100 Cute Good Night SMS Text Messages For Him and Her

Some say that love is only a chemical reaction inside our brain, and it doesn’t have anything to do with anything else. This means those butterflies in your stomach might only be something your brain caused. Could it be that, that warm feeling in our heart is only due to those chemical reactions, or is there more to that?

Whatever your opinion of love is, this is a feeling we should celebrate and cherish. We will show you how love survived through history and how we show our love today. You will see that the base and the root of our emotions is the same, only our way of expression is changed a little bit.

For centuries, people have expressed their deepest thoughts and emotions by their actions and words. Some of these ways were more creative than others, but they all held the same meaning. Love is the source of everything. This is why it has such a deep effect on all of us.

You know that feeling when everything around you is amazing? That is the feeling love gives you. You feel strong, confident, safe and simply, loved. In times where there were no cell phones and technology, people had to put in more effort to their love expression than today.

Expression of love is important. Sometimes, even if you assume what another person feels for you, hearing sweet words from them can mean so much. This is simply a confirmation of everything you want and desire. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate from telling your loved one everything you feel.

Even in the animal kingdom, we have clear examples of love expression. Even though they are a part of mating process, they are still expressions of fondness. Animals kiss each other, hold each other and share their feelings in their own way. Probably, this is the most sincere way possible.

Love or emotions don’t have to be connected to romantic interests. Friends and family can also be reminded about the fact how much we care about them. You can also combine funny content and express your love through them. Love doesn’t have to be all heartbreaking and serious.

Your gn msg or gn sms doesn’t have to be perfect, if someone really loves you they will understand what you were trying to say. Good night message to my love, for example, doesn’t have to be too long or it doesn’t have to be a best goodnight text ever. Simply say that you love her or him and wish them sweet dreams.

Love can be expressed with quotes as well. You can always find an inspiration in variety of novels, songs and poems. You will definitely find beautiful goodnight quotes for her or him. For thousands of years, writers have showed their love and affection through their words.

Their poems and novels touch our souls and make us understand what we are we feeling at the moment. Writing is not something many people feel comfortable with. So, using someone else words to express your feeling is not something you should be ashamed of.

These writers are famous and celebrated for their talents of expressing deepest and most vulnerable emotions a human being can feel. Including few sweet quotes from your favorite poem or a novel can form cute good night messages for your loved one.

People unlike animals have a possibility to express their feelings with words. Words are very powerful. Choosing the right words can be very difficult but it is well worth it. Many of us know what they feel, but they simply can’t put it to words.

In today’s world we have emoji and this is perhaps the easiest way to say that you “heart” somebody. But is that really enough? Sometimes pouring your heart out is much more beautiful and sincere than simply drawing a small sign.

For people who simply can’t think of anything sweet to write down to the beloved person, sending a heart or a kiss is perfectly fine. There is nothing to be ashamed for if your words don’t come together as nice as you planned.

For others who are willing to try and write something, there are many creative ideas they can use as a base for their message. This doesn’t have to be a whole “letter-style” message, where you write a whole novel about your feelings. You can write few words, and still make your loved one feel so special.

We will try to give you few examples of things you can say to your bae. These are sweet, short messages you can send at any time of the day and without any special occasion. You can send her or him a good night sms or love messages.

Some of them are more poetic and others are as simple as I love you phrase. You can choose to send them or add on something known only by your bae and you, and make it a personal message.

Giving your own personal touch is always desirable and it will mean more to your sweetheart. So, here are few examples of best goodnight text, love messages and more.

100 Sweet good night messages for her

1. Good night, I love you more than world.

2. Good night, sweet dreams, I love you.

3. When you close your eyes, keep me on your mind. I love you.

4. I will come tonight in a dream, the face will you put your hand, gently I’ll caress her face, I will not shed a tear. I will kiss you and your sleepy eyes and then quietly disappear into the night and send you these good night wishes.

5. Once upon a time, someone said that life is short, and if we live, we must dream fulfilled. I wish you the sweetest dreams.

6. When the midnight drops and covers your window, the celestial eclipse kisses you and sends you mine. Let the kiss arrive where I can’t, and quietly whisper to you I love you!

