12 Health Benefits of Babassu Oil

First of all, you should know what is babassu oil.  It comes from a babassu palm that grows in Brazil. Although, it isn’t commonly used across the planet, it has numerous benefits. On the other side, in Brazil, this oil has countless applications. It has been used for centuries and it is still used today.

Scientists constantly discover additional benefits this oil has to offer. Babassu oil soap is just one, of many applications this oil provides. However, there is a lot more.

  1. Treats dry skin

The most common application of this oil is related to skin benefits. It is perfect for people who have dry skin. The oil will make it smooth and shiny. On the other side, it won’t clog the pores and it will be absorbed in less than one hour. Keep in mind that other oils, for the same purpose cannot be absorbed and they make the skin sticky and must be washed. At the same time, babassu oil keeps the skin hydrated, so if you have this issue, this oil would be a great solution.

  1. Anti-oxidant properties

Another, the great benefit of babassu oil is related to its anti-oxidant properties. It helps you in a battle against free radicals. Don’t forget that these substances can cause cancer and they speed up the aging. Using the babassu oil can reduce their effect on the organism. In essence, free radicals destroy our cells and they reduce their ability to regenerate. Using the oil can solve this issue. Also, it helps your skin stay in better condition.

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties

Babassu oil is great in reducing the inflammation. It is rich in vitamin E and several other ingredients that have this application. As the end result, your body and the skin are going to be less prone to the inflammation. This is also one of the most common reasons people use this oil. It is used in treatments for variety skin issues, such as eczema. In addition, scientists claim that this oil is one of the best ways to fight inflammations.

  1. Protects the skin

Babassu oil protects skinOne of the many uses this oil has in Brazil is to protect the skin from high temperatures. A good thing is that you can get the same benefits. It really cools the skin and absorbs the heat. In addition, it won’t be melted, so it will stay on the skin for a long time. It is the perfect solution when you are on a beach or in an area where the temperatures are high. Even better, this oil has a pleasant odor and it will reduce the sweating. According to the latest research, babassu oil helps you heal the cuts and smaller burns. Some of the latest products for these applications contain babassu oil.

  1. Helps to the hair

Using babassu oil for hair is a great solution that can help you solve many issues. If you have damaged hair or the hair that isn’t very elastic, babassu oil can help you. All you need to do is to apply the oil to the hair, before shampooing it. Leave it on the hair for a couple of minutes and then wash it out. As the result, you will get shiny hair that is more resistant to the issues that can damage it. At the same time, it will be more flexible and making interesting hair styles will be much easier.

  1. Has a positive effect on the scalp

If you have a dry scalp, you know how many issues it can cause. Losing your hair is commonly related to this huge problem. In that case, you should use babassu oil. It contains acids that have numerous benefits to the dry scalp. It will cure it and losing the air will be a history. Keep in mind that only if dry scalp is caused by non-bacterial issues, this oil can help you. In addition, it has a nice odor, so your hair will smell great. On the other side, it doesn’t have any side effects.

  1. Carrier oil

A carrier oil means that it can be mixed with other oils in order to get more benefits. The babassu oil is the best in this case. It can be mixed with other oils, such as coconut or jojoba oil and it will provide more benefits. As aforementioned, it cures cuts and burns, but when it is combined with jojoba oil, it has a positive effect on the face and body skin. Organic babassu oil is the most common oil carrier you can get, so it can be mixed with almost all oils. A damaged skin will be completely cured, thanks to this great benefit. In addition, it can be applied to the hair and it will also provide several benefits.

  1. Addition to cooking

In Brazil, babassu oil has been used in cooking for centuries. It contains numerous acids, so it is healthy and has a great taste. In many cases, it can replace the coconut oil. Keep in mind that this is completely organic oil, so it doesn’t contain harmful substances or anything artificial that may have a negative effect on your health. In general, using this oil in cooking will have numerous benefits to the health, due to the fact our body needs acids and they are mandatory for the chemical processes that happen in the organism. Babassu seed oil is perfect for meals made for children, adults and elderly people.

  1. Great for nails

Babassu oil is great for nailsIf you have delicate nails, that get damaged all the time, the babassu oil can help you. It has been used for nails several years and all people who tried it claim that it actually helps. The main benefit is the fact it will make your nails soft and more resistant. At the same time, they will be shiny, so they will look better. All you need to do is to apply a small dosage to your nails and leave it for a few minutes. Due to the fact the babassu oil contains vitamin E, your nails will be much stronger. If you like having long nails and you like using nail products that damage the nail, using this oil is more than recommended.

  1. Prevents body odor

If you have issues with the odor of your body, the babassu oil can help you. It is very helpful in this case, due to its anti-microbial nature. Simply said, it will reduce sweating and eliminate anything that may cause bad odor. As the end result, your smell is going to be much better. In order to get this benefit, you will have to mix, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, arrowroot powder, an essential oil you choose and ½ cup of the babassu oil. If we add the fact that the babassu oil has numerous benefits to the skin, using it to cure bad odor is one of the most important applications.

  1. Good for pets

If you are a pet owner, you may know that the babassu oil is a great addition to the diet of your pet. It has numerous benefit, but the most important ones are: improves the fur, great for digestion and regulates the hormones. According to the numerous reviews, this oil is perfect for cats and dogs. Due to the fact it has a pleasant taste and odor, pets will love it, so you don’t have to force them eat food treated with this oil. Even better, it doesn’t have any side effects on your pet’s health.

  1. Useful against insect bites

Many people experience insect bites every day. Although, there are many solutions. The babassu oil is one of the best. It is nice to use and due to the fact it has numerous, other benefits to the skin, it is great in treating insect bites. In general, it will reduce the inflammation, redness and cure the affected spot much quicker than other products.

Get these benefits today

The most important question is where to buy babassu oil. Luckily, the answer is very simple. You can get it on the internet. Keep in mind that this is a natural product that doesn’t have any side effects. On the other side, it offers a lot of great benefits to your skin, hair and general health. In addition, it is very easy to use it, and it won’t have negative effects even if you use it every day.

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