6 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Balance of will, victory, triumph and success, achievements, satisfaction gained through work and effort, optimism, courage to face challenges, faith in oneself, determination, emotional warmth, compassion and passion for a new opportunity, spiritual enlightenment are the main words describing this card.

Positive aspects of tarot cards

Success at all levels, a wise assessment of wishes and opportunities, a creative potential that develops at the same time as two, different, but equally valuable goals, mild behavior toward weakness, ubiquity, reconciliation, good health are the positive aspects.

Negative aspects of tarot cards

Indecision, losing time, irreconcilable opposition, intimidation, lashing with power, bullying are the negative aspects.

Message and Interpretation of Tarot Cards

Tarot card Six of Wands represents a magnificent victory and a stimulating self-esteem, and tells us that victory is very close, and now is the time for the final move to reach the triumph. This tarot card stimulates and gives us a tremendous amount of optimism, which is likely to increase our chances of achieving our goals.

New opportunities and chances will appear in our lives, we will find ourselves in a new situation and overcome all the obstacles that have hurt us so far, or who are on our way, or we will be rewarded for our previous work. We feel very good about our achievements and we have come to the point where we are just waiting for the prize. Six of Wands is a favorable tarot card in case of outcomes, can indicate a wedding, passing the exam, it realizes the balance between external and internal factors.

In tarot systems (when surrounded by the influence of other cards) there is more frequent, rather unfavorable meaning for the card, there are few cards that can directly negatively affect the Six of Wands. It points to developed intuition, which is used in an efficient and advanced way.

In a positive aspect, it involves patiently and wisely harmonizing traditional values ​​with new and original ideas (two parallel goals). The Tarot Card The Six Wands is an account of the situation in which the quirk, despite the excellent results he has already achieved, should nevertheless be cautioned because he is likely to be exposed to enmity and envy, and that his opponents will act secretly, trying to undermine his strength with long-lasting indirect by undermining his position.

If the tarot card is drawn in a reverse position

Loss, disappointment, lack of confidence, too little effort, loss, arrogance, uncontrolled emotion, cowardice.

Six Wands is a chart of victory and achievement. Your ambitions and hard work will ultimately be rewarded. Expect progress in every living domain.

Upright Position Meaning

It is more than likely that you will receive recognition for your efforts and efforts. Career and work experience flourishing. You may receive an improvement or a raise. You overcome some problems that you have and you can now expect a period of prosperity and success. Your self-esteem and leadership skills make you stand out from the crowd. Now you can enjoy everything you’ve achieved.

At the opening of the Six Poles can indicate good news or favorable circumstances. Now is the moment to continue to work towards achieving your goals and the outcome will be more than satisfying. Everything is on your hands. Now is the time for self-promotion. Show self-confidence and show others what you can. The rest will recognize your talents, persistence and creativity. 6 poles are a ticket of recognition, especially in terms of public recognition and awards.

In love matters, this card can be a sign of overcoming conflicts and disagreements. The link goes for the better. If you are alone or have just started to meet with someone, this is a sign that “the real one” is right there somewhere. Now it’s a great time to go out and meet new people. Scream with charisma and you’ll easily find the right partner.

  • Victory and achievement
  • Recognition
  • Favorable circumstances
  • Good period for self-promotion
  • Conflict resolution and misunderstanding resolution
  • Good news

Reversed Position Meaning

The reverse meanings of this card usually include delays. You may feel like you do not have enough energy to pull something to the end or you lack confidence. You are not completely satisfied with the business and financial situation. In some cases, the reverse 6 Wands can indicate disagreements and conflicts in the work environment.

In an emotional sense, you feel somewhat disdainful or as if you do not get what you think you deserve. Poor communication or rivalry, especially at work, is possible. You are on the right path to begin to feel and live a deep sense of joy and joy. Share this joy with others, the environment will be very happy to accept that gift.

Maybe you’re wasting too much. You need to retreat and set priorities. If you are scattering on many sides, you will have a problem ending everything you’ve started.

