2 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

The man holds a small globe and stands on the roof of the castle, looks at the unobtrusive space on the right and the ocean on the left. The globe in his hands represents his world and there is a huge potential for expanding his horizons to encompass wider life experiences. He understands his ambitions and knows what to do to fulfill them. Dressed in orange tunic, which symbolizes an enthusiastic approach to life, and the red cap, symbolizes the passion for adventure.

The meaning of the upright tarot cards of the 2 of Wands

The Tarot card 2 of Wands is related to discoveries. It represents steps and exits outside your comfort zone to explore new worlds and new experiences. This can take a long time until you get the courage and take the first step, but this card gives you self-confidence. You know what your goal is and you are sure of its potential fulfillment.

The 2 of Wands represent a balance. This will be important for you to maintain a balance in every respect, even in secular, boring things like eating or resting. These things will be very useful to you at this time. 2 of wands often signifies a partnership with another person. It can be business, personal or both.

As for the job, some things will start working in new or unusual ways. If you are looking for employment, you will find the right way to get what you want. You are much more balanced than you think, and if you focus on what you want, you will surely realize it.

When it comes to love relations, if you are already with someone, then it will become even better and better because you and your partner will treat each other equally. Pay attention to your ideas of equality and balance and share them with your partner. If you are looking for love, someone who could be a very good person for you is probably already part of your life. Do not judge the book by cover. If someone is interested in you, give him a chance. This relationship could be exactly what you are looking for.

When finance is concerned, your revenue and expenditure are moving to a better balance. This card shows fairness and equality. Do not hesitate to ask what you really deserve. You will probably be pleasantly surprised how much you can improve your financial situation.

The topic of balance is especially important for health. Energy-focused work on chakra balancing, your body, mind, and spirit is particularly effective and beneficial to your health. If you have not yet focused on all these three aspects then it is now the right time for that. Your health is probably in a better shape than you think.

Meaning for Love

In the Light of the Soul this card represents 2 wands standing upright as the greenery extends around them unedogled. Nothing is happening, the state is passive. But this is just a fraud. Swords re held by no one. That means it’s just a matter of time when it will fall. In another tarot on this card is depicted as the woman sitting, so again dominates the state of passivity.

However, she keeps the swords in her hands, but keeps them crossed. She does not know what to do with them, and it is only a matter of time when she will drop them. Potentially something could hurt you. Her eyes are clasped. The person does not see something that matters to her very much. In the Light of the soul, the key word is peace.

But what is this peace? Something is wrong. On a love plan this is a false peace. The person convinced herself that she was fine and that she was in the best relationship with the relationship, so there was a seeming normal state. Here the man rationalizes emotionally. He explains them as he does it instead of simply feeling them.

This chart is linked to the principle of balance. Every relationship must be in balance. Insists on equality. And although in some situations and love affairs this kind of mood can pass with many, it still can not in some. The dual sword represents a balance that is unnatural, that does not correspond to the real state of things in marriage or some other love affair. At all costs, it is avoided to face the truth. Negativity is avoided because the balance is thus disrupted. For example, this is a person who is suffocated by marriage. Totally subtle. He agrees to everything, so that there is no conflict. The result is a sense of captivity and injustice that a person feels. There is not enough power here to do something, change. My emotions are ignored. The person hopes that everything will be sorted out by itself.

The 2 swords are identified with the astrological Moon in Pisces. Although people born with this position are very enjoyable and sympathetic they always fear that if they raise their voice they break the status quo. Bonton could be seriously disturbed. That’s why you suffer. It usually sucks as long as the dam does not break. Then it turns into a total war.

When this card goes out in the opening, it tells the questioner will rationalize the emotions. More understanding will show for others than for oneself. This card will encourage you to marry someone, to worship someones sister or brother, even though they don’t deserve it. This state of affairs is not realistic and is not permanent since, among other things, it is a small Arcana. A person has to face fears. Otherwise there will be no progress. Just swallowing injustice and clear glimpses all the time.

A 2 of Wands is a potential card. It represents the waiting period. You have completed the first phase of the project. Now you just have to have faith in the future.