7. Dream tonight if you close your eyes, I have been awake this night. My night without you is curious, always sad, without you awake. These words I write to you with my heart, for you honey and I breathe for you tonight.

8. Slowly we are falling asleep, whom I love is not here. The moon shines through the night, I kiss you and good night.

9. When you open your eyes you think of me, when you lie down to sleep dreaming of me, forever your soul loves only me, just like I, dream and love only you.

10. Tonight I’m going to steal angel’s wings, fly to heaven for you, pick the most beautiful rose and leave it on your pillow and kiss you and wish you the most beautiful dreams.


11. Night descends and covers my window, and I look at the sky and looking at the great star, I look for your smile!

12. I loved you yesterday. I love you today and will always be. I love you and I offer you my heart. Good night, my beloved.

13. When stardust covered the sky, and the cathedral’s bells struck midnight, know that someone is thinking of you and sending you most beautiful wishes.

14. Silent night, and the moon light shines, slowly alone, I think of you. Good night, my sweetheart.

15. When the stars glow in the dark night and disappear during the day, I want you, my honey, the most beautiful dream. I’m losing it slowly in this dark night, thinking of you even when I close my eyes.

16. I wish you sweet dreams when you close your eyes, this night. Every night without you is strange, sad and infinitely awake until dawn.

17. Think of me tonight because this sky has magic powers, it can create around you, hug and a kiss for good night!

18. Good night my sweetheart, a Kiss sends a fiery heart, which beats and burns only for you, telling you that he LOVES you!

19. Let the angels fly like a bird and touch the beautiful smile on your face, let him bring the message on its white wings, that I send you the most beautiful, good night wish.

20. The silence in the night, whispering in the room, the great star, but brighter are your eyes. There is an owl and a groan of pain, the last letters: goodnight my love.

21. I wish you sweet dreams in this winter night, I want it because I can’t come. I can’t give you a hug and snuggle with you and I can only sleep while thinking of you.

22. When thousand stars spill on the sky, when the moon plays its brilliant silver, when silence is killing small midnight hours, one person only thinks of you! Goodnight!”

23. Let magical veil of wonderful dreams beautify your night, when you decide to depart to the soft bed, let the angels keep you safe and send my kiss from the heart.

24. Love is beautiful, love is easy, but love like I do is not easy. How much I love it is hard to write because with every moment I love you more my sweetheart.

25. Find me somewhere where I do not exist, find me somewhere where no one exists, you will find me somewhere where there’s no one. Somewhere only we exist.

26. You are a light in the distance, a faint sound in the silence, my reality and my dream-every night and every day thank you for being there for me.

27. I will love you forever and when the candle burn stops and the rain on the window is there no more-I will love you forever and when the rose smell disappears and flaming fire goes out.

28. I wish you were here, this night, so I need you-like a sea needs his sailor, I do not have someone to share my hope. TONIGHT THE STARS are going to fall, one of them is OUR’s. I wish you were here.

29. Escape from everything is all I want in this moment, to share everything with you – when everyone sleeps, we will be together.

30. Sing our song, our words-waiting on the usual place where love begins. I LOVE YOU.”

31. I do not want my age to come, without you, life passes, so better take my hand now, because you’re all I need in here in this madness, my only love!

32. How I miss those sleepy summer nights and the smell of flowers in your hair, how I miss the sound of the sea and coastal scenery of rosy dawn, oh how I miss you my love.

33. They say that the stars are only perfect in the universe, but that can tell only those who have not met you.

34. “Nice to know you exist in my life it does not matter how or why, it is nice to wake up in the morning and just know you’re there.

35. I love you, why do you hide your tears. I love you and I want you to tell me why are you suffering and share you pain with me.

36. When you are close, I feel the crisis, hands are shaking like the first dance.

37. Travel, Travel, my letter, and find her place. When you do tell her I love her more than the world!

38. I’m crazy about you, what should I do with you, you’re always with me, I can’t do anything without you. With you every day is like the most beautiful dream, without you I can’t live another day!

39. Hidden desire carries me to you. This looks only like pain inside me. Oh, where are you now in this night, and I’m looking for you but you won’t come.

