Upper Lip Twitching – Causes, Superstition and Treatment

We have all had this feeling. Our lip starts to twitch without any reason and we simply can’t stop it. You have probably wondered why is my upper lip twitching and how to stop it.

We will try to list some of the causes and treatment methods you can use, as well as another aproach to this occurrence.

Possible causes of upper lip twitching

Lip twitching in general starts in our muscles. They are triggered by our nerves which send impulses everywhere to our body. On the other hand, there can be other causes of this condition, so here are few examples.

Alcohol or drug withdrawal

These two substances can have a major impact on our body. Drugs, of course, have a higher effect in this case but alcohol can be cause of this condition too. When we are consumers, our body gets used to the intoxication and any other body state can be troubling.

Sudden withdrawal from these substances affects our brain the most, since they affect him directly. The feeling of intoxication is actually created inside our main organ. Drugs like cocaine, LSD or other drugs affect our body the most. They are called neuro-stimulants.

Other substances, like caffeine or cigarettes and alcohol, can have the same effect. We consume them daily and without serious restrictions and thinking about it. You have probably felt caffeine addiction kicking in. and as a side-effect, lip twitching can appear.

All of these substances can create cavity, involuntary contraction of lip muscles and lids.

Emotional cause of upper lip twitching

Our lip muscles are affected by autonomic nervous systems which control our feelings as well. This is why emotional triggers can create twitching of the lip muscles. For example, if you suddenly feel enormous amount of stress or fear your lip might start to twitch uncontrollably.

Strong emotions can also cause other extremities to move uncontrollably, and by this we, of course, mean our muscles. Other side-effects of strong emotions can be teary eyes, flushing face or sweating uncontrollably.

People who are under a lot of stress might experience lip twitching more often, since stress affects our body in many ways. In this case try to find a way to relax and find some time for yourself. This is the best medicine in the world.

Bell’s palsy as a cause of upper lip twitching

This condition is caused by irritation of the facial nerves. This irritation or damage can occur in many different ways. You will recognize this condition easy, because besides uncontrollable movement of the upper lip and facial muscles, patient will have a droopy eye or deformation of the rest of the face.

This condition occurs on one side of the face only. So the twitching will also be present on one side of the face. If untreated, this condition leads to difficulty while talking, closing and opening the eye and other difficulties.

Tremors as an upper lip twitching cause

Neurological dysfunction can be the cause of this condition. Lip twitching then, can be side-effect of this condition. Tremors can affect our whole body, so you can find yourself shaking from head to toe. They can come, like I said, from neurological dysfunction or as a result of pre- passing out phase.

Essential tremors are developed in later stages of our life. People develop them in their forties and fifties. After they appear, treatment must be conducted and the condition usually gets worse overtime. They are affected by physical activity and strong emotional triggers.

Parkinson’s disease as a cause of upper lip twitching

This disease is followed by uncontrollable shaking of the whole body. People with this condition suffer from neuro-degeneration. Their nerve cells are affected by this disease and the symptoms from the nerves are affected as well.

Parkinson’s disease can cause all sorts of conditions, and lip twitching is only one of them.

Hemifacial spasm as an upper lip twitching cause

Lip twitching is usually caused when our nerves send wrong signals to our muscles. Another nervous system condition is hemifacial spasm which can also appear as face paralysis or compression of other facial nerves.

Hemifacial spasm can occur even as a side-effect of a stroke or as a result of major artery nerve compression. Tumors can cause this condition as well.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis as a cause

This neurodegenerative condition can lead to uncontrollable movement of the facial muscles. So, as a result lip twitching and other facial muscles twitching. When this condition is not treated it can lead to serious problems.

Cause of this condition is genetic aberration which we inherit from our parents and which we can transfer to our children later on. Biochemical imbalance can also be the reason as well as autoimmune condition.

Tourette’s syndrome as a cause of upper lip twitching

This condition is inherited during childhood. Tics are something that is recognizable in this condition. Patients will often have uncontrollable movement or reactions and vocalization. These tics can’t be controlled but they can be soothed by treatment and medications.

Blinking, twitching of the upper lip and other face movements are the usual side-effects of this disorder.

Treatment of upper lip twitching

Depending on the cause, lip twitching can be treated differently. This is why it is important to know the cause of your lip twitching. Lip twitching is not something you should be afraid of. If it happens only occasionally it is not dangerous.

The only time you should be worried is when the twitching becomes more serious. This means if it appears on daily basis and if it lasts for too long. This when you need to contact your doctor and ask him what is the best thing to do. Examination is required, of course, to find out what is triggering your condition.

If the problem is connected to your emotions or to your psychological condition, psychotherapy is not a bad idea. Psychiatrist will help to find the root of your problem and a way to deal with those triggers.

If the cause is too much caffeine or other neuro-stimulating substances, restriction of them is necessary.

Medications and other treatment methods meant for conditions like Tourette’s syndrome, Hemifacial spasm and others are also required. And if you have hypocalcemia, calcium supplements can be helpful.

Upper lip twitching superstition

Superstition is a belief that something out of this world is going to happen to you as a result of another event. Superstition is usually linked to astrology, religion or prophecies. People believe that there is a secret connection between two events and that they are somehow dependent on each other.

Upper lip twitching is also connected to superstition. Many people don’t consider this condition to be a result of certain medical condition. They believe that upper lip twitching is some sort of secret sign that they should follow or listen to.

Superstition is that if your upper lip is twitching you are going to kiss someone or hear some good news. However, if your lower lip is twitching you will be kissed or you are going to hear something you are not going to like.

If the right side of your upper lip is twitching you are going to experience something pleasant and if the left side is twitching opposite will happen. So, you can expect something not so pleasant.


Upper lip twitching is not something you should be afraid of. This is something that happens to a lot of people and we can’t seem to control it. There is no room for panic until the condition seems to get worse. If the cause is not a medical condition, psychotherapy can be helpful. You will find out what causes your tics and how you can control them.

On the other hand, if your lip twitching becomes more serious you should visit your doctor. Sometimes lip twitching can be a side-effect of more serious condition, so never underestimate it if it occurs more often.