2 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Recognize and appreciate the feelings that are brought to you! Open for love and partnership.

“2 of the cups”: What does the tarot card say?

The tarot card “2 of the cups” stands a young couple opposite. Each holds a golden cup in their hand, which they will soon be toasting. Both are facing each other, but are looking pensively into their cups. Carefully, the man’s hand touches the woman’s cup.

A very romantic scene in which much can be reflected: the first date with its still timid approaches, but also a peace offer after a fight – or even a divorce? With the joint initiation important contracts were sealed in the past; So why not have a marriage? The dress of the 2 is definitely festive enough for a wedding. The bride wears a long, blue-white robe, so the color symbols of purity and water that represent femininity and a great deal of emotion. The groom, on the other hand, appears in vivacious yellow-black-and-orange, the colors of fire, which in Tarot stands for the combative male principle. On the head she is decorated with a more masculine laurel wreath, he on the other hand, with a rather feminine flower wreath. So they approach each other, bridging existing opposites and become a balanced unit.

To make that clear once more, hovering over the couple in flaming orange, a winged lion’s head, which is the caduceus by the 2 snakes underneath. In alchemy, on the one hand, this rod is a symbol of the combination of opposing forces, but on the other, of sexual attraction and fertility. Although the 2 face each other rather polite and distant, so the passion between them is so blazing.

The couple on the card look at each other with respect and desire; ideal conditions for a happy future together, which is waiting for you as a common home with the little house in the background!

As a day card: If the Tarot picture “2 of the Cups” stands for you

Today is a great day – use it! Love and sympathy are in the air. Kindly approach other people. Keep your eyes open when you’re single, maybe you’ll meet the great love of your life now. In a firm bond or friendship, however, everything is going well. However, if there have been any misunderstandings or disagreements between you lately, the best time to do so is now. Now take the first step!

With the day card the 2 of the cups, there is not always a partnership, as mistakenly assumed. This is more about being able to feel deeper. It’s about the ability to forgive and to approach someone. This is the clear message that can be seen pictorially on the card’s 2 of the cups. A man takes a step towards a woman. He has a cups in his hand, which means he has something to give. The cup can stand for everything. As situation card the 2 of the cups sometimes stand for a reconciliation and sometimes also for a request. As a person card, the 2 of the cups shows us 2 people who are capable of loving in different ways. One who offers and gives love and the other who is able to accept it.

As a Love-Card: If the Tarot Card “2 of the Cups” stands for your partner or relationship

Congratulations, on the subject of love and relationship you have here one of the most beautiful tarot cards you can draw! Your partner brings you as much affection and passion, as well as trust and respect as you do him. You are completely at eye level. If there has recently been a stupid argument that makes you doubt this luck: Speak out, maybe each of you must make some small sacrifices and make concessions; when that is clarified, the reconciliation becomes a true celebration!

The cup held by the man on this tarot card represents a gift being offered. This message means that today is a good day to confess someone’s love. There may be a long-awaited reconciliation in the relationship, perhaps coupled with a confession of a special kind. Perhaps it makes you feel flattered and richly gifted. But it can also be the silent settlement of conflicts. In any case, the energies of the card are the 2 of the cups of delicate and yielding nature. Anyone trying to get in the house today would most likely open doors.

Meaning for job

The search for a job could be crowned with success today. Maybe today one experiences a major change in the workplace, possibly because of a company merger? The self-employed can breathe easy, because today a financial transaction works out. Anyone who chooses to cooperate today will not regret it. The day card the 2 of the cups is also in the professional field for exchange and communication. A business invitation is promising. Stagnations dissolve in a wonderful way. Maybe a colleague is coming toward you today to shake hands because of an old quarrel. In that case, one should push aside his mistrust and respond to it.

The business situation is very convenient for you – everything you do will be excellent and also valued by colleagues and superiors. If you are in the job search process, it is very likely that your job will be coming soon.

The energy of emotion, harmony, confinement, marriage, acceptance, love, friendship, solidarity, engagement, mutual love, marriage or some other solid alliance, happy relationship, joy, good news, compatibility, understanding.

Message and Interpretation of the Tarot Card 2 of Cups

The message of the 2 Cups is to unite the 2 opposite sides through love and belonging to each other. Brings intense joy that simply radiates from the person resulting in union of the 2 sides. In other words, when this tarot card appears, it usually talks about merging 2 people through love or just about instant feelings.

These 2 people displayed on this tarot card represent honesty and deep feelings that work almost perfectly together, the harmony of two people in their environment. The unity shown by the 2 of Cups is not as strong as the one on the Lovers’ Chart, so if there are some disagreements or tedious tensions, it would not turn into something more or even break up.

