up with having something in your eye you will definitely feel it. You might feel discomfort, pain or even tickling. When the surface of our eye senses any sort of foreign objects it will react. Our eyelids are designed to cover our eyeballs and any sort of particle between this small space will cause a problem.

Our eyes are actually almost like two spheres that are set in our skull and material that goes inside our eye can go all over to the other side and that is when it is really hard to take it out.

Removing objects from your eye

If it is a small object like a grit, dust or something similar to that then you can easily remove them at home. But if it is a bigger particle or something more dangerous like a piece of glass, metal or stone then it is best to seek medical help.

The first thing to do, if you are removing something out of your eye is to wash your hands. They need to be washed with soupe because we need to remove all the bacteria from our hands when we are about to touch your eyes. Also wash of all the soap because it is not safe to have it in your eye as well.

After you have done this locate the object in your eye so you can see exactly where it is. If you can’t see it properly then use a flashlight or find a place where you have daylight so you have no doubt where the object is.

If you can’t see the object yourself then ask someone to look for you. Perhaps the particle is somewhere above or under  where you can’t see it for yourself. Also look up and down if you can not see where the object is. It can sometimes get stuck on the border of your eyeball where it is connected to the skull. Inspect your eyelids as well and try to find the object on the eyelid itself.

When you locate the object you can either use your fingers or use a cotton swab to fetch the particle. The swab must also be clean and sterilized.

Another way to clean your eye is to simply wash it. Try using water to wash out any particles that are stuck in your eye but keep in mind that water is not always 100% clean so make sure to use water that is safe.

If the particle is stuck somewhere in the corner then make sure to be quick wehen you are removing something. Your blinking reflex will be working more than usual so try to be as precise as you can be. When you locate the particle just dab on it with you cotton swab or with your finger and don’t scratch it. This area is extremely sensitive so be careful.

If you are wearing contact lenses then first remove them and then get the object out of your eye. You will have a hard time trying to get the object out if they are on the way. If you can’t see without them, then ask for help in finding the particle.

You can also use eye wash to clean your eye and if you don’t have eye wash on you then you can combine boiling water and salt. Then let it cool down and use it for flushing out your eye with it. This is the safe way and don’t worry about hurting your eye additionaly. But, if you have eye wash then it is recommended.

Medical help

If it happens to be a more dangerous material that is stuck in your eye then you should ask for ptofessional help. Some materials are extremely dangerous and any type of pressure on the eye would be very painful and could even cost you your sight. More dangerous materials are metal, stone, and other sharp objects that can get in our eye by accident.

They should be removed by professionals so that no more danger is caused. If you decide to do it by yourself then make sure you know what you are doing. All materials must be sterilized and don’t use tools like tweezers or toothpicks. Only soft materials can come in contact with our eyes and also with minimal pressure.

If dangerous chemicals get i your eye then immidiately hold your head under the faucet to rinse everything out. Flush your eye for about 15 to 30 minutes to make sure you got everything out. After that go and seek medical help, because you can never know how big of a damage chemicals can do. Also bring the package of the chemicals with you, so that the doctor can know exactly what got in your eye.

You can visit your physician to make sure everything is okay, so as a matter of precaution. This way you will be sure your eyes are okay.

Eye injuries

Pain or irritation that lasts for more than 30 minutes is very dangerous. In this case you should definitely call your doctor or pay a visit to the nearest hospital, to make sure your eyes are okay. The pain should be severe and deep, and not only mild irritation. But if you have any questions then contact your doctor anyway.

If you happen to have an eye injury due to an object in your eye, then you will probably have to take medications. If inflammation happens then you should ask for a medical advice and appropriate medications. Ibuprofen and Aspirin can have a relieving effect for your eye injuriy since they have an anti inflammatory effect.

Also you can make some camomile tea and dab it on a cotton swab or cloth and put it on your eye to ease the tension you are feeling. Camomile will calm the inflammmation and prevent it from getting worse.

In some serious cases you might even need surgery, but these are only cases of severe damage to the eye. So, mostly our eye will be okay because we have an instant reflex when something tries to hurt our eyes. We will blink and our eyelids are going to stop particals from getting inside.

In any case, our eyes are very sensitive and if you are worried about them, always contact your doctor. If you know you are working with dangerous materials then be extra cautious, and protect yourself extra in these cases. Put on any type of protection you have, and try not to look directly to the source from which the particals are coming.

Some of these materials can be very hurtful to our eyes, especially if they are sharp. Materials like metal, stone or glass bring the most damage. Also dangerous chemicals can be very dangerous. They can damage our sight and even blind us temporarely or permanently. In these cases only doctors can help so don’t touch your eyes if you are not sure what you are doing.

When removing objects from your eyes always sterilize or wash your hands with soap and use only clean materials and if possible natural ones so that your eyes are safe.