40. Sleep tight angel, a so-called sky whispers will say that I love you. And when the planet disappears, and the country is not there anymore, even if only in my dreams, I will forever have angels beside you.

41. Love, look at the night sky and find the shiniest star. It’s my heart that it’s up in the heights to see your smile. Hold out your hand and take it as it is yours.

42. If you were the sky, I would become a stars. If you were poison, I’d like to drink you. If you were the air, I would see you. If you weren’t here, I would not exist.

43. If you are a drop of water in a cloud, in the rain falling on my hands, face and hair, I’ll keep you on my hand, my love, as petals of a flower keeps the morning dew.

44. My princess, would dreams be more true if they lasted longer? Imagine that dreams do come true, where would it end in your and my dream?

45. If my sin is hundred times worse, and I still love you, let the God punish me. Do not complain to me about that, of that sentence I am not afraid.

46. Once in a lifetime sincerely LOVE COMES FULL OF FIRE and lives eternally and lasts forever! I LOVE YOU!

47. I want you to know that I’m all yours, that only you my love, I love more than myself, I do not want another, ONLY YOU!

48. Give me your lips, to burn on them, give me your heart, you see that I love you, give me your love let it be mine, give me yourself and I am your destiny! I LOVE YOU!

49. When night falls, when the stars appear, I look at the one of them and I think of you, and its sincerely shine, just like your eyes and this brings peace and nice dreams right in my heart!

50. You’re the bright side of my life, you are my all, you are the song that plays me.

51. Maybe I don’t have a shadow that follows you and sound in time that wants you to come back, but I will be the person who you will forever remember! I LOVE YOU.

52. Between the sky and your hands, all I need somewhere to rests. And that time we force now stop my love to live forever.

53. You do not know how I was doing without you, I live my spring with you. My love never dies. Because of you.

54. Looking into the clouds and our dreams, among the stars I thought, maybe you will come. Forever I’ll look for you, fate I do not fear because you’ll always remain the one I love.

55. I love to love you, more than anything else, of the golden sun, blue sky.


56. I am the bird that sings but my soul is crying. I am a creature that is stronger than anything. I call you with my song. With my soul I forgive you, because you are my heart, too.

57. When memories stop, tired of dying, and when you exit your painful thoughts and torment, look at me. Maybe then you will remember someone who loves you the most.

58. YOU fulfill my HEART with light, that shines ROADS of Misconceptions, boredom and disappointment. LIGHT THAT PUTS MY HEART IN CHAINS.

59. I love you.

60. My eyes seek yours in the endless gray black night, I still hope you’ll come, you’ll come again and be my darling.

61. When the nighttime comes, sleep peacefully, because there is someone thinking about you and keeping you safe.

62. Someone who really likes you, somebody’s heart burns for you, from someone’s eye tears come, someone who wants you joy and happiness! That someone is me.

63. Love is the golden chain that connects our hearts. So if you ever stop this chain, you will break my heart forever!

64. If love is a disease then I am terminally ill. I hope they will never find the medicine, because I want to love you forever!

65. I want and dream of your touch, that is easy…But to be away from you, it is incredibly difficult!

66. I love three things: the sun, the moon and you. I love the sun during the day, the moon of love at night, and you too AT ANY MOMENT AND FOREVER!

67. If I were a tear in your eye, I would slide down your face to your lips. But if you were a tear in my eye, I would never cry so that I don’t lose you.

68. If you really love me as you say, please be careful with my heart. Please don’t take it, if you are going to break it!

69. Honey, you are lovely as a sunny day, everything that makes me happy in life – it’s you!

70. If a kiss was water, I would send you more. If a hug was a leaf, I’d send you a tree. If love was time, I sent you an eternity!

71. Eight letters, three words, one meaning… I LOVE YOU!

72. If you ask me whether I will ever hurt you, the answer is NEVER. If you ask me if I love you, the answer is forever.

73. I thought of you today, but this is nothing new. I thought about you even the day before, and the days before that. I will think for sure of you tomorrow, because we’re safe only in my mind!

74. I asked the angels to look after you and me and to keep us safe, but he returned earlier than I expected. He said an angels is already beside me!