Generally, the 2 of Cups symbolizes partnership; marriage, bondage, bondage – new or old – firmly built on the foundations of harmony. Here are the reciprocated feelings that lead to the creation of a lasting connection, unless the tarot card is surrounded by other heavy cards.

The Tarot card of the 2 cups is an extremely positive card, whether it is interpreting it alone or inside the system. However, it is very gentle and vulnerable to negative impacts. Within the active tarot system, its refined energy can undermine or completely destroy many other negative cards.

Time, pervading all kinds of energy at once, inevitably changes them and does not go in favor of preserving the perfect feeling.

Reversed Position Meaning

Disruption of the Union, arguments, distrust, conflicts, alienation, chaos, lack of emotion, selfishness, selfishness, disparage of ways, betrayal, fraud, jealousy, lack of love.

A 2 of cups usually refers to partnerships. In most cases, this is a true and true love card. The 2 of cups is connected with harmony and cooperation.

In reverse position, 2 of cups indicate a temporary break or break. You may be afraid of these possibilities. Someone may have betrayed your trust or someone’s behavior hurts you very badly. You feel rejected and abandoned. Your ideas of the ideal relationship have proven to be unrealistic.

Reversed 2 of cups relate to disharmony and conflicts. Conflicts and disagreements are also possible. One of the partners invests in communication far more than the other. Couples who are in a relationship can “lose” everyone in “their world”. It is possible to ignore close people, not only partners, but also friends and family. If you are alone, find more time to devote to friends. In some cases, 2 cups denote divorce or infidelity.

  • separation
  • disagreement
  • a feeling of refusal and abandonment
  • conflicts and misunderstandings
  • neglecting the closest ones
  • internal disharmony
  • divorce or fraud

Upright Position Meaning

In an upright position, this card refers to love relationships. When it appears in the opening, it represents a continuation or beginning of a connection. If you are in conflict with someone close to you, expect that the conflict will soon be resolved.

This card is also a sign of compromise. You may feel the need to work together and negotiate with others. Teamwork can only contribute to your efforts. In some cases, 2 of cups indicate a new cooperation or a deal in a business sense. You may enter into a new relationship.

In love matters, 2 of cups is a card of community. It represents mutual attraction, romance, passion, relationship, offers and marriage. You may enter into a new relationship where your partner will respond with the same measure in an emotional sense. If you are already in a relationship, you might get a marital offer or this link in some way goes to a higher level. Those who are already in a serious relationship can expect a renewed awakening of passion and attraction.

At the spiritual level, the 2 of cups is related to emotional harmony. The male and female parts of your personality are in perfect balance. This card may also indicate acceptance and self-interest in the most generous form.

  • new partnerships
  • marriage or prosecution
  • cooperation
  • true love
  • acceptance and love for oneself
  • dedication
  • new arrangements
  • partnerships in every sense

The 2 of cups symbolizes new friendships, weddings and remarks, sincere love, dedication. The 2 of Cups is generally a card of new relationships, both in love and friendliness as well as in the business sense. The book is characterized by innocence, trust, enjoyment and joy.

It symbolizes a strong intimate relationship and the confidence it empowers. Opening this card indicates that the current misunderstanding with you will soon be successfully finalized. The couple advises you to “quench” the status quo by listening to the inner voice and your own emotions.

Meaning for Love

Love relationship will be the center of your life. If you are not about to meet someone with whom you will experience a strong bondage and lust, and if you are already related, it is likely that you will realize that it is “forever”. On a loving plan you literally “shine”, do not forget to share with close people.

Meaning for Finance

In the context of finance, 2 of Cups represents equilibrium and relaxation. It’s not like you’re going to be “rolling in the money,” but the debts are behind you, and your finances should not worry you. Some things can wait but try to do what you should not postpone.

Meaning for Health

If you have health problems, the solution will only be enforced. The positive attitude that you currently have for your health makes a lot of good.

Working with a teacher, mentor, or priest will help your spiritual ascension, but do not leave it blindly, listen to your own heart. For spiritual ascension you have never been more prepared than now. Enjoy the feeling of self-satisfaction and fulfillment.

It may mean that the connection is broken or only the upcoming problems in the same. Facing the 2 of Cups cups card symbolizes the fear of responsibility and unbelief; You or your partner will find yourself in the temptation and the situation of great challenges. Perhaps this temptation is just a step towards reaching maturity.

Positive aspects of tarot card

Fear, enthusiasm, joy, idealized love, a feeling that flows from the depths of the soul, marriage, giving and understanding of love, sincerity, spontaneity, fidelity, fruitful artistic expression, aesthetics, harmony, symmetry, desired pregnancy, good health.

Negative aspects of tarot card

Separation, illusion, misjudgment, emotional blindness, premature marriage or divorce, false representation, transformation, immaturity.