What Does Green Diarrhea Mean and How to Treat It?

Your stool may speak lots of things about your health. Generally, it can be regarded as the best sign of anything that you are consuming. When it turns out to be abnormal, you may assume that there is something wrong in your body. Particularly, it is its colors that reveal your condition.

Green diarrhea is such a condition when your stools have somewhat green tint. In normal condition, the color of your feces or poop is usually dark or light brown. This common color of stool is formed because of bile that has yellowish green fluid, generated in your liver for the digestion of your food items. While the food particles move through your GI tract, bile is treated with enzymes. As a result, a range of brown shades may be found in your stool. If any kind of disorder leads to a diarrhea, then speed of passing the food is very fast, and your poop becomes green as enzymes cannot get time for making your feces brown.

However, if this is not the possible reason behind your abnormal stool, you may look at the below discussion to know – what causes green diarrhea?

Why your poop appears to be green?

All the reasons behind green stool are not related to medical factors, and some of them are-

  • The consumption of green and purple collared foodstuff – Have you eaten some green veggies, which have chlorophyll? Then, your stool color changes because of the presence of such chlorophyll. Besides, there are purple tints in many foods, for example, gelatine and popsicles (responsible for green diarrhea)
  • The food containing lots of iron – Foods with a huge amount of iron have the potential to make your stool look greenish. Strong colors used on foods may also lead to the generation of bright green diarrhea. Some individuals have also allergy to the artificial colors. They are more prone to have dark green diarrhea, while consuming packed foodstuffs (that have colors). So, you can try to stay away from collared drinks, cookies, desserts and frosting.  At times, the tints that get into our system are same as the color, which leaves.

There are some more causes of your greenish stool:

Medications – There are some drugs, like antibiotics and laxatives that can cause yellow green diarrhea. Laxatives have the role in moving the digested items through your body very fast, and nutrients are not assimilated efficiently. Besides, antibiotics destroy some bacteria, which are present in your digestive structure. When they are expelled, your poop looks green. Such unusual effect is only for a temporary period, and it disappears, if you get accustomed to the drugs.

Diarrhea of serious level – People, who are experiencing diarrhea, have the possibility to have green poop. It is because their foodstuffs cannot be split well because of stomach problems and the improper absorption of dietary elements. Generally, diarrhea is caused, if bacteria are present in your GI. Particularly, Salmonella is present in the system and causes the problems.

Irritable bowel disorder – It may also make your stool turn green. Digestive uneasiness or stomach pain (particularly after the intake of some spicy food items, or foods with high amount of gluten) is the symptom, which you may face at the same time. Consult your physician while you believe that you have colitis or bowel syndrome. Thus, you may receive the required treatment in order to reduce the risks.

Can the babies have also green colored stool?

The babies, who are now breast-fed, often produce green-collared stool. Don’t be worried at it because this is normal. In case of babies, stool colors may turn out to be yellowish or brownish, when you introduce more amounts of foods to their diet. However, the kids, who have grown little older, may have green stool because of their food intake.

Moreover, you know that many children have the habit of chewing their markers and crayons. In this situation, the green color passes through their digestive path. Still, if you have any worry about this green diarrhea in child, then you may talk to pediatrician.

No matter whether your child has unusual fecalcolor or is vomiting, it is always important for you have to check your child by a doctor. It helps you to prevent all the serious health problems and infections. Though in many of the instances, such condition is completely risk-free, you have to make discussion with a specialist.

Pregnant woman and green poop

In case of pregnant women, green stool is much common. There are various reasons behind it, for example, intestinal problems, prenatal medications, including antibiotics. Besides, the change of diet of pregnant one is also sometimes recommended for the consumption vitamin-rich meals.

Some of the above factors may cause a green poop. However, when you have not been consuming vitamins and any other additional veggies to the meals, you should always talk to physician. There may be some other factors of your green stool.

Do your nerves have any role in green stool?

In many cases, green diarrhea is a normal condition, there is nothing to worry. At the same time, it has to be realized that nerves or stress may have a role, in this situation.

While you have green diarrhea, it is essential to be aware of two diverse categories of nerves, related to your digestive organs. One of them is the intrinsic nerve that generates an extremely complex network, which is present in esophagus and stomach. Such nerves may expose their reaction, while foods reach specific organs. And at this point, they discharge substances, which affect bile production and food movements.

On the other hand, extrinsic nerves are also the other factors for the production of green diarrhea. These nerves discharge acetylcholine and adrenaline. The latter one calms down your stomach muscles. But, acetylcholine provides contradictory result.

Reduction of strain when nerves are the major causes

When you find that your daily diet has no role in green diarrhea, you have to take steps to decrease your stress. Perhaps, you have lots of scheduled work to do. But, there are ways to lower your stress.

Walk daily – It’s a scientific fact that walking regularly may enhance your disposition. While you stroll slowly or carry out workouts, endorphin is discharged, and you enjoy good hormones.

Yoga – This is another way through which you may get positive result on your physical health and mental condition.

Meditation – Try to do meditation at least five minutes in order to decrease stress. During meditation, concentrate on only the important things and avoid all the unnecessary facts.

The medical care is needed, especially, when you are experiencing green poop for many days, and the poop seems to contain blood or mucus. Sometimes, the stool becomes quite watery, and you have to search for medical treatment. Serious conditions turn out, while you have rectal aching, constipation, fever, and heartburn and hunger loss. There is a need of high attention to these syndromes, and you should inform all these things to your healthcare expert.

While you need the involvement of medicine for the green poop, the physicians will ask you to do some tests for the determination of the source of the issue. The doctor generally wants to test the specimen of your stool for checking the presence of contaminants and bacteria that are making an impact on the digestive organs. Blood tests are also needed to know whether you have any sort of infection. While all the signs seem to be serious, you perhaps need colonoscopy for stopping the bowel diseases.

However, no matter whether your stool is of green color or any other stranger color, it is best to remain hydrated. It may also allow your system to get back the normal bowel condition very fast. It can make sure that there is no issue of dehydration. If the symptoms stay continuously, your specialist may suggest modifications in the daily diet in order to ease your distress. Medications are also required at the same time, when you have some bacterial disease, which is leading to constant discomfort.

Thus, you may carefully glance at your toilet bowl to know if there is any unusual thing in your stool. In fact, green diarrhea may become serious in some cases. In some cases, your poop may also have different color other than green. You should not ignore the situation, if you don’t feel well.

However, it is not merely the color of poop that you have to examine. The consistency and smell can also have a role to your health condition.  Whenever there is significant amount of changes in your stool, it is essential to talk to a doctor instantly. A skilled physician is always best to deal with frequent green diarrhea.

However, one common solution, which is often recommended by doctors, is to have a huge amount of water to accumulate electrolytes because diarrhea may cause dehydration. Diarrhea may attack both adults and babies, and thus, you have to be careful at all stages of your life.