75. In order to live, be my heart. To have a heart I need happiness. And to be lucky, I just need you!

76. If I wrote the name on a cloud, the wind would have carried it away. When I wrote on the sea, waves would cover it. But your name is written in my heart and nothing more can erase it!

77. A kiss on the hand means I respect you. A kiss on the cheek means: be my friend. A kiss on the mouth means: I love you. A kiss on the neck means: I want this. And I want to love you EVERYWHERE!

78. I LOVE YOU…that is clear, maybe I should not have but it’s now late. If you want to go, then go, but no one will replace me!

79. When you look at the sky and see the stars shine, my heart just knows your love. When you feel the wind on your face, that Is me sending you my kiss through the darkness.

80. Tonight, while the night is quiet and honeymoon is about to shine, remember that someone can’t live without you…Someone who would have given everything in his life for you.

81. Sometimes it’s hard to find words, because they are so little of them, but I find them because you need to know that I care for you!

82. It’s nice to know that you exist in my life. It does not matter how long, or since when, and why. It’s nice to open my eyes and just know that you’re close to me…

83. You’re the air that I breathe, you are the sun that warms me, you’re the one that makes my face smile.

84. It’s funny how life is empty…When that one person is not here. Or when you live among so many people. And you only think of her.

85. Sorry to bother you but I can’t sleep, but you are walking in my dreams, and how crazy I love you and I offer myself to you, and I’m sorry but I can’t live without you.

86. I have three things, the sun, the moon, and you. The sun for the day, moon after night falls down and you forever my little love!

87. I love, because others won’t, I suffer, because I love your eyes, I die, because I need you!

88. Thief of my heart, I love you and please you let me. And guess what, you are my beloved!

89. You’re my first love, you make my heart hurt, others are okay, but my soul loves you.

90. My heart was, withdrawn, lost, but it was found and saved by you! I love you!

91. When you see a rose garden, look at all the roses, and you want find one as beautiful as you!

92. How I miss you, just give me your hand and walk with me into the sunset!

93. Like drops of rain, which are carried by the wind, and gently kiss your face, I am in love with you, and always will be.

94. Tell me now, my dear, why are you sad, for whom your heart suffers, will you give me your love? Until the night burns down, remember my dear, someone loves you.

95. They say that the kiss is the most beautiful encounter in the world, let’s get together!

96. They say that the nice people are in heaven, but I would say that there is one even more beautiful in my arms.

97. Roses are red, violets are blue, come to me because I love you!

98. How many windows has a court, how many needles a pine has, how many stars are shining in the sky, this is how much I love you !!!

99. You are my all. I love you!

100. I can’t help falling crazy in love with you!

100 Sweet good night messages for him

1. I will go through the next day, I’ll wander through a long distant world. I will seek a new fortune for myself, but I know that I have no happiness without you!

2. Through fire and water, through the winter and the summer, I’ll go with you until the end of the world!

3. Nice to know you exist in my life. It does not matter how long, nor since, but only why. It’s nice to open my eyes and to know you’re next to me.

4. Love is when the heart stops beating and begins to tremble, and to me it happens when you are around!

5. Love is like a dolphin bathed by the moonlight in the warmth of my eyes.

6. Love is like a little bird, exists in youth, the breath of joy, crazy flower, lucky couple, something nice and almost blind!

7. My love I love you the most in the world and I send you my heart in a box.

8. My love, I really need you, because I feel pain in my soul, and that pain can only be healed by your smile, touch and kiss.

9. I love your eyes, I love nights with you, only you and I exist.

10. I love no other, because you have a place in my heart, I love you all the more strongly.


11. I don’t need people, I do not need anything, I need love, I need you.

12. I think of you every night, and tear after tear down the face of my runs, because you are not here. I love you!

13. I think of you, I only want you, I want you, I can’t do anything without you, without you everything fades, I am starving without you, I love only you!

14. Month passed, I fell asleep, but I did not feel your arms around me! In this cold place my soul is lonely, just like the morning dawn without you!

15. I want to share my life with you. My heart I want you to bow. I need you! I can’t live without you. And for that there is only one reason: I LOVE YOU!