In love questions, this ticket indicates problems in marriage or ties. One partner feels underestimated and ignored. In some cases, the reversed Six Wands can also speak of infidelity.

  • Delay
  • Not receiving recognition for effort
  • Lack of energy
  • Insomnia and bad communication
  • Distrust
  • The need to set priorities

Meaning for Love

Six of the Wands are usually depicted by a man sitting on a horse while a crowd dives. With her appearance, she emphasizes her own achievement. In the tarot of the Light of the Soul this card is painted with Wands standing upright on the throne. The key word is victory, and astrological is identified with Jupiter in the Leo sign.

When this card is viewed in the context of love literally marks success in this field. After the fight we came to ours. We are happy with the achievements. Thus, for example, the marriage stabilized, the friendly relationship got on the swing and the like. What is specific here is our desire to point out that we have succeeded. We are worshiped by others, we want the whole world to know for us and to be happy where we are.

The six Wands in it contain a lot of pride, so this is a picture of a proud person. She is experiencing her marriage in a way that she can serve as an example to everyone else who thinks about it. With this six of Wands card, it happens to us to praise us. People simply admire us. It is difficult at such moments to not feel pride, it is difficult to suspend the ego. That’s why vanity is easily the problem for you. We are able to walk around like an inflated peacock. We will not notice at least half of people’s wrinkles. The prayers we receive do not have to be honest.

A lot of people are waiting patiently when the problems of paradise occur in order to be able to cure. There is overwhelming openness here. We put our relationship, marriage, friendship easily on the pedestal, forgetting that it is not always good to be under the lights of the reflector.

Jupiter in the Leo sign, which binds to this card, is generally well felt here because of the fiery three times the strength. But people born with this position are tense because they like to insist on the importance of relationships with other people. Six Wands signify a very fertile and harmonious period on a love affair. Do not hesitate to completely relax and surrender. If you’re in touch you will feel very close with your partner, you will renew your old sparks. If you are not about this time, you might be able to meet the person you fancied. It is a comedic look at a person who is trying to impress the environment and walk in shaggy pants.

When this card appears in the opening it means that a person will feel good in his own skin. He will be pleased with his love life. A lot of praise will be gained. Marriage or relationships will enjoy a high reputation. Guardians should be kept. All the problems of love character should be concealed because the enemy is not a bit.

Six of Wands is a very positive and optimistic card. It symbolizes victory, achievement, reward, and the arrival of good news. The time of constant challenges and struggles is behind you, relax and enjoy the fruits of your work. Everything that will change now will change in a positive direction. Focus on the results of your efforts so far and be proud and content with yourself.

Meaning for Job

If you are looking for a job, then this card is extremely positive. It points out that you will find a job, a job you have not dreamed or dreamed of. If you are in a position to want to stay in your current job then be sure to expect changes to a better one, your previous effort is noticed and will be rewarded. You can finally relax and stop arguing.

Meaning for Love

Six Wands signify a very fertile and harmonious period on a love affair. Do not hesitate to completely relax and surrender. If you’re in touch you will feel very close with your partner, you will renew your old sparks. If you are not about this time, you might be able to meet the person you fancied.

Meaning for Finance

There is an increase in your revenue and end to financial problems. Pay attention to what you will do with excess money, save part for rainy days.

Meaning for Health

You have no cause for concern, things are not as bad as you think. Soon you will get evidence from your doctor that it is not what you are about to do.

Spiritual Meaning

You are on the right path to begin to feel and live a deep sense of joy and joy. Share this joy with others, the environment will be very happy to accept that gift.

Card facing upside down

This way, the Six of Wands symbolizes delay, energy Loss, misunderstanding, and lack of confidence. Warns of a time when you lack of self-confidence makes you frustrated and it is about to achieve your own goals – in that sense you are betting yourself.

Expect numerous conflicts both on business and in private. In this connection, be alert because the Six of Wands face upside down on betrayal or disbelief by a loved one.