2 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

The energy of matter, change and transformation, the power of opposites, adaptation, acceptance of a new approach or challenges, the perception of both sides, financial problems, material uncertainty are the main characteristics.

Positive aspects of the tarot card

Successful job change, extending old or launching new projects, changing places of residence, growth, development, important decision, renewal, action are the positive aspects.

Negative aspects of the tarot card

Overloaded materialism, lack of sense of instability, unreliability, eagerness and impatience, possible kidney problems, and bowel disorders are the negative aspects.

Message and interpretation of tarot card

This tarot chart shows two disks that appear in a particular situation, and both sides need to recognize, accept, balance, and organize in order to avoid disturbance. And indeed, we are in a great position in order to effectively and with style succeed in creating harmony in the situation in which we found ourselves. It does not matter if we are here about the ambiguity between work and entertainment, travel and home, friends and family, we can find the balance if we get rid of it and we do not place one of it in the first place, but pay equal attention to both options.

Drawing this tarot card tells us that we have to make some changes in our life, in order to keep things moving. Maybe we have become too material and we need to turn to spiritual ones too. Also, this card can announce financial problems that can be solved with someone else’s help.

We need new skills and ways of managing finance to solve this. If we want to get into something new, now is a bad time for new projects and we need to avoid the necessary costs.

As an independent tarot card, the 2 of Pentacles always interpreted in a positive sense, reminding that our world is alive due to the constant movement and transformation of energies. In tarot systems the 2 of Pentacles out as the initiator, a force that causes change.

If the tarot is drawn in the reversed position

The lack of balance, revolution, contradiction, the need for new perspectives, uncertainty, gray zone, subdue, mood swings are the main consequences.

Upright Position Meaning

In an upright position, 2 of Pentacles represent the need for thinking. This is a sign that you should consider before you do something. You probably feel like juggling with a lot of things at once; You may feel like you are facing too many demands. In order to maintain a certain level of harmony, you must balance everything in your life. This includes a break, not a waste of energy on all sides. You will best end up with all your obligations if you focus exclusively on one until you finish it, and not at the same time. It’s also important to find out where you are doing too much to satisfy someone else. Do not waste your time.

2 of Pentacles are also an indicator of the period of change. Persistent attempts to deal with a bunch of events that take place at incredible speed can be frustrating. It is best to let everything go its course. However, with this approach, you still need to somehow orient the stream you want events to go. 2 of Pentacles are ordered to use your practical skills. The more you get away from everything, the easier it will be to stay flexible and adaptable.

As pentacles usually refer to financial matters, 2 of Pentacles tell you that you can have difficulty managing your finances. You may be clinging straps to pay a war for a loan, or you are just in a phase of financial instability. This card warns you not to fall into debt carelessly thinking that you will return them. On the positive side, this card is sometimes a sign of increasing personal earnings. A bad business situation can go better.

  • new partnerships
  • consideration of finances
  • “Fight” with many projects or duties
  • stiffness on many sides
  • financial obligations

Reversed Position Meaning

Reversed 2 of Pentacles indicate that you are probably faced with many complications related to the issue you asked. You may need to make important decisions and you are not currently able to face that responsibility. Lack of focus on what you do makes you feel overwhelmed and incapable of doing everything that is expected of you. You’re tired and irritable. Sometimes this means that you have taken on too much responsibility. You need to clearly see the situation in order to make a better plan.

In financial terms, the reverse 2 of Pentacles is a signal of financial instability. You probably have a bigger debt that you cannot pay back. If you have spent some time in the mischief, you have a lot of head on that. Perhaps it would not be bad to seek the advice of a financial expert. Now you have to cut the budget and get rid of bad habits to spend too much money on irrelevant things. Generally, the reversed 2 of Pentacles is a sign that it is necessary to regain balance in all areas of life.

  • feeling overwhelmed with obligations
  • inability to establish a balance
  • indecision
  • bulk “on one hundred pages”
  • debts

Meaning for Love

The two of Pentacles in the tarot The Light of the Soul is presented with two Pentacles that combines unusual brown light. Elsewhere, the card is shown lively, like a juggler with two discs. Behind her there is a shore with boats. A person tries to achieve something, but the outcome is uncertain. The key word is change, and the link to astrology is Jupiter in the Capricorn sign.

This chart highlights the desire to achieve not only financial but also emotional security. However, the question is how to achieve it. This card is problematic because it is difficult to meet these two needs. They are clashing here. Man has no time and will either for one or the other. There is a lot to be done to ensure material existence, but there is no one to share. Something less often happens that the person is in love relationship, but because of lack of money the relationship suffers.

2 of Pentacles usually indicate a period when you do not have time for a loved one. It is a good idea to find and create it. Devotion to relationship and enjoyment in intimate moments will recharge your batteries. If you’re not connected, then you’re supposed to stay that way. You do not currently have the capacity or time to start something new. Do not worry, this period will last for a little while.

The card is linked to the astrological Jupiter in the Capricorn sign. Here Jupiter does not feel its best. People born with this heavenly position want to have everything, both the sheep and money. Since they do not have the capacity to do so, frustrations arise, so they try to get what they want by throwing. This results in even greater frustration. Swearing at one person to another person, from work place to home, they are looking for something, some perfection. They cannot be happy.

When this card appears at the opening of the query, the change period is followed. There will be great instability on the love plan. The hopes will be to achieve an ideal bond. It will be a guarantee of success, but the problem is that there’s never been a hundred percent guarantee in life. Work patience.

The 2 of Pentacles symbolize customization, balance and fatigue. When this card appears almost always tells you that you are exhausted and warns you that you have to allocate the load that you have loaded to your back. The dual drives are also a success chart. In this phase you are focused on two things, two life aspects that take you a lot of energy. Make sure that something else does not bother you, that is, the third thing that you will have to fight is not to appear.

Meaning for Job

The job situation is quite overcrowded and turbulent. It is true that big projects are going on and that you have more work than usual but focus on the essentials, do not be superficial. Share responsibility with your colleagues, do not hesitate to seek help. If you’re looking for a job, just send a few requests that will be devoted to quality. Thickness is now no stronger side.

Meaning for Love

2 of Pentacles usually indicate a period when you do not have time for a loved one. It is a good idea to find and create it. Devotion to relationship and enjoyment in intimate moments will recharge your batteries. If you’re not connected, then you’re supposed to stay that way. You do not currently have the capacity or time to start something new. Do not worry, this period will last for a little while.

Meaning for Finance

When the 2 of Pentacles appears in the finance context, it is a sign that you are financially “weak”. Do not let your feeling of powerlessness and frustration overwhelms you. What you can do at this point is not to accumulate your debts. Do not spend energy on what you cannot influence.

Meaning for Health

Stress and worries seriously hurt your health. Do not ignore this warning because many things can be corrected at this point. Replace your missed dream, start using vitamins and exercise. Go in nature for at least a few hours.

Meaning for spirituality

You have to learn how to stop when you have enough. You are overwhelmed and the only thing you have to do now is to rest and recover your lost energy and strength to your own body. Everything you invest in bodily health will positively reflect on your spiritual growth.

Card facing upside down

The 2 of Pentacles facing down symbolizes relief, stress reduction and rest. The Card tells you that the period of increased effort and care behind you is that you can relax and enjoy. Financial difficulties are still present, but close to them. Treat yourself to the family and yourself. It is time for you to balance in all aspects of your life because you are no longer able to juggle and be torn apart.