Top 20 Psychological Facts About Boys

Male and female brains are in some way different. There are supposedly some features that are found in one brain, and not in another.

So these key differencies make our brains function in certain ways, that affects our behaviour as well as our thinking.

We have often asked oureslves, how can our partner even say or do something, and we didn’t understand these actions. Maybe this was all due to our brain connections that affect everything we do, think or say.

When we are in a relationship we often question our partners actions and thinking. This might not be always what we think it is but only the way our brains function.

Male and female brain

As soon as the scanning of the brain was avaliable, the scientists have started to compare differences between male and female brain. But not many studies have shown that male and female brains have different structures. There are, however, some differences in anatomical chemicals.

Other researchers have proven that female and male brain are different in a way that women process informations faster than males and also use less brain activity to do so. But the main difference is how men and women think. Women tend to be more sensitive and emotional, while men are the stabile and rational ones. or, this is the way it was always said to be true.

Top 20 psychological facts about boys

When it comes to relationships men and women are not that different.

We both desire love and someone to be there for us anytime. But in certain ways we do think and act differently, and maybe express our emotions in different ways.

There are even some interesting facts about boys that are proven to be more or less on point. That you can decide for youself.

  1. Men are easily threatend by another male. If he experiences seeing you flirting with another man, it will not make you more attractive for him but quite the opposite. Showing him love while other men are attracted to yxou.
  2. Physical atraction is only the first step. Both men and women react to appereance only at first sight and what keeps them interested is the connection they feel after. If you have same interests, same life goals and in the end if you like each other in a non physical way, then this will make him yours. So, perfect ten body is a plus, but not everything.
  3. Guys are emotional too. They maybe can’t express their feelings as easy as women but this doesn’t have to be the case. They won’t initiate heart to heart conversations but when the time is right, they will enjoy sharing their deepest thoughts. Just don’t pressure them and make them do something they don’t want to.
  4. Every boy likes to be desired by women. This makes them feel confident and wanted, and on the top of the world. It is every mans fantasy to be attractive to a lot of womenat the same time.
  5. They are also attracted to women’s curves, so having a fuller body won’t hurt. On contrary, this has been mans desire since far back. Fuller bodies indicate that women is productive and fertile. You will find the proof for this through history, in sculptures, paintings and female body was always presented as a fuller and not skinny like the one that is popular nowdays. So, few pounds more won’t make you unattractive.
  6. They also enjoy compliments. Men are not showered with compliments too often so every once in a while they like to hear them. Especially from the women they like. So a little more compliments go a long way.
  7. They also hate asking for help. Men have been caretakers for centuries, and admitting they are not capable of something is not in their genes. So, complimenting them on something they have done is important. They will feel more powerful and confident.
  8. Boys love their girlfriends even if they don’t say it too often. As I said before they are not used to expressing their emotions so it is important not to pressure them. They show their love by actions and not by words, which actually counts in the end.
  9. Boys are also very competitive and they love to show of if they have some special skill. This is in male nature, and we can find this also in animal kingdom. Males fight each other to prove their strenght and capability, and this makes them more attractive to females.
  10. They cheat only when they don’t feel like their physical and emotional needs are not satisfied. Especially if this goes on for a long period of time.
  11. Sometimes they don’t like listening to us complain or talk about certain things for a long time, but the way to avoid it is by pretending to do something else. This is their tactic for avoiding unpleasent situations or conversations.
  12. The most important thing the men want from women is respect. They find i to be the ground of every relationship and if it is not there they won’t be happy. They base their relationships on this and they expect their women to show them respect. Of course this is only possible if respect is present on both sides. They don’t like manipulation so try avoiding that, and respect his decisions in every situations.
  13. His role model for his behaviour is his father. He will mimic his actions and thinking, so this is a good indicator of his future behaviour.
  14. They are also very emotional, and heartbreak affects them more deeply than women. Even though they don’t always show it, this is the reality. So don’t think he doesn’t have feelings or feel the heartbreak.
  15. They won’t tell on their friend if he is cheating. This is somehow their guy code and they find it very important. They protect each other and act like a some sort of brotherhood. This of course goes only for the friends and not anyone.
  16. They like to chase girls. They don’t like girls that are easy to impress and as natural born hunters they like to feel some adventure in the game of seduction.
  17. boys can also be very romantic if they like the girl very much. They will make sure she feels safe and loved, and they will find ways to show their emotions.
  18. Nagging is a big no. No one likes to be told too many times what they should do, and repeating it over and over again is not ok being a boy or a girl. So avoid doing this, and if he doesn’t listen to you than nagging won’t change it.
  19. They find women with bone structure similar to their mother’s more attractive. This process is also used by animals to determine a desirable mate. So if your bone structure resembels his mothers this will be a big plus.
  20. They are not afraid of commitments, they only like to weigh in their emotions and make a certain decision. Unlike women that usually go into relationships without thinking, boys like to be sure they like the girl enough to make it a long term relationship.

So in the end boys are in some way different than girls. This is mostly due to our history and development throughout centuries.

Men have been caretakers and had to be strong and protective of their families. This made them a little harder on the outside and more practical than emotional.

This of course doesn’t go for all men, since everybody is different. But some of these characteristics have repeated themselves often.

We might not understand boys always and we might think they don’t like us or they have no feelings but this is only on the outside. So take these facts in consideration before judging them.