Most Painful Tattoo Spots to Get Tattooed

Tattoos are an imperative today. Wherever you look you can see them. From simple and small ones to the big ones. There are many ways to express your artistic side and „decorate“ you body with tattoos is just one of them.

But when it comes to tattoos they are not as easy to get as you might think. The process of tatooing is quite easy but the moment the needle pierces trough your skin isn’t the most pleasent feeling in the world.

There are varieties of places you can tattoo, and they are all different in the meaning of level of the pain. Some of them are pretty extreme.

Tatooing process

The process of drawing a tattoo begins with sterilizing everything and making sure the tools are clean. The maschine that is used for tattooing is filled with tattoo ink and it is functioning on the principle of mascine needle piercing through your skin multiple times.

As the needle goes in and out quickly, it releases the ink in your skin and that is how tattoos are made.

The ink is actually in our dermis, and not on the surface of the skin . So when we look at the tattoo we see the ink few layers in our skin. This way tatoos are permanent and not erasable unless we want them to be removed by laser.

When it comes to tatoos on different places some of them are really painful.

The most painful spots


Ribcage is the part of our body that every tattoo artist will warn you about. Theskin on our ribs is very thin and we can feel the needle going through the surface of our sskin almost to the bones. Lack of skin, muscles and fat in thia area makes it much more sensitive to needle hits than any other place.also this area of the body is mostly covered, so you might experience irritation due to clothes pressing on to it at all times.


Armpits are another very pai ful place to get a tattoo. In this area the skin is very sensitive and alao covered with lots of gland that produce sweat.

Axilary nerve in this area makes it even harder to endure pain because it is connected to the central nervous system . This is a major nerve so this makes the tattooing even more painful.

Inner arms

Ulnar and median nerve are two of the three most important nerves in our arms and they all run through our inner arms. The area on our inner arms have the least aamount of skin covering these nerves so that makes this area extra sensitive, even to touch.

Every time we punch this area it can cause numbness in our arms and fingers. So every time the needle goes through our skin, signals will be sent to our ncentral nervous system in our brain and we will experience lain in our whole arm.

Behind the knees

This area is simmilar to the area on the inside of our arms. Skin in this area is extremely thin and covered with nerve endings. Sciatic nerve which runs through our whole leg and the biggest ppart of our body goes also through this area, which makes it very sensitive. Pain will radiate through your whole leg and this will make this experience even more painful.

Groins and genital area

These areas are very sensitive. This part of our body is made that way for a reason. It is designed to deliver message to our brain even if it’s the lightest sensation is felt. So you can only imagine the amount of pain sensation a needle piercing throuh your skin in this area can cause.

You will feel constant numbness and pain in the same time. All the bundled nerves in this area will be sending pain signals to your brain so your whole groin area will be in pain.

Face and head

This area is sensitive no matter how chubby you are or how thick your face skin might be. Skin on our face is extremely sensitive and thin so you will be feeling every single needle hit. 12 cranial nerves are found on our head. They are all connected to our brain and they pretty much control pain sensations

Face and head is also not recommended because it is inappropriate for any proffession to have tattoos in any visible places, so it is probably best to avoid tattoing it.

Throat, neck and clavicula

Spinal nerves branch out and form the cervical plexus. Together with the nerves coming from the head and face we have about 20 nerves in our neck area. Back of the neck and the area around the spine has a lot of muscles so it is the least painful area to get a tattoo. But the front of the neck is considered to be the most painful.

Besides having a lot of nerve endings the skin in this area is very thin and doesn’ t have a lot of fat or muscles, which makes it extremely painful to any kind of pressure or pain.

Hands and feet

Tattoo on HandsEvery nerve in our body ends in our extremities. This the place where they allcome together and needless to say these areas are very sensitive.we can feel even the lightest touch and having a needle piercing through this area is 100 timess more painful than other thicker areas on our bodies.

These tattoos alao need few visits to the tattoo shop to be just right. It is very hard to make them because there is not enough skin depth and also because it is extremely painful, the client needs to do it in few repetitions.

Shoulder blades

The reason why this area is extremely painful is due to the blade itself. One of the biggest bundle of nerves goes through this area, and if the needle hits these nerves you will definitely feel it. Also the pain is major if the needle hirs the blade.


Ankles are also painful because skin is very thin in this area and the needle almost hits the bone when it penetrates the skin. This will make you feel tickling sensation that can also be very painful when you are doing a big tattoo. Achilles tendon is very sensitive. This part has a lot of nerve endings which makes it highly sensitive.


This is not an especially painful spot for women that hae larger breasts. For men this is a painful spot because they don’t have too much fat and the needle goes almost to the bones. As I said before when we don’t have too much fat or muscle on the area where we are getting a tattoo, then the pain will be more felt.

The skin is extremely skin on the part between our breasts, so this area of the chest is the most painful when it comes to tattooing the chest.

Taking any medications before tattoing is not a good idea. Painkillers can increase bleeding and make it impossible to make a tattoo. Also drugs and alcohol in any respected tattoo shop will not be acceptable and these customer shouldn’t be served. This is one of the rules that should be respected for the customers own safety.

Duration of the pain is the biggest problem, so perhaps few sessions will be necessary to get the tattoo done. Stay hydrated and eat before getting a tattoo, especially if the project is a little bigger. Ask the artist to stop, if you need to take a break and everything else will be okay.

All of these are are covered with thin skin which makes them extra sensitive. Others have a lot of nerve endings and not enough fat and mass to cover them so all of this affects the level of pain. So it doesn’t matter if you have done multiple tattooes or you are just a begginer, these places will make you uncomfortable and in pain.

Getting a tattoo done might not sound like a good idea right now but there are other places on our bodies where the sensation is lighter and more duable. So, make sure to ask your tattoo artist about the painful areas if he doesn’t warn you himself or just do some research. Tattoos are not a piece of cake but for the ones that enjoy them no amount of pain will stop them from getting them done.