How To Make a Warm Compress for Eye?

Eye compress can be used for different conditions. People who suffer from dry eyes or simply have some sort of injury, find warm compress to be extremely helpful. Warmth seems to have comforting effect on pain source, and this is why many doctors recommend using warm compress.

We will explain how this eye compress helps and what is the safe way to use it.

How to apply it?

This method of treatment is very common, and people have trust in it since it has been proven to be very comforting. If you have doubt about this treatment, you can always ask your doctor for advice.

The way to apply warm compress is by first washing your hands with antibacterial soap, to clean all of the germs from them. Next step is to use a soft and preferable cotton cloth, and fold it in third of it’s size. You can then damp the cloth in warm water or put it under the tap to damp it a little bit. After this step put this cloth on your eye and softly hold it on the wound.

Don’t use any harsh movements and don’t press too hard when holding the cloth. Close your eye while doing this, and if you feel excess pain, then stop applying to the wound. To keep the cloth warm, dip it in water every 20 seconds and re-apply it to your eye. Do this for a while, until you feel some relief and until the pain settles down.

If you don’t like applying liquid to your eye, or if it doesn’t do you any good then try applying a warm cloth without dipping it in water. You can put something between the cloth and your face, and cloth you can warm up on any hot surface you choose. This way the germs won’t get to your eye and you will protect your eye from getting infected.

Effects of warm compress

If you are suffering from blepharitis or Meibomian gland dysfunction, then you will find warm compress to be very helpful. Warmth of the cloth has soothing effects on wounds, and also provides enough moist for the dry eyes. It is not necessary to press hard on your eye or to pull the cloth anywhere, just gently press it onto your eye.

Blepharitis is a condition which makes our eyes extremely dry and this is why a warm compress is the perfect solution. Warm compress also helps our glands to receive enough liquid without excessive amount of liquid. Warmth of the cloth helps with any wounds around the eye, since our body needs to send more blood through our bloodstream to heal the hurt area.

Always close your eye when applying the warm compress, and make sure to use clean materials since our eyes are very sensitive to any type of germs or viruses that can attack the surface of the eye. Eye infections are very dangerous and treatment of these conditions is very exhausting. So, make sure to avoid hurting yourself more.

You can also provide yourself with a pharmacy bought warm compress, but this might be dangerous if the material from the compress leaks and also they are not that easy to use as the ones we make at home.

Other eye treatment options

If you struggle with blepharitis you can then clean your eyelids. This method will help you to keep the germs out of your eye, and keep the surface of the eye clean. For this treatment you need to use clean wipes which you can buy in any pharmacy. They are antibacterial and used especially for this cause. They also have cooling effect so it is a perfect combination if any inflammation is present.

You can also dip these wipes in water and add a little bit of baby shampoo and clean your eyelids thoroughly. Inside of your eye is off limits, so don’t use it too close to the surface of your eye. This method can be applied 3 times a day, until your condition gets better.

If your eyes are dry then you can use lubricants especially made for eyelids. These lubricants are applied on edges of eyelids and if necessary even on the inside of the lower eyelid. In any case make sure to ask your doctor for advice, so that you know for sure.

In harder conditions, you might need to take antibiotics to prevent further infection. This will be determined by your doctor, and never use antibiotics on your own.

If you have Styes then you can use the warm compress to treat it, and again, important thing is to wash your hands and keep your face clean as well. Besides warm compress, you can use medications that are offered in local pharmacies. They include different wipes, creams, and pads that are used topically on your eye. If the medications don’t help after the promised period that is marked on the product, then stop applying it or ask your doctor for advice.

Styes can seem like a regular pimple but don’t squeeze it or press on it. Any touching or pressure apply on stye, can make the condition even worse. Bacteria might spread and then you will have an infection, which is hard to overcome. Any make up or other cosmetics are off limits during this treatment, since it can make your stye even worse. Certain components in make up can irritate your eye and cause infection spread.

For dry eyes, it is best to avoid environments that are dangerous for this condition. These include dry, dusty areas with a lot of particules flying around in the air. Dry climate and too cold environment can also be harmful when you have this condition, so always use protection for your eyes.

Fatty acids play important role in treatment of this condition. They reduce effects of inflammation, that can appear anywhere in our body, including our eyes. When this conditions settles down, our eye will be able to produce more liquid and prevent this condition from happening. You can include more fish, walnuts and other omega fatty acids rich foods.

If your condition is not too serious, then you can try using medications from the pharmacy. Medications like creams or ointments, that are applied directly onto eyelids. Eye drops are especially useful in this case, since they are easy to apply and don’t require any special preparations.

Ointments are also very effective, and you can ask your doctor for advice in this case. He will prescribe you the right type of ointment for your condition that will surely help.

If none of these treatment work then make sure to visit your doctor and do all the necessary examinations so you can determine what is your correct condition. Determining the source of trouble is a half way to recovery. If any of these treatments worsen your condition, make sure to let your doctor know about it. Certain medication components can be hurtful to your body, if your body doesn’t accept them too well.

In case of any excess pain, liquid leaking or any other suspicious change of condition stop with the treatment and make sure to inform your doctor.