Pimple on Lip – Causes and Treatment

The pimples are really one of the painful issues that generally occur on the skin surface. And, when they occur on the lips, they are not only painful but also hideous. They can also cause you some discomfort as the lips are the sensitive body parts. Pimples or zits on lip may seem to be worse because of the reason that the lips are the vital part for drinking and eating something, thus you will experience irritation, whenever, you place anything into your mouth, particularly if this thing is spicy or salty. Many of us are likely to press together the two lips a number of times, and it may cause more irritation and pain.

Many people cannot understand the difference between cold sores and pimples. Thus, before knowing about the lip pimples, look at the differences of the above two issues.

Cold sore is small but aching blisters, which generally turn up near the person’s lips. It is caused because of Herpes Simplex Virus-1. Such hurting fever eruptions may appear on the lips, mouth, gum, face, chin, throat, neck, tongue and many other parts. Some common signs of lips sores are pain, stinging, burning and itching at the site of infection.

On the contrary, a pimple on your lip is a type of skin condition, wherein the oil and deceased skin cells become trapped within hair follicles. It is transformed into small rosy lesions. On the skin of many people, there is white-colored spot on the pimple, which is a sign of the existence of pus.

Some individuals often experience both zits and pimples on the lips. In a few serious instances, the lip pimples cannot be cured easily. However, the most important matter that should be emphasized is the true cause of the pimples on lips and the way of treating them.

Generally, pimples, appeared on our body, are often caused due to bacteria accumulation and hyperactive glands of oil. Some of the specific causes of lip pimples are:

Disproportion in hormone

Throughout the different phases of development, there may be some imbalances in hormone, and it can lead to unsightly pimples in many parts, including the lips. In most of the cases, the women may face the lip pimples, while they are pregnant because at that time, there are hormonal alterations. In the same way, during puberty, particularly in teens, there can be very high possibility of the lip pimples because of hyperactive glands.

Sexually transmitted infections

The serious herpes are the infections, transmitted sexually, and they may cause pimples on your lip. But, they are very easy to recognize them because they may appear as tiny clusters. Moreover, they look as ulcer and are very painful.

Type of skin

There is another potential reason behind the appearance of the lip pimples, and it is the nature of skin. Usually, the individuals, whose skin is very oily, are likely to have pimples on the lips. Thus, if your skin is oily, then it may be a reason.

Low quality cheap cosmetics applied on the lips

Some cheap, poor quality lipsticks, lip glosses, moisturizer or lip ointment are the factors that cause the lip pimples. Many of these lip care solutions also have detrimental and inferior components that become absorbed into the lip skin. Moreover, they clog the skin pores adjacent to the lips. It may encourage bacterial growth and the pimples.

Allergy to some ingredients

Whenever you suffer from pimples or zits on the lips, you perhaps apply some lip treatment products. And you may be sensitive to a number of the components that are present in the products. Moreover, some individuals are also affected by the high quality lip care solutions, mainly because of the ingredients.

Unhygienic or expired products applied on lips

The application of the expired or impure lip care solution may also bring about the pimples. When the lip care items get expired, or become infected, they are likely to hold a few pathogens that may bleed onto the jaws or lips. As a result, they can trigger pimples as well as other disorders on the same area.

Unbalanced level of nutrition

There is a popular notion that the food we consume or not consume may impact the general condition of the skin. The lip pimples may be considered as the mere alarm that something wrong is there in the nutrition level of the body. The examples of some foods that may activate pimples are the sweets, coffee, grain, soy, gluten and dairy products.


Some people have claimed that the pimples on their lips get cured just after they have stopped the use of the toothpaste, which consists of sodium lauryl sulphate. It is a compound, which acts as the foaming substance and cleaner.

However, there is no evident clarification about it in the scientific field. The main fact is that the combination of the sodium lauryl sulphate and many other constituents of the toothpaste along with the oils of your skin may block the pores of lip. Thus, it becomes the cause of your lip pimples.

Medication containing corticosteroids

In individuals, who make use of medicines that have lithium or corticosteroids are also generally expected to face the pimples. Such medications are believed to be the cause of lip pimples.

There are some more factors, related to the lip pimples:

  • Those who smoke regularly may have the more chance than those, who are non smokers
  • Many people have also the lip pimples due to the stress.
  • Harsh conditions of environment and contamination
  • Gene-related factors

Fortunately, lip pimples may be prevented to some extent with a few steps:

Choose your lip care items carefully

It is previously stated that the low quality lip care solutions cause the horrible pimples. While buying these products, you can choose pure lipglosses or the products, which contain low amount of pigment.

In addition to it, select the makeup, in which the major components are panthenol and olive oil, if you do not like coconut oil. Panthenol and olive oil may not be much irritating. Do not use the lipsticks, which stick the dust to the skin of lips.

Eat properly for healing the lip pimples

Drink water as much as possible in order to keep your lips hydrated all the time. Consume some multi-vitamins for avoiding the shortage of vitamin, which is cause of lip pimples. Choose the foods, which contain high amount of magnesium and calcium. You do not, in fact, require searching for high nutritive foods to treat pimples on lip. When you simply follow balanced diet, including, vegetables, fruits, nuts or seeds, you may easily fight against pimples and other health issues also. Keep away from caffeine, found in coffee, tea or sodas.

Use compress

Both cold and hot compress may be the good option for treating pimples of lip area. After washing and cleansing the face, you may make use of the hot compress along with a piece of cloth. Continue it for some minutes; you may find a decrease of the texture and size of pimple. Then carry on with moisturizing as well as toning.

When the pimples are found to be very large in size, you can use cold compresses. It is better to do it during night before sleeping because cold compress may make the lips deadened, make the jaws feel irregular, and hamper usual speech. Thus compress can also dry out your lip pimples.

Some more tips for the fast healing of the lip pimples are:

  • Never touch the lip pimples. Your hands may have dreadful bacteria that are always waiting to get the suitable surroundings to breed. You do not like to face the worse condition of the lip pimples due to bacteria. Thus, make certain that you have made some effort to prevent the touch of the lips with your hands.
  • Do not lick the lips because it may dehydrate the lips and may also intensify pimples.
  • Apply on your pimples some balm on a regular basis. In case of the oily skin, the most excellent thing that may be accomplished is to apply toner, which has the acid as a component. In long run, you can get better results in preventing the pimples.
  • Many people also have benefit from the application of the calamine cream on their lip pimples. But, never use this lotion throughout the lips. Take Q-tip in order to directly apply it on pimple.
  • Wash the face not with lukewarm water.
  • Stay away from all types of lip makeup until the zits disappear. It means that you should try to avoid concealer, lip gloss or any other thing.
  • Cleanse the lips thoroughly after taking oily foods.

These are some preventive measures that can help to cure the lip pimples. The pimples may be seen on lower part of the lip due to piercing or waxing. Or, they may also appear inside your mouth. No matter where the lip pimples occur, you must follow the stated tips.