7 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

The Tarot card of the Cups describes a person who faces the mysterious appearance of strange images from cups in the cloud. Clouds reveal ideas, dreams, thoughts, illusions, and mysteries.

Although a person is not facing us, we can see from a half-raised hand or gesture that the apparitions for him are a surprise. Various prizes that appear from the glasses of the mix are positive and negative visions. Each cup has a certain item that rises from them – a snake, it represents wisdom and knowledge; wrapped figure represents the need for enlightenment; the human head, is a companion for invoking ghosts; a tower, which represents stability and power; treasure, it represents abundance and wealth; laurel wreath, represents the victory or honor of that status, and the dragon, which represents supernatural powers.

The person on the map is faced with these characters who are very confusing for him.

Although seven cups appear as gifts or prizes, there is always a danger if you appear nearby. This tells you sometimes you have to choose between many options, and all of them can be tempting. Only one of them is the best choice. All other choices are not real possibilities, but they are misleading imagination.

The meanings of the upright tarot card 7 of the cups

The Tarot card of 7 of Cups is a ticket map. It often shows confusion, and may even indicate disorganization. In principle, this card indicates the need to narrow the focus of things. When it appears, you’re probably trying to do too much, and most of it is not good. Choose just some of the countless things that are on the tray and direct one thing one by one, carefully. You can easily have the feeling that you will accomplish everything. Remember that you can control your goals at least in some areas, but in some of them not.

If your job seems too good to be true then you are surely right. Be careful where you invested your money and you put it on trust. If you are working (or want to work) in a creative area, this is a great sign for good promotion. This energy carries a warning that you can spend too much time searching for the right path, if your head is in the clouds, you must direct your efforts.

As for love, you can have several romantic choices at hand. Be clear and specific about what you want in connection, estimate your capabilities, be honest and honest as you can with all people involved in your life (including yourself), and then go ahead. Beware of reducing the passion that is at its peak at the beginning of the relationship.

When the 7 of Cups appears at the opening, it usually tells you that a number of options are offered to you, but you do not know which one to choose and that makes you feel quite indescribable. You are confused and you can not focus on one option.

Upright position

A 7 of cups tells you to carefully consider all the options before you do anything. It is important to focus and clear your mind. It would be best to concentrate on one thing and not to do more things at the same time. In the beginning, the situation is likely to be very confusing. Slowly collect all the information you need, because you need to reach the core of things to understand them. In business, a practical approach is needed.

One of the main meanings of this map is fantasy and too lush imagination. Perhaps you have totally unrealistic expectations regarding the question you asked. Sometimes this card tells you to spend too much time “in the clouds”, and do not do anything specifically to achieve your goal. You may not be sure which way you should go. The situation may not be such a maker. Your expectations are not real. Too misleading oneself.

In love matters, this card usually refers to confusion related to a partner. Ask yourself if you really want to be with such a person. If you are alone, it’s not excluded that you have to choose one of two potential partners. In any case, get a good look at the person you are interested in.

The positive side of this map is that it is very favorable when it comes to creativity. Use your imagination to get new ideas. This card promises a favorable outcome if the issue is in any way related to art.

  • indecision
  • confusion and insecurity
  • unrealistic expectations
  • irrationality
  • dreaming
  • self-deception

Reverse position

In reverse, 7 of cups tell you that you have to take concrete action. Decisiveness and dedication will pay off. Now you can clearly see the facts. If you are confident in your goals, you will easily achieve them. The confusion has replaced a clear picture and now you know exactly what to do.

Sometimes this card is a warning to be a bit more realistic. Emotions greatly affect your vision of the situation. It’s important to see things from every perspective. Concentrate on what is essential and be decisive in your actions. If your efforts have not paid off before, it’s time to learn from these mistakes and try again.

  • clarity
  • realistic
  • dedication
  • persistence
  • taking action

Meaning for love

Love as one of the most powerful forces in the universe deserves, in my humble opinion, considerable attention. In tarot it is interesting that each map can represent love or one of its parts.

The seventh of cups among the cups definitely does not belong to a group of good guys. In the Light of the Soul seven full-length cups are scattered across the board. Precious liquid is poured without any special meaning. In another tarot rope a man is clogged with cups offering different possibilities, but since they are in the cloud of all these possibilities, nothing is accomplished. Man is too fanciful.

On a love affair you will have a handful of choices, which means that your partner’s feelings will be shaken. Make sure you do not make a decision that you later complain about. Keep in mind that you must be honest with everyone involved in your love affair.

There are loving relationships that are totally unrealistic. Wonders are expected from other people, and when expectations are not met, it comes to show off anger. I’m not surprised that in this hub of Light of the Soul this map is identified with the astrological Venus in Scorpio. This is convincingly the worst position for Venus in the whole zodiac. If we take Aphrodite as a planet that covers the field of interpersonal relationships, seduction and love, we get a picture of a person who is very vindictive when he is injured but does not register the moments when he hurt others.

Here are always the second blame for everything. A person is absolutely incapable of taking responsibility for the damage he has caused. She is constantly wondering why people do not like it. He does not realize that he often overwhelms his lies, concealed by maladjustment, and even with corruption, hears the branch of interpersonal relationships on which he is sitting.

In addition, week cups and the associated Venus in Scorpio represent all forms of addiction. Alcohol, drugs, and cube can work, and a person’s obsession may arise, especially when love is unresponsive. Even if a person is married, it is easy to come to terms with violence. This map specifically describes violence against women. The cause of everything is unrealistic expectations combined with the vanity.

Given that the key word in the tarot rocks of the Light of the Soul can theoretically come to that. Here he can easily jump from bed to bed. The passion is as long as the moderation is rejected with disgust. When an injury occurs in the life of the bill, all the injuries a person has caused to others is an interesting phenomenon. The person begins to complain to himself and demonstratively asks her and others to complain! She is laid in the same way as she needs to be given a brace for courage because she has emotionally excelled most of the people around her.

When this map appears in the opening, it shows that marriage is of little quality and there is violence in the relationship that does not have to be physical. One side is tormenting the other. There is no reconciliation or compromise here. This is a dirty side of love where everything is allowed. This is a crime of passion.

If the person who insults in this or that way should be advised to quit momentarily. Though you will feel foolish, your words will be remembered when it is late.

A 7 of cups is symbolized by indecision, confusion, unrealistic expectations and loss of focus. The appearance of this map advises you to hold the learned and default, ie to maintain the status quo because it is not time to change. You will find yourself in conflict with the traditional and established patterns of behavior and therefore it is important to hold rituals as much as you make them meaningless. In this period you should keep the traditional boundaries and do what you expect from them. Do not bother your energy with what’s out of your power, change what you can.

Meaning for Job

It is likely that you will often be in contact with an older colleague whose knowledge is currently needed. Your job will not go out of your hands unless you follow the rules. This is a great time to join a group (whether religious or sporty) no matter how rugged it seemed to you.

Meaning for Finances

If you are looking for advice from bankers, investments are a pretty good move for you, but do not take up risky investments on your own, as this could end up with a big fiancé.

Meaning for Health

Pay attention to proper nutrition and keep the ritual. Physical effort is what will be of great help at this stage of life.

Spiritual meaning

You’ve completely lost focus on life. Visualize the goals that you want to achieve several times a day – this will help you stay as focused as important.

Map facing upside down

This Weekly Cup rack symbolizes clarity, simplicity, realistic attitude, and readiness to change. Make sure you set as much goals as it is a very convenient time to accomplish them. Your ideas lack creativity and imagination. Get rid of conservatism in which you have immersed the next line of lower resistance.