Right Eye Twitching – Meanings and Superstitions

Superstitions with supernatural or religious hints are still affecting our daily way of life. Though some of these superstitions indicate few suggestive facts, many others are completely illogical. Breaking of mirror and black cats are some of the omens that we often believe.

However, what does it mean if your right eye starts jumping occasionally?

Various superstitious beliefs on right eyelid jerking

Some say that the right eye jerking is going to bring you good sign. For instance, you may gain money or good news.

On the other hand, these people think left eye twitching to be of bad warning.

However, these beliefs may vary according to gender. Left eye jerking of a female person is a positive sign, while this is bad for any male. The superstitions on the jumping of eyelids are almost same in China and India. It is also thought that jerking on your lower eyelid offers good luck. Besides, it can also differ, according to the time, when it is happening. For example, right eye jumping from 11pm to 1am indicates that you may get an invitation, but the time from 11am – 1pm signifies that a disaster can happen.

On the other hand, African interprets right eye jumping in a different way. They think that the lower eyelid jerking is denoted that you are sobbing.

However, while it is on upper lids, you may meet a stranger. Some other cultures believe that this right eyelid twitching may bring death to any of the family member. But, left eyelid jerking indicates the birth of a new one. Trinidadians have almost the same kind of belief. They consider that right eyelid jerking is alarming that some person is praising you or you may hear pleasurable news. Besides, they also think it to be the signal of some unexpected encounter with a person.

In this present century of science and advanced technology, many of us do not like rely only on superstition. So, scientists have made out medical reasons, related to right eye twitching. The twitching of the eye muscles that cause odd fluttering feelings is surely annoying and uncomfortable.

Moreover, it may also hamper your vision. The condition of twitching of your eyes is called as myokymia, which remains only for short period. Thus, myokymia isn’t any severe condition; but, if this twitching keeps on staying for a very long time and causes pain, then you must contact the doctor.

Some possible causes for which your eyes may twitch are:

Allergic reactions – One of the causes, often detected in case of eye twitching is allergy. While you are showing some allergic responses, then histamine is released. As a result, your eyes may start swelling and turn out to be watery. At the same time, you may also have jerking right eyes. When you press the eyes in case of histamine discharge, you may have more irritation in muscles.

Mental stress and strain on eyes – You know the mental pressure may affect the body in different ways. And one of these is obviously the right eye jerking. Besides, if you work throughout a day before a computer or watch TV, then your eyes may get strained. In addition to it, there are many people, who are likely to put on spectacles or lens that are improper for their eyes. That is also another cause, which brings about twitching sensation on your eyes.

Consumption of a particular substance – Many people have already the sleeping problems, which affect their bodies. But, the strange fact is that there are some other people, who take the drugs, like caffeine and alcohol in order to remain active at night. Thus, these substances have a great role in jerking your right eye.

Lack of proper food – Nowadays, many people go for dieting, and as a result, it leads to a number of issues to their health that they cannot realize. Effects of inadequate nutrition generally begin, when they take caffeine regularly. Try to eat all the nutritious veggies and fruits. Some fruits, such as, bananas, have significant amount of magnesium, which works best to make your eyes stronger.

Often, the shortage of vitamins also causes your right eye jerking. For instance, if you have not adequate Vitamin B 12, then you have your nerve tissue damaged. Besides, there may be muscles spasms and shaky limbs. And obviously, eye twitching is also not unexpected.

Inflammation on your eyelid – This condition is also known as Blepharitis, and there is an excessive growth of bacteria. It also causes the obstruction of sebaceous glands, which exist in the eyes. Such disorder results in not merely swelling and irritation, but also twitching on any of your eyes.

Among the other causes of twitching, we can mention, dry eye. But, the good fact is that you may be able to solve this problem by simple applying recommended eye drops and antihistamine medications from the doctor. Besides alleviating eye jerking, it may also ease your irritation on the eyes. For more solutions, you must have enough quantity of water to make sure of the perfect temperature level in your eyes.

Besides, it hydrates your eyes all the time. So, it also prevents eye twitching. Drink almost ten glasses of fresh water in order to maintain the hydration in your body. You may need to increase the consumed water amount when you are involved in intense physical activities.

Right eye twitching – Does it need any doctor’s consultation?

No matter whether you believe in the superstition on eye twitching, you have to concern in few serious cases. In some instances, the experts have observed this eye twitching may be the symptom of the nerve disorder, such as, Parkinson’s disease. But, when you jerk your eyelid for only one time, there is no need to be concerned. At times, such twitching continues for a long time and reaches to the extreme stage. You need to take the advice from your doctor, in the following conditions:

  • Right eye jerking for over 3 days continuously
  • Twitching spreads from the eye to other parts of face
  • While you release fluid substance, a part gets puffy or becomes reddish
  •  When you are feeling the inflammation
  • The eyelids get closed because of excessive twitching

To conclude, it is to be stated that though there are some primitive beliefs, you may better depend on medical truths. In fact, the list of superstitions is endless, as different cultures have different interpretations.

However, the twitching phenomenon is related to your body, it is best to depend on physicians’ recommendations. No matter, whether it is your right eyelid or left eyelid, you have shown concern to prevent twitching.