16. My heart is a kingdom, you do not know its limits, and yet you are its king!

17. My eyes are still looking, my hands are praying, my lips whisper that I really love you.

18. My love for you is not the most beautiful song, but I love you of that I am not guilty, I will love you until I die.

19. I have to be smart, I say to myself, but I’m smart to love you!

20. You can pass around the world wherever the sun shines warmly, but no one will love you how much I love you!

21. On this screen green can’t fit all my words, but it can fit these 21 letters: I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH MY LOVE!

22. You are my man, my love, my world!

23. At first glance, fell in love. On first kiss I surrendered. Because of one night my heart was forever lost in your love.

24. The most beautiful love is when the lips come together, and for that love it takes two!

25. Do not be convinced that you and I live only for ourselves. Because there is someone for everyone.

26. Do not let our love go out, let’s start from the beginning of our love, give me a hug again.

27. Do not let us be separated by distance, because what we are is stronger than distance, and lasts for eternity!

28. Do not tell everything you know, do not do anything you can’t, don’t believe everything you hear, do not give all you have, do not want all that you do not need, just love the one who loves you!

29. I do not mind hanging by the hour, waiting for you to call, because every word from you is all I need and more.

30. Do not look for the sun when it doesn’t shine. You can’t, it is night! Do not ask a man to live forever. He can’t, there is death! Do not ask me to not love you. I can’t, you exist!

31. Do not ask me to be perfect. Because when you come I will be a perfect girl!

32. I do not want to be the first that you’ll remember, but the last one you’ll remember!

33. I do not know how to get away from the dream, and I do not know whether he really loves anyone like me, but being with you makes my soul complete!

34. Not many days have passed, I will not be alone for a long time, but when I don’t see your smile, It takes forever!

35. I miss you very much, your kisses and your hugs. I miss your smile and your look. Do not forget to me far away and come back quickly.

36. Somewhere in the distance looks like you are lost, somewhere in the distance, my heart loves you. My youth passes and the longing in my veins kills me when you are away.

37. May the heavens shine when darkness occurs around you, and let the angels protect you from all the bad in the world. I love you!

38. Do not love me a lot. Love me a little, but forever.

39. Unhealthy, incomprehensible, totally, unthinkable, impossible, insane, crazy, magical, strange, utterly irresistible, fabulous, honestly I love you!

40. I’m not sorry I’m lying, I’m sorry you think that you believe that I do not love you!

41. Never go if you have a reason to stay. We know what we are, but we do not know what we can be.

42. Never, and I will not remember, because I will never stop loving you!

43. I’m not the one who thinks of you but you are the one who comes to my mind.

44. Nothing in life so it does not hurt, as when the heart in vain loves.

45. Tonight when you go to sleep I will send angels to guard you. I’ll be there in your dreams, gently kiss you and dream with you. I love you my angel.

46. Tonight I dreamed of you kissing my lips in the rain, tonight I saw you in my arms!

47. Of all the world, you are the most valuable to me and all I want is you, I don’t need the world, all I want is you.

48. Kicked you love arrows, you’ve hit my heart, now I’m a prisoner of your love for life!

49. Turn around, you’ll see a tear in my eye that says to you I love you, wait, and you’ll see the hand that offers you my hug, listen, this is my heart beating for you.

50. Do you feel kisses on your lips, touches of my hand, do you see how much I love you!

51. When you’re not here, everything is the same, only the sun is less warm. Nights are sad, sick, silent, and no star shines.

52. Open the door of your heart, let me in, and do not let me go out.

53. These are two things I want the most in this world; you and love, a love for us and you for me.

54. Right now I wish you were here so I can sleep on your warm shoulder. I miss you and I love you!

55. Falling stars. I think of desire that longs hiding inside me. You gently touch me with your lips and that is all I need.


56. I write this message, NOT as a souvenir, because it will fade, commemoration, as it disappears, but only for love because it lasts!

57. Look in the mirror and you’ll see what my dreams look like!

58. His eyes follow me, his hug defends me, kisses and feelings fulfill me. That is why I will love you forever!

59. A kiss is fine, but love is all, so love and fear not.

60. Sometimes I get so many wandering thoughts of you, that I wonder how those legs don’t ache.

61. Sweet message to cheer you up, from someone who loves you a lot! I want you more than the world!

62. I sent angels tonight to guard you, my angel, he soon returned, and said that angels do not keep angels.

63. After you, I no longer have soul, you took it. After you I have no heart, you have it. After you I do not exist, so love me my love!

