4 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

The structure of matter, power, control, defensive power, order, solar power, success, integrity, suppressed energy, property, status, dependence, influence, property, possession, job, stable income, basis, large purchase are the general characteristics.

Positive aspects of tarot card

Family property, house, measurable material or financial value, current power, excellent financial and material basis for the future, material stability and security, trade, a powerful economic entity are the negative characteristics.

Negative aspects of tarot card

For one’s help, there is a need for eternal gratitude and readiness for countless controversies, for people’s assessment of property status, greed, fornication are the positive characteristics.

Message and Interpretation of Tarot Card

The fourth tarot card group of coins deals with strength and defensive strength, often in reading can be related to issues of security, stability or structure of our physical life. Also, issues related to property, defense of something or a high position, are linked to a quarter coin.

This tarot card speaks of tremendous power that often points to the need to establish and strenghthen boundaries, to endure a difficult situation, or to take control of a particular situation. Four of the Pentacles can imply power or wealth, not only in the material sense, but can be expressed in other aspects as well.

With the emergence of this tarot card, we are told that in this period we are in need of security and strength to solve the issue that is causing us trouble. We have to resist and reject all the unnecessary things that come to us at that moment, address the problem and start tackling them from the roots.

As far as emotion is concerned, this card symbolizes a solid and good bond, clarity and emotional safety. Four of the Pentacles is a conditional positive tarot card, there is nothing wrong with having a leading social status, good status or perhaps wealth, if it is honest and if it is available in a fair way. However, on the other hand, money and wealth are often a great temptation for anyone who in any way gets the chance to dispose of them. In the hands of a just and prolific person, these two items will be used morally, but in the hands of the unworthy person, this card takes on a negative aspect and is all positively distorted.

So, if the card is surrounded by negative and difficult cards, it takes on such a meaning. This tarot card with all this, and still calls for awareness in the sense of the need for a more humane relationship with the rich to the poor.

If the tarot card is drawn in a reverse position

Weakness, sense of inefficiency, limitations, obstruction, obstruction, stubbornness, possessiveness, impulsiveness, change, selfishness, chaos, hunger for power, greed, jealousy, corruption.

The pentacle four usually refers to a sense of security in general, but in particular to financial issues. The four pentacle is a card of stability and often speaks of the results of hard work and dedication.


In an upright position, the four pentacles refer to the sense of financial security of the question. The four pentacle reminds you that every success must rest on solid foundations. Your hard work will pay off and it’s possible that you will get some kind of improvement (not only in business, but also in social terms). Maybe you will have new opportunities that will bring you some money. You can easily increase what you have (in material terms) thanks to your good judgment and smart investment. If you are currently planning to buy a new house, this is the right time. It is possible that you will find exactly what suits you at a great price.

Usually 4 pentacles say that you have a “slip” for business. You are committed and willing to work and make progress towards what you want. If the question is asked about a job, the 4 of Pentacles is a sure sign that your hard work will bring more than satisfying results.

On the other hand, the four of Pentacles can be a warning that you are too rigid and conservative. You may be too worried about your finances, and the fear of insecurity and scandal has no real reason. Since this card also applies to our attitudes and beliefs, 4 pentacles may be a sign that these beliefs are rather outdated. Perhaps now it’s a right moment to think about your intentions. Did you get too far into the wheelbase? Does your need for security affect your relationships, business, lifestyle in general?

  • good finances
  • stability
  • self-sufficiency
  • acquisition


In reverse, this card talks about unjustifiable fears about material security. Perhaps you worry too much about “what’s the worst that can happen” instead of enjoying what you have. Do not forget that it is important to live in the present. Happiness does not mean a hill of money. On the other hand, the Pentagon pocket can sometimes be a sign that you are wasting your money without calculating it properly. Perhaps your earnings are currently low.

If the question is love, the reverse 4 pentacles sometimes say that it is necessary to forget about your expectations. You may have some subconscious fears that lead you to obsessively control your partner. It is possible that you do not accept your partner as it is, which can lead to a relationship problem.

  • stinginess
  • greed
  • irrational spending
  • money problems
  • fear of financial uncertainty or failure

Meaning for Love

This card is usually presented to a small king that is pressed on discs. Behind him there is a city that means getting well in civilization. In the tarot of Light of the Soul this card is shown with four Pentacles that are neatly arranged, in two lines of two. The keyword is power. In the astrological symbol, the card represents the Sun in the earthy sign of Capricorn.

Four of the Pentacle makes a man pretty captivated. Here, the whole life spins around money, but in a very negative context. When the meaning of a card of a copy on a love canvas comes a very sad picture. These are situations in which one side seeks to confront the other side by means of money and other material goods. There is a lot of starkness here. Everything is subordinated to money and love. The emotions are skeptical. They can pass until they enter the material field. Of course, life is such that it is often impossible to separate, so prefer solitude rather than filled emotional life.

The key is power, and that’s financial, of course. The Sun in Capricorn is otherwise inclined to grab the money and influence that comes with it. The problem is, after some time, not knowing what to do with it. There is an inner, spiritual reversal. Everyone and everybody is doubtful. Feelings are perceived as a form of manipulation, as a means to make money easy.

When this card appears in the opening, it hints that the person will be quite blocked. It’s all going to be bound. They will not have time for new people. If a married learner is to keep partner control. A person will be bored. In contact with people, they will insist only on money-related topics, so many of them will run their mind no matter what.

Four of the Pentacles symbolize change, happiness, stability υ the material view, security, but the possible stagnation and boredom. It warns you of unnecessarily holding people, situations and money in an unhealthy way. It is likely that you are inclined to keep people under control even though you know that this is not a healthy and correct way of running. Be assured that neither the stable financial situation that comes is not the key to your personal progress. You have to work on yourself and find ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Keep in mind that if you love someone you have to give him freedom.

Meaning for Job

You have the feeling that you are stuck in a job that you do not like and despair about. It is up to you to make a decision: either leave the job and look for a new one or accept the situation in which you are and do not despair. Make your own destiny yourself and the future in which you will live, get yourself out of mental triviality.

Meaning for Love

If you are concerned, be persistent in making important changes because the relationship is built in a direction that does not suit your personality. This card tells you often that it’s time to break the bad relationship in which you and your partner feel jerky. If you are determined to save your relationship now, speak to your partner openly about your own feelings and wishes. If you are not related, be sure you have defined what you want exactly because it is the time when your choices will be over, so be careful what to choose.

Meaning for Finance

For those who are in financial difficulties this card marks the change for a better period, a significantly better period. But there is a problem in your relationship to money; you are too much focused on material and you are not scared. Keep in mind the need of other people in need – help the needy.

Meaning for Health

Take care of stress that is a key factor in disrupting your health. Pay more attention to proper nutrition. Some of the close people have serious health problems, so pay attention to that – direct that person to seek medical help even though he is stubbornly refusing to do so.

Spiritual Meaning

You will feel like things are happening to you and that you cannot change anything. You are not entirely wrong because at present most things change by your will, but do not give up because there are still certain things that make it worthwhile to do it. Live in artificially created fittings for which you are self-sufficient, free your control needs, as this will give freedom primarily to you, not to those who are the objects of your control.

Card facing upside down

The four of Pentacles card that is set here means the period of bad consequences and the stage of life that will get you a little bit out of hand. It will often happen that you will be unprepared and therefore make the wrong decisions. Lack of job progress will make you frustrated. Bad relations with the partner do not mean anything significant, this period will also pass without any major and major consequences. Try changing the negative traits that are now very pronounced. Pay special attention to the greed and uncontrolled spending of money.