Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea With Milk

Green tea is consumed in many parts of the world, and it is popular mainly because of its abilities of healing. Most of the practitioners in the medical field have realized the benefits the importance of this pure green tea. However, the green tea, while mixed with milk, can offer some more unique effects, which are beneficial to the body.

Green tea can excellently fight against fat. Its major element, i.e., EGCG, can raise the speed of burning the fat of the body. Moreover, this mainly aims at the fat of belly. As the fat burning genetic materials of abdomen are triggered, it can lead to the loss of weight by almost seventy seven percent.

In a small research, the experts have made a comparison of the results of drinking green tea. It is noted whether the vascular system gets positively affected with the combination of water, tea and milk. The scientists have noticed that the tea can settle down the vessels of blood.

Tea and coconut milk

You can choose green tea with milk recipe, by choosing coconut milk because this milk along with original tea can give many benefits-

  • Cool down the Nerve Cells of your body – Coconut milk contains magnesium, which assists in keeping the normal level of the blood pressure. The presence of magnesium and calcium in this milk may also prevent the excessive stimulation of nerves and muscle. Thus, you can combine your green tea with coconut milk to have these benefits.
  • Toughen the bones – The calcium amount in the milk of coconut may not be as high as that of the dairy milk. However, it consists of high phosphorus level, which may make the bones stronger.
  • Destroy virus besides preventing infection – Lauric acid, present in the milk can be transformed into monolauin, which is a substance, containing antibacterial and antiviral features. Thus, consuming the milk tea can lead to the destruction of virus.
  • Control the sugar of blood – The level of manganese of the milk assists in the metabolism of the glucose of the body. Manganese may also aid to avert osteoporosis, inflammation, PMS and absorption of vitamin.
  • Reduce the cholesterol level – Although coconut milk has highly saturated fat, this can increase the HDL (beneficial cholesterol). On the other hand, dairy products can increase LDL (injurious cholesterol). Thus, you will not need to worry about the bad effects of cholesterol, if you blend coconut milk with your everyday green tea.
  • Treats arthritis – Coconut milk has selenium, and it works as the antioxidant, which may facilitate to diminish free radicals, which has the tendency to cause inflammation to the parts.

Green tea and soy milk

Green tea and soy milkIt is believed by some that sipping green tea with some milk can reverse a number of health benefits. But, there are many consumers, who do not like the flavor of any green tea with no milk. As a result, they may like to take the supplements of the green tea. Or perhaps they want to have green tea with soy milk. You know that there are more than two hundred bio-active substances, found in tea, and among them, catechin offers the most nourishing effects. Casein of milk contacts with catechin of tea, and it results in the reduction of their effectiveness.
Thus, when you want to blend green tea with any milk, you can better attempt to choose soya milk. This milk holds lecithin, which possesses a diverse molecular arrangement to casein. Thus, it is not expected to contact to catechin of tea, unlike the casein.

Moreover, there are some more desirable facts about the soy milk. Unlike the milk of cow, soy milk has generally low fat. Normal-fat soy milk has somewhat more fat for every tea cup. However, it has usually no unhealthy saturated fat. As it is extracted from some plant parts rather than any animal byproduct, this milk has not any cholesterol.

Green tea and almond milk

Many people do not know about the recipe of green tea with almond milk. This exceptional diet is preferable for all those persons, who like to lessen their weight or keep up their standard weight. This amalgamation of the almond milk with green tea can resist the sense of extreme appetite and offer a good taste at the same time. However, if you cannot tolerate this milk and if you have kidney disease, you have to consume the almond milk tea after consulting with doctor.

To make the almond milk tea, you need the specific milk (1.5 l) and green tea (two spoons). Then, heat up and cool this milk (seventy degrees). The milk must not be very hot. You have to put the tea in it.

Cover this for twenty minutes, and sip a single cup for every two-hour. The drink can be better absorbed as green tea relieves the milk digestion. Besides, drink purified water as the drink is an effective diuretic. The water preserves the stability of your body organism. Thus, you have now understood how to make green tea with milk. If you use the milk other than almost milk, the procedure remains almost same. The best tea will blend smooth taste along with soft texture of milk.

Besides, you may prepare either iced or hot milk tea. However, there are several ways in which you may arrange green tea with milk recipe for adding more savor.

The combination of sugar – How it affects your tea?

Strong green tea that is combined with sugar and milk can be the universal treatment for any kind of the problems. Many of the countries have tea stores that sell extremely strong type of tea that has been completely blended with some condensed milk.

If you like, you can also have the green tea with lemon and honey. It is noticed that Russian people like to have this combination of green tea with milk and sugar, while people of China and Japan do not like to add anything to the tea. It is seen that many people raise a question- Is green tea with milk good? The above discussion can sure give them the best answer.