3 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

The 3 of the cups is a card of joy, celebration and happiness. Usually it is associated with weddings, chains, childbirth, family gatherings, celebrations and religious ceremonies. The 3 of Cups tells you to be grateful for everything you have.

Development of emotion, fulfillment, celebration, good luck, celebration, fun, enjoyment in a pleasant society, family joy, creating new friendships, inner growth, abundance is what this card stands for.

In negative aspect it symbolizes pessimism, loneliness, depression and sorrow, delay, addictive behavior, and unbelief. It warns you that problems of marriage and family can develop, but nothing greater than those that open communication will not solve. The main reason for all the difficulties in this period lies in your egocentric and pessimistic attitude. At work you will progress even though not as much as you expect; review if your expectations are realistic and how much your work and dedication really deserve

Message and Interpretation of Tarot Card

Tarot card 3 of cups is a card of happiness and satisfaction. The beginnings of getting in touch are behind us and we are now ready to make some more serious steps and build the future. This does not mean that the happy end is secured, the 3 of Cups encourages us to try and perfect our relationship or some other relationship, to make her end happy and tell us how long before us.

This tarot card is a card of healing, it brings us emotional, spiritual and physical rejuvenation. This is a tarot card of conditioned respite; although there are still issues, we must for a moment stop and enjoy beautiful moments of life, marriage, anniversary, banquet or socializing. Everyone needs the surrender and the environment of loved ones so that we do not feel emotionally or mentally.

The feelings expressed by this card are profound and that is the kind of love that many people are looking for all their lives, and they are not there.

This is the tarot card of victory, success and fulfillment. Some work or some of your projects will be completed with great success, that is, your love will finally blend together. The troika cup is a strong positive card, when interpreted by itself, usually announces happy events.

Only in the active tarot systems, or under the influence of some other cards, it can take on a negative aspect. Then it may be disappointing because of unexpected expectations, releases, lies, quarrels, and generally abandoning any constructive activity to which it relates. But the 3 has active energy, stronger than the 2 of Cups, so its stability is harder to break.

Even in the active system, even when a negative card is followed behind the 3 of Cups, the positive power of this little Arcana extends to the very end of the system, giving hope that reconciliation and reconstruction may still be possible.

The 3 of cups symbolizes hope, healing, recovery, fun and success. It marks the time when miracles happen. All you will do, you will work with joy and ease. Here is a period of celebration, fun and beginnings. This is the time when you will feel more free than ever before and for that reason your card advises you to go on a journey, to open opportunities for new experiences. Get out, have fun, but do not lose any weight in spending money.

Upright Position Meaning

Expect celebrations. The 3 of cups usually refers to good news and happiness. Do not be surprised if you receive news of improvement, childbirth, trust, or similar kind of event. When it appears in the opening the 3 of cups, it usually predicts a period of satisfaction and restoration. You enjoy what you have and you may want to share it with others. Your hard work and dedication have paid off in many ways. Now you can probably change your life for the better.

The 3 of the cup is usually associated with healing and regeneration. If you have asked a question about health, this card promises a complete recovery. In the spiritual sense, the 3 of the cup is a sense of connection with someone. It can be your partner, family, friends, or divine. It is also possible that you will be involved in some kind of ceremony.

In the material sense, this card promises success. Whatever you start, the work will flourish. You may meet significant business people at a wedding ceremony ceremony.

In love questions, the 3 of the Cups refers to marriage, fertility and pregnancy. Probably in your relationship a happier phase is about to begin. If you are not in a relationship, you may be able to meet someone at a party.

  • celebration
  • happiness and satisfaction
  • success
  • wedding and pregnancy
  • good luck
  • social events

Reversed position meaning

In reverse position 3 of cups warn you not to overdo anything – in both material matters and in your efforts to please yourself. In exceptional cases, this card may also refer to poor outcomes of the event. What once pleased you, it is now a problem for you. Some celebration is postponed. Possible problems with sterility or generally poor health. Love relationships can get worse.

Disappointment, lust without emotions, hypocrisy, frustration, family problems, crisis, distrust, suspicion, isolation, omission from society.

When the reversed 3 of the cups appears in the opening, it often speaks of a relationship that is based on physical satisfaction, not on sincere love. This card may also mean lack of interest and apathy in connection. This is often a card of unbelief.

