Pain Between the Shoulder Blades – Causes and Treatment

Pain in any body part is really irritating, and when it is shoulder pain, you cannot concentrate on your work. Some people feel their pain between scapulae or shoulder blades. In some cases, we think that the pain is minor and may not cause any serious problem.

But, remember that in few cases, this aching is the cause of other severe health issues.

Symptoms that you are having ache between scapulae

Few symptoms that you may experience in shoulder blade issues are:

  • Problems in placing your chin
  • Feeling of uneasiness between scapulae
  • Intense ache at the back side in some cases
  • Crepitus– It is a kind of annoying sound, which may be heard by you while moving arms and stressing scapulae. It is indicating broken scapulae or ribs
  • Tenderness – It is felt while inhaling deeply

What are the potential causes behind the soreness between shoulder blades?

There are several things, which may lead to aching between neck and shoulder or the blades of the shoulder. The pains often appear and disappear, and are caused because of exhausted muscles. In this case, there is nothing to be concerned much.

However, sometimes, the pain is caused because of some diseases, which need immediate care.

Herniated discs – They are likely to occur at the lower side of your back portion. It happens when a structure between backbones cracks. These discs have a structure, which covers a gel, allowing it to work as the spine shock absorber. If you have an injury, then it may lead to the damage of discs.

Problems in gallbladder – This is one of the common causes due to which you feel distress in the upper part of the stomach. Usually, this pain is experienced on your right-hand side; however, it later spreads to the area between scapulae. Either gallbladder inflammations or gallstones seem to be the major cause. The small gallstones may obstruct the cystic channel, and it becomes hard for the bile to pass. Your body may response to the issue with constant contraction of duct muscles for removing gallstones. As a result, there is an ache in the area, linking shoulder blades.

Stroke – It is a serious condition, when you need to be concerned on your shoulder pain issue. It is, however, very common in females. The discomfort starts in their chest portion, and then it reaches the shoulder and back part.

Disorder in facet joint This joint is mainly seen between vertebrae and it allows some twisting. Simultaneously, the restriction of extreme motion may cause disturbance of discs, and bone spurs are created because of deterioration of joints. While the spurs exist, some of the joints get enlarged.

Diagnoses done to treat the shoulder pain

When you cannot find out what causes pain on your shoulder blades, it is better to consult a physician. The doctor will not only do some practical test but also request for more than one physical test in make the diagnosis. Few of these tests include:

MRI – It is done in order to check all your nerves, ligaments and tendons.

X-ray – This is intended to scan the bones that may get fractured due to some reasons.

CT Scan This offers all the images of your organs and bones

Don’t get frustrated – Treat your pain

Sometimes, a slight change in your habits helps you in eliminating all the pains. It is obviously the foremost option that you may try for your shoulder pain. Your own body often needs to keep away from the activities, which are irritating. At times, when stress is one of the major causes, some guidance may allow you to get relaxation.

Besides, you may also choose some other options, like-

Physical workouts

The muscles stretching exercises lead to the reduction of pain.

Posture adjustment

Be careful on how you are standing or sitting so that proper posture may be developed. For instance, you may make use of an ergonomic chair and suitable pillows. Those, who have backache, often use mattresses to reduce it. Thus, you should also have proper sleeping position.

Body manipulation

Look for a good therapist to massage your body, or you may also buy massage tools to release your muscles.

Take medicines

When the above options do not work for your shoulder blade pain, you may depend on meditations. There are some anti-inflammatory drugs, which help you to have relief. The physicians also recommend you to use steroid-based medications.

However, in most serious cases, surgery is needed, and in this operation, scars are removed; tendons are treated or shoulder position is adjusted.

If your shoulder blade pain is caused due to aging, then there is not much significant option to prevent it. However, try to stay physically dynamic, and it may assist you in avoiding the weakness of muscles. Daily workouts lead to the better flow of blood to your muscles.

Keep in mind that stretching is highly essential in order that shoulder ache may not recur. Besides, you can also do swimming or play the games, like tennis to enhance the flexibility level.

Modify your diet plan

Your regular consumption always plays a significant effect on your physical condition. Try to maintain moderation in your intake of food. But, you should not stop consuming some food items. The main fact is that you must not eat too much of a particular food, which may cause some stomach problem and muscular disorders.

Thus, as conclusion, we may now say that the ache between scapulae may appear to be minor; however, the case is not same all the time. It sometimes indicates heart attack and other grave conditions. For this reason, you have to focus on it immediately. Discuss with your physician to analyse what causes pain. Never try to make any assumption on your own. Rather, look for the professional view of a healthcare expert. The specialists are best to assess your health and provide you with the right care for the pain.