Can You Eat Prawns When Pregnant?

Pregnancy brings about not only changes in your body, but also changes in your diet. Expectant mothers have to be well informed about the foods they eat. A common question of every pregnant woman is what foods are safe to eat during pregnancy. There are some foods that are not good to eat in pregnancy, so it is best to avoid them.

In this article we will deal with prawns as one of the most popular seafood items. In the past prawns were considered a luxury food, but today they are a common ingredient in cuisines all around the world. It is known that most fish and shellfish are healthy to eat when pregnant if they are cooked properly. When seafood is raw it may contain parasites and bacteria that may be harmful to your baby.

But, there are also some types of fish and seafood that may be contaminated or high in mercury. It is known that high levels of mercury can be harmful to your baby, so many women avoid eating seafood during pregnancy. But, not all types of seafood are high in mercury. Some of them are perfectly safe to eat and expectant moms can enjoy them. In this article you will learn something more about prawns and their impact on the health of expectant mothers. Are they safe to eat or they may be harmful to your baby? Read along and you will find out.

More about Prawns

Prawn is a large swimming crustacean that resembles a large shrimp. Prawns live in sea water and they can vary in size. Prawns have firm and sweet flesh and they can be eaten raw and cooked. The flesh of prawns is grey when the prawns are raw, but when they are cooked, their flesh turns pink and opaque. Prawns are usually boiled in salted water, but you can also grill or fry them.

You can use cold-water prawns in salads and other cold dishes or you can serve them with brown bread, lemon juice and butter. It is important to eat cold-water prawns cold, so avoid reheating them. If you reheat prawns, they may become dry quickly. If you have bought warm-water prawns, you need to peel them first and to remove the black textured line along the back of the prawns. It is best to stir-fry or grill these warm-water prawns if you have bought them raw.

Are Prawns Safe In Pregnancy?

As we have already said, almost all types of seafood should be avoided during pregnancy. Even though seafood is a good source of protein, minerals and fats, it also contains some harmful toxins. But, we have the good news for all expectant moms. They can safely eat prawns as long as the prawns are thoroughly cooked. It means that prawns have to turn pinky red and their flesh has to become opaque.

Also, it is important not to overcook the prawns, because their flesh may become tough. It is important not to eat raw prawns in pregnancy because it can lead to food poisoning. Raw prawns contain viruses and bacteria that can harm your baby.

As we have said, expectant mothers can eat prawns, but the prawns must be cooked well. This way prawns can be very healthy and nutritious meal. They are low in fat and high in protein. A research has shown that prawns contain almost the same amount of protein as meat and chicken. But, if you are not sure that prawns are cooked properly, it is best to avoid them. Most pregnant women make their own prawn sandwiches, but you can also buy cooked prawns that are absolutely safe.


If you are also an expectant mother, we hope this article was interesting and useful for you. Now you can safely eat prawns but make sure they are properly cooked. Remember that raw prawns, as well as other seafood, may contain bacteria and viruses that may be harmful to your baby. Proper cooking of any seafood is the most important if you want to ensure the health of your baby.

As we have already said, prawns are rich in nutrients that expectant mothers need, so they can be a very healthy option. If you prepare them well, prawns may be beneficial. But, it is also important to eat prawns, as well as other seafood, in moderation. Remember that seafood may be high in mercury, so it is always best to limit the amount of seafood that you eat.

To avoid any health risks, it is best to consult your health provider to check which foods are safe to eat and which may be harmful. When it comes to the prawns, you can eat them when pregnant, but cook them well first and eat them in moderation.