  • Exaggeration in satisfaction
  • wedding
  • sex without emotions
  • unbelief
  • sterility
  • selfishness

Meaning for Job

This card signals progress at work and when you do not expect it, if you are looking for a job, your offer will also come to a very unexpected place in the same unexpected time.

You’re already exhausted by looking for a job, but do not give up!

Meaning for Love

The following is a time when you will need your own freedom and time, but that does not mean you will not be close to the loved one. It’s not time to be vulnerable and insecure.

Relax and enjoy your own mood. If you are not related, it is likely that you will renew some of your former love.

Meaning for Finance

With the finances you will stand better than it is now, but be prepared for unplanned expense. This is the time when you have to pay attention to this aspect.

Meaning for Health

Think of ways you can improve your own health – eating, exercising and relaxation.

Whatever you have found to be beneficial for you, start applying because everything you are investing in health will multiply you.

Spiritual meaning

In this period you will know the truth about yourself and your surroundings you will better understand the relationships you have with other people. When you see how much everything surrounds you and all you need to do is simply feeling the freedom will just overwhelm you. Share your knowledge and experience with other people. Do not hesitate in accepting a spiritual teacher.

On the tarot card “Three of Cups” you see three young women dancing together in a circle. In doing so, they protrude from golden goblets. They are festively dressed and decorated with flower wreaths. The picture just radiates serenity and carefree joy.

What do the three young women have to celebrate? It is a Thanksgiving, the ripe and lush on the dance floor fruit and the plump grape wine in the hand of the right dancing woman betrayed. The efforts that cultivation, sowing and care have made are now over, the harvest is brought in and can be enjoyed – here and now!

But the round of the three ladies dressed in different colors symbolizes something more: they dance the cycle of the year from the snowy winter (white) to the spring and the summer, in which the fruits ripen (sun yellow), to the autumnal dark orange the Harvest time has come and then the white winter is approaching, in which nature takes a break. And year after year again, so that the growth of food on field and tree is secured. For that the dancers want to thank and perhaps also swear that it may always stay that way and that they can trust in the natural cycle of the year, the rhythm of life.

And many other rhythms of time can be recognized in these three graces: past, present and future or youth, maturity and age. All this is part of life that we should enjoy with joy and gratitude.

This beautiful card can at best indicate a personal problem topic if you spontaneously feel that you are outside the card when you look at it, just not to belong. Then overcome your timidity, join the dance, dance and celebrate! The three friendly girls will surely welcome you!

Meaning for Love

The card 3 of Cups shows three women at Thanksgiving time. It is a joy dance in which the chalices are held up in gratitude and happiness. Exactly this is a symbol of the phase that begins for you now. Numerous influences allow you to draw on the full. Be grateful for the positive developments Fortuna has in store for you.

But since shared joy is well known as the greatest joy, you should spend your time with other people and share their happiness. This also offers your heart’s love a completely new opportunity.

There is a good chance that at this stage you will find a new companion who will happily share life with you. Things will develop well and you will experience carefree times. So you can slowly build up your new love happiness and enjoy. Later wedding not excluded.

Meaning for your relationship:

You have a wonderful relationship and every day you are grateful that you know your partner by your side. You feel a deep satisfaction and enjoy the intense moments with your partner.

Maybe this one even holds one or the other surprise for you. Enjoy now with him the beautiful facets of life and taste the time of happiness fully. Spoil your partner and show him what he means to you. All the positive gestures you are giving away now will come back to you twice. You have every reason to be happy and satisfied.

You really appreciate this time and should share your feelings with other people. Visit with your partner but again the family or invite your good friends for a fun evening. In company, you can celebrate your loving relationship and everyone will realize how happy you are with each other. They are also a role model for other people.

Positive aspects of tarot card

Mature love, strong emotional connectivity, balance of feelings and thoughts, childbirth, understanding and love between parents and children, a circle of honest and loyal friends, emotional delusionalism, desire to fulfill, development of realistic plans, unification of advanced strength, excellent health (or complete recovery from disease).

Negative aspects of tarot card

Love triangle, disbelief, divorce, end of friendship, endangered or unwanted pregnancy.