How to Use Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Beverages have some roles that are significant mainly for helping in your effort in weight loss. There are some drinks that can increase calories of your regular diet plan to make your weight reduction quite tougher.

But there some other beverages that may offer you the calorie-free means for rehydration. The best fact is that the common beverages like oolong teas have the ability to boost weight loss plan, though the research about this is still going on.

Oolong tea for weight loss – Does it work?

This question has now become a hot topic among the regular tea drinkers. In fact, many of the celebrities like Dr. Oz and Oprah approve oolong tea leaves for losing weight. Some users have claimed that when they have continued their oolong tea consumption for about 6 weeks, it has helped them to lessen the weight as well as the body fat.

Oolong or green tea – Which can be better?

Many people cannot decide on oolong tea or green tea for weight loss. Green tea leaves is recognized for the presence higher level of catechin as it does not have fermentation as black tea that transforms catechins to a different useful plant substance, known as theaflavins. On the contrary, Oolong teas are partly fermented, thus this has a standard quantity of these substances. The content of caffeine may differ between the tea varieties. The green tea generally has the minimum caffeine, while black tea contains the maximum caffeine. As green tea leaves have also much amount of catechins, they perhaps give more positive result about weight reduction than any oolong tea. Yet, oolong tea may be preferable for some more reasons.

Why oolong tea helps in decreasing weight?

Polyphenol is a substance that is present in the leaves of oolong tea. And it is also somewhat responsible for the possible weight-loss results. Polyphenols are present also in the black and green tea, and they assist to enhance the loss of weight and fat, no matter if there is higher level of sugar in the diet. A kind of the polyphenols, known as catechins, can assist in the prevention of the slow metabolism rate. It becomes quite simpler to keep on losing the body weight.

In your best oolong tea for weight loss, the existence of caffeine is as important as the content of catechin because both of them have the roles in reducing the body weight. The tea, which contains caffeine and catechins, leads to more loss of weight than what you can get through consuming caffeine or catechins alone. The two compounds, when act together, may assist to boost the metabolism or also the fat reduction process. Simultaneously, it also helps to sustain lean body mass. Thus, the decaffeinated oolong tea versions can never be as useful for losing weight as a normal oolong tea.

oolong tea helps in decreasing weightOther positive effects offered by oolong tea

Avoids decay of teeth

Oolong tea boosts up your oral condition by preventing the presence of bacteria, which leads to the decay of tooth or also oral cancers. Polyphenols of this tea act as antioxidants may improve the dental hygiene.

Resists Free Radicals

Some special lipid is important for a lively looking condition of skin. The stated radicals speed up the aging process by transforming to lipid peroxide from skin lipids. It leads to black spots as well as pigmentation on your skin. However, polyphenols of the tea leaves eliminate your body’s free radicals, and thus, slows down your aging course.

Benefits for cardiovascular system

The daily intake of good oolong tea may lessen the level of cholesterol. Thus, it can also lower the hazard of heart problems. Research reveals that the persons, who sip one to six cups of beverages, made of oolong tea leaves, have a lower possibility of facing cardiovascular disorders.

Diabetes treatment

Oolong tea holds high anti-oxidants level, minerals and vitamins. All the nutrients may do detoxification of the body, boost digestion or reduce the chronic disease risks like diabetes. The tea is known to be one of natural products for treating the diabetes (type 2).

Considerations while crewing oolong tea

If you have the only plan to decrease your body weight, then you may better take the oolong tea in the hot condition. Do not consume the iced oolong tea. The scientists, who have researched on oolong tea, have disclosed the fact that the sipping of hot oolong tea is related to the index of lower mass of the body. In addition to it, the drink also leads to the smaller circumference of the waist. On the other hand, those persons, who used to drink iced oolong tea, have very high BMI as well as broader circumferences. Thus, this fact is very useful to those, who want to know how to drink oolong tea for weight loss.

Now, you perhaps, like to find how to make oolong tea. While preparing oolong tea, you can make use of very low temperatures along with shorter times of steeping in order to protect the valuable catechins.

The quantity of oolong tea to be taken every day

In many countries of Asia, the leaves of oolong tea have become an accepted supplement for oily food items. Now, researchers have revealed that this is a useful fat blocker. It is observed that this kind of the diet may double up the excreted fat amount of the body.

It is also a doubt on how much oolong tea to drink for weight loss. What many people do not remember is that though this tea helps them in losing the weight of body by providing the boost of energy and fat burning capacity, one should not drink the oolong tea in excessive amount.

If you have chosen the oolong tea of higher quality, you just have to take three grams every day that may be infused almost three to five times per day in order to prepare three or four cups of 3-this tea.

Now, the amounts of the tea leaves that have been mentioned should be followed by you. However, you can like to make tea as many times as you wish. Moreover, as the oolong tea may be infused a number of times, it is possible for you to save yourself from all the pesticides.

Only pour sizzling liquid over your tea leaves, infuse for a short time period, and then take away the water. In this manner, all the residues of the pesticides and dirt, which may be present on your tea leaves, are completely removed.

When you consume oolong tea in unnecessary amount, it can cause some adverse effects:

  • The tea has natural fluorides, and while you have the extreme level of this tea, you may be exposed to hazardous amount of fluorides, which may cause skeletal fluorosis.
  • The negative effects from caffeine may also arise, for example, increased rate of heart, nervousness, agitation, dehydration, problem in sleeping, PMS and many more.
  • It may be better to talk to your healthcare specialists prior to drinking the oolong tea to manage the weight.
  • Keep away from drinking this tea, when you are pregnant or you are having some prescribed medicines.
  • Over utilization of the tea may also result in hypokalemia, stomach problem, beriberi etc

However, Oolong may also encourage strong teeth and strong body, besides making the skin glowing.

Thus, be patient, while regularly consuming the oolong tea for reducing the extra weight.

Preparation methods for oolong tea

Oolong tea can give you wonderful taste. The time of steeping its leaves or the infusions rate depends on the range of leaves that have been utilized. The technique of preparation of this tea is very simple.

  • Start boiling water, and at that time, wash and heat up your tea set.
  • Put some leaves of oolong tea to your pot (five percent of the pot)
  • Then, put boiling water into it and reject the white bubbles, created on top
  • Cover your pot for some minutes
  • Now, oolong tea is ready to sip

Some more tips for preparation

The extras like sugar or milk added to tea may increase calories. Besides, many people ask about- when to drink oolong tea. For them, it is to be informed that it is better to have it during afternoon. Moreover, watch the everyday intake of caffeine.

Thus, you have now got the answer Is oolong tea good for weight loss? However, the amount of weight to be lost depends on some factors, including the lifestyle.

Where to buy Ooolong tea?

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