Upright Position Meaning

In an upright position, the 2 of wands usually speak of the need to retreat and allow things to unfold themselves. Your leadership abilities will come to the fore itself and put things in their place. Your creative ideas and efforts will prove to be successful. A 2 of Wands also indicate the need for planning. You may be currently at the crossroads. Keep an open mind and leave a reservation to change your mind if necessary.

During this period, you may be unhappy and angry, because you have to wait until you continue to work. If you have just started a new project, you are probably too worried about its outcome. You must relax; 2 of wands usually suggest that patience is needed. Use and direct energy to other things. Plan your next move, but be prepared to wait for the right time to take action. Use this period to get a better insight into the situation.

A 2 of Wands Tarot Card also applies to your negotiation and coaching skills. Every negotiation will go well. Stay open to new ideas and you will easily solve every conflict. Maybe there is a new partnership with someone, or maybe a need for teamwork may arise. Usually such partnerships are based on common goals and ideas. Together you can achieve very great success.

When this card appears in the opening, it may also indicate the need to take control of the situation on its own initiative. Use your energy wisely. Do not forget that you have the strength and the ability to overcome all the obstacles. This card tells you that your efforts and troubles will eventually be paid off, so continue with the way in which you started. You will achieve your goals if you consistently stick to your plans.

In the end, this card may represent a trip. You may receive a new business offer that will require a lot of travel or change of residence. It is also possible that you will go on a business trip.

  • you are on the right path
  • waiting period
  • possible trip
  • planning
  • hard work that will pay off
  • negotiations and cooperation

Reversed Position Meaning

In reversed position, 2 of wands can signify the feelings of anger and anxiety because you are waiting for the materialization of a plan. You may think that you made the wrong choice. Energy is scattered across multiple sides and you can not focus on one thing. You may have lost interest in the project you recently started. Things do not take place as you have imagined. Possible dispositions, obstacles or debates with people with whom you have to cooperate. In some cases, precisely what you suspect in yourself is the cause of a lack of energy and guidance. Perhaps relationships with colleagues are not the best and do not agree on a question. Negotiations do not go according to plan.

In some cases, the meaning of this card also applies to pride issues. If this is the case, your pride and egoism may prevent further progress and cooperation with others. If you are thinking about starting a new partnership, this card is a warning to think about all the options.

  • delay, obstacles, poor negotiation outcome
  • loss of interest and guidance
  • care and anxiety about a project
  • too much pride
  • discord

The 2 of wands symbolize balance and partnership in a broader terms. It warns you to pay attention to the relationship of receiving and giving in interpersonal relationships – beware whom you give too little and to whom too much. In the upcoming period, set the agenda for your daily activities to keep the internal balance that is of great importance to you for this period. Some situations will distract attention and focus on goals, so be careful not to lose focus.

Meaning for Job

The job will go smoothly, but it will go unusual, so be careful to keep your concentration. If you are in the job search process you are likely to be employed in a job that will suit you completely.

Meaning for Love

A person from your environment could be an ideal partner for you, pay attention to people you know and do not judge on a shortcut – give yourself a chance to do something that will not make you an interesting option on the first hand. For those who are concerned about the strength ratio and the need for related issues will eventually equalize.

Meaning for Finances

Revenues and expenditures will eventually equalize. The card implies a significantly better financial situation, but you will have to turn to the bank to keep it up and running.

Meaning for Health

Your health condition is better than what you are scolding. Pay attention to giving enough importance to spirit, body, and mind – you have to bring these three components into balance.

Spiritual Meaning

In the period you are almost symbiotic with someone. This person is certainly a positive link in your life, but remember that it is important to be “in touch with yourself”, be alone with yourself and with your thoughts.

Card facing upside down

The card that looks like this symbolizes anxiety, frustration and delay. You will feel the tension because things do not move as you imagined, you will face many obstacles. Business plans will be stopped due to failures that you could not personally influence. The partnership you are planning to make (whether personal or business) is well considered. Pay attention to your own ego and pride that hampers you in many activities.