64. Is there something in the world as good as us?

65. I love you!

66. Passing through the dark streets that were previously bright. Streets as dark as my heart and my heart is like that when you are not around.

67. I miss you a lot. I miss your kisses, your hand, your smile that I loved the most in the world. Come back to me, I love you!

68. You are my heart, you are my everything. Without you I don’t exist!

69. There is nothing in this world more beautiful than you, if I haven’t met you I wouldn’t know love!

70. They told me that the day lasts 24 hours, that period is 60 minutes, it takes 60 seconds for a minute – but no one told me that the second without you lasts forever.

71. I am alone and I have no one, so come back, I LOVE YOU!

72. Let us grow old together! There is nothing I want more.

73. Last night I received a message from heaven. They complained that they were missing the most beautiful angel.

74. Last night I sat by the window, the rain was softly falling. I did not see you again, but I know you will come.

75. You are my guardian angel, my soulmate, my love!

76. You are the one I need, you are the one I want, always and forever!

77. Remember, honey, remember me, because my soul is only yours!

78. Sweet, sweetest of all, know that I will always love you. You’re the only one who is in my heart who has got a special place, the first thing, the most important thing. Know that I love you.

79. The letter A is the most beautiful letter in the world, the letter A is like a bird in flight, the letter A is etched in my heart as the letter A starts thy name.

80. You are the best man I have ever known. I love you so much!

81. Again, I’m telling you that I love you, for hundred times, I’ll give you my every moment and spend it with you forever! I love you!

82. Give me your heart, because I have given you mine. I will keep it safe, and locked forever with my love!

83. God gives, God takes, just don’t let him take you away from me, my single greatest love!

84. There is no one on this world like you. No one brings me joy like you. So, stay close to me my love and never let go. I love you!

85. May the magic veil of beautiful dreams brighten the night when you decide to go to sleep. I love you!

86. May the light of a new day shine on your soul, fulfill his greatest feelings and let God give him everything he needs. Sweet dreams my love!

87. Some days are longer than others, sometime it is better than than other times, some dreams are more beautiful than others, but my most beautiful dream just read this message!

88. I will dream of your beautiful eyes, sweet dreams and sleep tight!

89. Tonight you read these Letters, tonight you count the stars, let me kiss you goodnight, Let me tell you how much I love you.

90. This message was sent to an angel. Tonight will you keep me from bad dreams?

91. You are my everything! Sweet dreams my love!

92. Stars are shining from the sky, and keeping safe my only love!

93. I’m sending an angel to you from this world to preserve you nights, and I left a kiss and whispered my name so you won’t forget me.

94. Dream tonight when you close your eyes, I have been awake all this night. My night without you is strange, always sad without you awake. These words and letters say, just for you baby I breathe.

95. Close your eyes and relax while the tones in the sea kiss you and do not let anyone stir it and get you forever away from me!

96. Sweet dreams. I want to you and dream what your heart wants the most. For I can’t choose these dreams, because you are always in them.

97. Wherever I go something is wrong with me, it’s you my little angel. Good night and nice dreams, you will always have someone who loves you very much!

98. When the thousand stars cover the sky, when the moon pours endlessly its silver, when silence is killed in small midnight hours, one person thinks of you! Goodnight my love!

99. Every time when the night is lowered over the city, it is difficult because I have to depart this empty bed, then from my eyes the tears start, because you are not beside me. I love you my love!

100. When you’re sleeping, I will come to your dream to hug you and tell that I love. Sweet dreams and dream of me!

So, there you have it, a lot of ideas on how to surprise your loved one. Simply send few carefully chosen words at any time of the day. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion.

Surprise your bae and show him or her that you don’t have to wait for a certain date to come to show your love.

Be creative and don’t be afraid to pour your heart out. Make sure you say everything you mean to the ones you love.

Sometimes it is not easy to assume whether someone likes you or not. And you certainly don’t want to lose your loved one because you haven’t said everything you felt.