Kidney Pain After Drinking Alcohol – Symptoms and Treatment

When you are spending an enjoyable time at a party, you are likely to drink glasses of alcohol. And at that time, you perhaps do not stay away of the amount of drinks, you have sipped. Drinking a tasty wine is really the best time-pass option.

But, have you ever thought that it may affect your health? If you continue drinking huge amount of alcohol for few years, your body may start hinting that it’s too much for you. You will feel quite weaker, and the resistance capacity of your body can also get hampered. Indeed, your whole body may get affected with alcohol, but, it is kidney, which generally suffers most. Don’t ignore the situation, when you are regular alcohol drinker and have kidney pain. 

How does alcohol affect your kidney?

There is a very close relation between kidney pain and alcohol intake:

  • Anti-diuretic hormone is highly affected with alcohol
  • The drink also increases your urine, and ultimately leads to dehydration
  • It also causes extreme blood pressure
  • Alcohol intensifies the level of obesity; as a result, it brings about kidney pain

Kidney pain that results from alcohol drinking may differ from one person to another. Alcohol can affect either your right kidney or left kidney. Most of the patients do not have any idea on how to trace out the source of kidney pain, caused due to alcohol. In fact, they feel that this pain is perhaps near abdomen or backbone.

Possibly, there is nothing associated with the lower side of your stomach. The position of your kidney is just beneath your diaphragm. While the pain seems to be in your ribs or in flank, it must be considered as kidney pain. However, the common causes for you feel kidney pain are:

Kidney stones

It is thought to be a very common cause, when you have taken excessive alcohol. This extreme drinking leads to dehydration, which may cause kidney stones.

Moreover, improper diet and sedentary way of life are additional factors to affect kidney. While you drink more, excessive urine production causes movement of kidney stones and ultimate pain.

Too much pressure on kidney to work

Sometimes, the pain is caused because of overwork issues. We know that our kidneys remove waste matters to maintain hydration. But, kidneys possess very limited ability for processing alcohol. So, with excessive drinking, your kidney is pressurized to work more.

Blockage of Pelviureteric Junction

This can also lead to pain in kidney after sipping alcohol. Such condition involves an obstacle to renal pelvis. You may have back ache as well in this condition.

Renal Pelvis gets weakened

The urine accesses ureters with tubular system, which is known as renal pelvis. Extreme level of drinking may cause higher urine formation, which impact the pelvis, causing soreness. Generally, this tenderness disappears, after you drive out extra urine.

At times, we feel pain on our spine or have flank pain, and this condition is thought to be normal.

However, in most of the cases, the pain in right kidney starts in this area. If you have ache at the right-hand part of your back, then it is probably because your right kidney has been affected.

There are specific symptoms and causes, which indicate that your right kidney has something wrong-

Urine blockage

Kidney stone that is already discussed before has some obstructs your ureter and urine. As your kidney swells, its thin layer gets stretched. IF you have this condition, then you may feel intense pain, nausea and chills.

Cancer in kidney

This is a serious cause, which is often associated with right kidney ache. The capsule gets expanded with the growth of a lump.

Moreover, this tumour may also squeeze the renal nerve, causing tenderness in right kidney.

Interruption of blood flow

This condition is called as infarction, while the flow of blood to your kidney gets interrupted because of obstructed artery. The cells also become damaged and you feel severe pain.

The left kidney pain syndromes are almost same, and you may experience:

  • Urinary issues
  • Joint pain
  • Aching at the back portion
  • Hunger loss and fever
  • Pain during menstruation
  • Odour from urine and many more

How do you feel if alcohol has affected your kidney?

Sudden aching and uneasiness may crop up on your body’s back side. In many of the cases, kidney pain is of very extreme level.

At the same time, you may also have infection, which is named as Pyelonephritis. This infection causes inflammation and pain. Such disorder happens mainly when your urine returns ureter because of stones.

To treat it, your doctor may recommend amoxicillin and cephalosporin as they are intended to kill bacteria for controlling infection. So, keep away from alcohol and prevent these conditions.

Tips to help you in avoiding alcohol

When you are feeling pain in your kidney, it is just alarming that you are just crossing your limit of drinking alcohol. Don’t go beyond the control of your body. Stop drinking. We all know that it’s truly impractical for any regular drinker to stop having alcohol completely. For this reason, it is best to get the aid of experts. In many instances, it has been observed that hardcore drinkers have got success in giving up their habit with a very strong determination.

So, if they are able to do so, then you are also likely to quit it with your own power. Now, read some tips to reduce your rate of drinking alcohol.

Set a particular amount of drink that you have to take – While drinking alcohol, you must consider this specific limit. For women, it should not be more than one time day; however, for men, two times may be maximum limit. You may also plan to keep record of your drinking on any diary so that you can maintain drinking regulations.

Try to sip your drink slowly – Drink only small amount of alcohol and then wait for an interval to get another glass. Sip alcohol only when your stomach is not empty, and enjoy another drink (like fruit juice) after having alcohol.

Overall, we may conclude that the regular drinkers are not the only victim of the effect of alcohol. In many instances, occasional alcohol drinkers also experience same problems.

So, try to keep a control over your alcohol drinking, and you may also take the recommendation of doctors. When you are one of alcohol addicts, you should attempt to do everything to prevent all health issues. Save your precious kidney as well and enjoy a healthy life.