Top 10 Famous Sociopaths

Sociopath refers to those persons, who have some personality problems, which are visible in intense antisocial outlooks as well as lack of ethics. A research has revealed that just 1 percent of individuals in this world have this personality issues.

However, all the sociopaths are not serial killers; many of them may be very ruthless and become prominent sociopaths. Sociopaths take pleasure in their villainous acts and the imprisonment does not trouble them in any way. The names of some of these sociopaths are given below:


In the world of fiction, Sherlock Holmes, one of the famous detectives, is a sociopath with some obvious performance. He seems to be aloof as well as analytical and does not understand while he has spoiled the sentiments of his intimate pals- Mrs Hudson and Dr Watson.

He never cares much about his social esteem and may easily annoy people, who are not able to keep pace with his unique fast-paced mind. Besides, he is also not competent to maintain make relationships. It is only Watson, who is quite tolerant and may make bond with him. His fictional opponent Moriarty may be also a sociopath; however, he gets some delight by giving pain and does not seem to have an attachment with any person. For this reason, Moriarty can be considered as one of the psychopaths.


If you have watched the crime film, A Clockwork Orange, you perhaps know the character, Alex. Alex operates a team of droogs that put on their individual costume and run riot all over the world with drugs, sex, violent rape and also murder.

While not involved in some extreme incidents Alex takes note of Beethoven as well as to the music and he responds expressively. If he is arrested to send to jail, there is no chance of rehabilitation. And thus, he acts as guinea-pig in case of any conditioning trial to eliminate all brutal intentions from his mind. After a successful treatment, he gets permission to run off jail.

Richard Kuklinski

Kuklinski is another guy, who was mainly recognized to possess a very fast temper that may flare up. When he becomes furious, he tends to beat many people and murder them. He has such a behavior that has attracted the notice of a local mafia.

Besides, he assists them as one of the hit men for a number of years. In fact, he has been selected as an associate of malfia due to his competency to murder innocent people in a random manner with no remorse. While arrested and locked up, he also gave some interviews to TV programs and psychiatrists. However, he wished to comprehend the reason for which he enjoyed killing people.

Will Cornick

He was brought up by a family in England. However, at the age if thirteen, he turned out to be ill with a serious illness. Since that time, his original behavior had undergone a complete change. For about 3 years, he gained some pathological disgust towards his Spanish tutor, Ann Maguire (fifty nine years old).

He wrote something on the page of Facebook, and expressed that she really deserved to embrace die. Again, after two years, he followed her, made her senseless and then stabbed her near the neck portion. Obviously, she died at that moment. Later, he got the punishment of twenty years’ imprisonment. However, as per stipulation, he may not be released.

Miranda Priestly

She is one of the Fictional fashionistas and female sociopaths, who may disparage her associate and any person, who is not able to approach her own standards. Besides, she quickly becomes angry. Her temper is really very violent and may not make any allowance for all weaker individuals. In addition to it, she also faces trouble in making friendship. Only those, who are quite submissive, may be her friends. From the name, Miranda Priestly, it may be realized, she is much ruthless, just like a devil. There is no tolerance and empathy in her.

Unlike the common male sociopaths, Miranda is not likely to kill; however, she only inflicts a profound mental pain.

Arnold Corll

Corll had a target especially to the teen boys. He pursued most of the victims with marijuana and alcohol and marijuana. His riot continued from the year 1970 to about 1973, and during this period, he took care of 2 unruly assistants, Elmer Henley and David Brooks.

In Houston, Corll found out twenty eight boys and then murdered them. The age of those boys varied from thirteen to twenty years. Moreover, he also encouraged his own assistants to act in the same way as he did. Corll particularly enjoyed crushing the genitals of the victims. Often he used to insert glass rod to their urethras, besides smashing them with hammers. Ultimately, Corll either strangled them or shoot them with the use of a pistol. He buried the bodies of victims in a range of sites, such as, Bolivar Peninsula. He was never detected by police officers, who were recklessly attempting to find out the missing individuals all through the city.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is generally known to strangle many women to kill them, and all these murders are done randomly. He used to come back at the sites of the crimes, and then had sex time and again with dead bodies until the decay compels him to cease the action. And all these are done throughout a day.

He once hit 4 women, and 2 of them died instantly. The other ones suffered seriously with missing teeth, broken jaws, spots on the buttocks, ripped off nipples, disjointed shoulders and concussions. He inserted a bottle to the vagina of a woman, but he didn’t rape any woman. He left the site, possibly while the turmoil woke some others. Bundy thus acts as a wild beast, and he never felt any remorse for it.

Josef Rudolf Mengele

Mengele made use of Nazi law and state-forced domination of Jews in order to please an obviously sadistic, vicious bloodlust. He was also called as the White Angel. Unfortunately, the entries will only get worse. Mengele intentionally broke the legs of many children, allow them to be cured and then again broke them in order to find out the number of times a bone can be fractured before it cannot heal. He did not use any anesthesia on the victims.

Prince of Wallachia, Vlad III

In history, you have perhaps heard of his nickname, i.e, Tepes. He had done lots of crimes, which were much malicious. The horror that he used to create is inexpressible.

Jack Henry Abbott

He was once recognized as an extremely praised writer while the offense of forgery imprisoned him. He, in fact, did not murder anyone until he remained in jail where he killed someone with knife. After running away from jail, he stole from one bank and contacted well-known writer Norman Mailer. He persuaded Mailer for giving him assistance to write books. Outside the jail, he found a way in the literary circle of Mailer and gained attention for some days. While a waiter had not allowed him to utilize employee bathroom, Abbott killed him and was again arrested. He committed suicide in jail. But, his charm of sociopath was still there.

These are some of the well-known sociopaths, who have become recognized die to their violent acts. Some other sociopaths include Diane Downs and Deidre Hunt, and they are comprised under female sociopaths. You may plan to search for the names of many other sociopaths, who are really pitiless.

However, it is always a good plan to know about the symptoms of sociopath in order to defend you. Perhaps, you cannot make out when you meet any such person. Still, you should try to keep away from sociopaths.