10 Famous Celebrities with Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder is a condition where the moods, behaviors and self-image of a person are very unstable. Because of that this person is not able to have a stable relationship and normal communication with other persons. A person who is suffering from borderline personality disorder usually has the attacks of anger or anxiety.

It is also possible that a person experiences depression that may last even a couple of days. Other common symptoms of this mental disorder are also suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

In this article we will talk about some celebrities who are living with this disorder. When we tell you who these famous people are, it will be hard for you to believe that all of them have the same borderline personality disorder.

Also, we will mention some famous people who are not alive anymore but they also suffered from borderline personality disorder.

  1. Angelina Jolie. As we all know, Angelina Jolie is one of the most popular actresses all over the world. Also, she is a film director and screenwriter and she has gained many awards during her career. Most of us know her as Brad Pitt’s wife.

But, you probably didn’t know that she has borderline personality disorder. In 1990s when she went to seek medical help, she was told to have this disorder. Before she sought help she was promiscuous and her relationships were volatile. Other symptoms that she had were suicidal thoughts and also homicidal tendencies, but it was said that she didn’t plan to realize them.

The treatment has helped her to have a normal life and long time marriage with Brad Pitt.

Also, she has become a representative of mental health and awareness and she shares her experiences with the audience in order to help all the people who might have a similar problem.

  1. Britney Spears. A famous American singer, dancer and actress Britney Spears is also one of famous persons who suffer from borderline personality disorder. Britney Spears is well known for her impulsive behaviors and depressive feelings.

In 2004 she has married her friend from childhood but the marriage lasted only 55 hours. Later she married again but this marriage was also too short. In one period of her life Britney Spears shaved the head bald and she had behaviors typical for borderline personality disorder.

  1. Courtney Love. Another famous person with borderline personality disorder is Courtney Love, an actress and musician from America. She was addicted to drugs, alcohol and many other substances. It is known that she consumed cocaine when she was only 19, which may be a terrible experience. When she consumed such substances she was losing control and she was doing bad things. Once she even broke the windows of her boyfriend’s house and then she was in home arrest for several months. Due to her addiction to drugs, Courtney also lost the custody of her child.
  2. Doug Ferrari. Doug Ferrari is a popular American standup comedian who also lives with borderline personality disorder. He was addicted to drugs and he was homeless during one period in his life.

His life has changed from the moment he was diagnosed with such mental disease. Borderline personality disorder was even more complicated because of his addiction to alcohol and drugs. He was also very depressed, but fortunately the humor saved his life and helped him go on.

Now Doug Ferrari shares his bad experiences with other people because he thinks it can help them if they have similar problems. He has also developed his autobiographical play that is both humorous and serious.

  1. Lindsey Lohan. Lindsey Lohan is a popular American actress and model and she started her model career at the age of 3. However, the problems started to appear in her puberty. When she had a car accident, the cocaine was found in her car and she was arrested.

Lindsey Lohan was also drinking a lot of alcohol and she didn’t show up on her probations. That’s why she was fired and sentenced to jail. After that Lindsey Lohan sought medical help and we hope the treatments will help her get back her old reputation as a great actress.

  1. Pete Doherty. Pete Doherty is an English singer, songwriter, artist and actor. It is believed that Doherty also suffers from borderline personality disorders. He was selling paintings that have been done in his own blood, which may indicate self-harm. He has also abused drinks and drugs and he had volatile relationships. Other symptoms of his disorder are excessive anger and also impulsiveness.
  2. Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse was an English singer and she had also written songs. She was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Amy Winehouse was using drugs and she was drinking a lot.

Also, she had eating disorders and she talked about her problems in public. Due to eating disorders, she had lost too much weight. Very often Amy Winehouse had periods of depression and frequent mood swings and we all know that these symptoms are typical for borderline personality disorder. She died in 2011 because of alcohol intoxication.

  1. Marilyn Monroe. We all know that Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol. She used to be a famous American actress, model and also a singer. But, you may not know that she had also the borderline personality disorders.

The symptoms of her disorder were drug abuse and promiscuity. Also, she had some suicidal thoughts and she didn’t have enough self-confidence. In her relationships she was very afraid of being abandoned. She died because she took a very large dose of sedatives. Was it a suicide or not, it has never been clarified.

  1. Princess Diana. Princess Diana is also one of famous peoples who lived with the borderline personality disorder. It is believed that this disorder was the result of her parents’ divorce. She had eating disorders and it was very hard for her to have a balanced diet. Also, she was not able to maintain her relationships.

However, the most obvious symptoms of her borderline personality disorder were self-mutilation and promiscuity. She was also very impulsive and intolerable. In difficult situations Princess Diana had a weird behavior to cut her legs and her arms. This way she wanted to relieve her emotional pain. As you can see, there is no doubt that Princess Diana was suffering from borderline personality disorder.

  1. Adolph Hitler. It is also believed that Adolph Hitler had borderline personality disorder. The most common symptoms of this disorder were his narcissism and also his anti-social behaviors. It is also known that Adolph Hitler was very impulsive in his private life and sometimes it was impossible for him to control his own emotions.

These are 10 celebrities who lived or they still live with borderline personality disorder. There might be many other famous people with the same disorder. Some of them live in silence and suffer from depression and other mental disorders, while others decide to seek medical help and to offer encouragement to other people with the same disorder.

If you also can relate yourself with any of the symptoms that we have described in this article, we recommend you to seek medical help and to determine what the cause of your negative behavior is.

If you also have borderline personality disorder, you will need a lot of treatments but you will be able to live normally and to have a long and happy life. You should never suffer in silence and avoid talking about your problems.

If you think that someone in your surrounding has borderline personality disorder, you should offer him/her help and support. But, remember that medical help will be necessary for that person to have a normal life again.

We hope this article has been useful for you and we are sure that you will know how to deal with a similar situation. You just need to be brave enough and to seek help. This way you will learn all the skills that will help you have a normal life.