7 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Absorption of matter, pause for thinking, influence of the past, re-examination of choices, faith in success, forbidden fruit, effort, breaking down of original plans, hard work and effort, excessive costs, slow development of the situation are the general characteristics.

Positive aspects of tarot card

Damage can still be repaired is the positive aspect.

Negative aspects of tarot card

Negative and pessimistic thoughts cause negative events on the earth’s plan, painstaking endeavors to keep a job, refused a loan or assistance, lack of will and ideas, neglect of obligations, naivety in investing money and trust in co-workers, fraud, illegal business, situations, lack of information are the negative aspects.

Message and Interpretation of Tarot Card

The tarot card 7 of Pentacles represents the time when we need to get into our stock that we got from the previous successful job because the situation we found was somewhat uncomfortable.

Everything we decide or decide to do is to think carefully and think about it, and if it goes wrong, have an alternative option in your pocket. It is not advisable to make quick decisions. The weather seemed to care, that is, the progress that followed us, has now disappeared for some time and things are in the same place. Since it is so, we need to take a break and do not start anything new, but plan the next step. Anyway, after that break we need to go further, while enjoying what we have earned so far.

The message of this tarot card is that the rewards are in sight, but there is still a lot left to do until we get to them. Hard work and hard work are what is waiting for us and through what we have to go through.

In active tarot systems, this little arcana has a significant impact on the surrounding tarot cards, but it is also influenced by its previous and subsequent tarot cards. Because of the many bad aspects it may seem at first glance that its meaning is predominantly negative, but the 7 of the Pentacles itself does not have the meaning of a financial, material or some third catastrophe, but the difficulties that can be overcome by wise and timely steps. The damage shown here as an existing one can be upheld and repaired.

The observer sees on the tarot card the 7 of the coins depicting a young man leaning loosely on a stick and watching a bush grow and thrive, coins growing on the bush as fruits. The message of the card is: “Wait until things are ready.”

Also, the tarot card contains the 7 of the Pentacles a warning to intervene correct in the course of developments. Here a certain momentum has already taken over the helm. The Tarot Fortune Teller recommends that in fortune telling by card-reading this card be patient to follow the developments and just wait and see that the seed is sown!

When using cards like Tarot cards, the card 7 of the Pentacles displays a relationship where something is being worked on. In any case, an existing relationship is slow but steady growth. Either the two partners grow ever closer together, or it is about the issue of pregnancy. But this card also pops up very often to tell the Tarot Fortune Teller when fortune telling by card-making, that one should let things happen within the partnership. The developments are in most cases directed towards the interests of the questioner. Waiting and drinking tea has an absolutely deeper meaning here.

The Tarot card the 7 of the Pentacles drawn as a day card represents that the questioner manages to take on certain hurdles that day but with patience. It may also be that an announced visit is delayed. In the mentioned card, the Tarot card reader sees a slowly ripening process of cognition.

Impending losses through impatience, lethargy to phlegm, I’m not coming today – come tomorrow attitude, excuses are the negative sides.

If the tarot card is drawn in a reverse position

Fear of failure, dissatisfaction, unsuccessful job, giving up, bad choices, lack of effort, disorganization, need for inspiration, hopelessness, inner emptiness, repeated mistakes are the consequences.

The card symbolizes communion, harmony, balance, patience and purpose. It marks the period of slow but secure growth and development. It emphasizes the need for patience and the search for new, fresh solutions. A 7 of Pentacles reminds you that the hard work is always worth it. Almost always opening this card means a favorable development of the financial situation. If you are faced with demanding challenges and obstacles in the workplace you will want to raise your hands, but the card warns you that you do not give up so you will not face the consequences that will not make you happy.

Meaning for Job

The time has come when you gain merit based on past achievements and dedicated work.

The advancements and offers you will receive will be of great importance to your business future and career at all.

Meaning for Love

Consider whether you are having trouble with your own self-esteem; look into yourself, excuse yourself for your own mistakes and find serenity and it will automatically impact your relationship with your partner.

Meaning for Finance

A 7 of Pentacles is a sign of financial prosperity. It does not mean that you are “floating in money”, but you certainly have more than enough to satisfy all your needs, and also some luxury.

Meaning for Health

You face the consequences of untidy life, but it is never too late to improve physical health. Go to the doctor’s checkpoint and be sure to check your vascular system.

Spiritual Meaning

Treat yourself to meditation; it is time for you to listen to your own inner voice and satisfy your needs. This is a time when you will spend a lot of time thinking about the thing’s disappearance. Keep in mind that generosity in the moments of humor shapes your future – invest in it.

Card facing upside down

The card that looks like this symbolizes abandonment, financial insecurity, impatience, risk behavior and depression. It warns you of a lack of self-control and responsibility for causing the consequences. Do not try luck in the cube because it warns of a possible jaw debt. He advises you to try to bring balance into your own life and to start compromises in interpersonal relationships

Meaning for Love

This card in the tarot of Light of the Soul is depicted with seven discs scattered across the earth. They’re dead. It’s like they can hardly clean them. Elsewhere this card is depicted by a man leaning on a shovel in the garden. It is envisaged, it assesses whether its work makes sense or whether it is profitable. The key word is failure. Saturn in Taurus symbolizes a link to astrology.

The previous card, six of the disk’s disks is the opposite of the 7 of Pentacles. As far as there is a dominant success there is so much failure here. On a love plan, this would literally mean unsuccessful marriage, infertile bondage, difficult and boring though lasting. Interestingly, this card is identified with Saturn in Taurus. Although Saturn has nothing against the cold and dry element to which the Taurus belongs, he still creates problems here. He primarily describes a marriage that is ultra-conservative, stifling, lacking relaxation, no creativity. Sexuality is, in principle, a topic taboo. This Saturn reminds us of a situation where, once in the Balkans, men put their bag on their heads with their women, so that their eyes would not be met during sex. These are bad grades that last. Only one thing – a tradition – is maintained by them.

When a 7 of Pentacles appears in the opening it means that the existing love relationship will not be easy. Marriage is monotonous, he is constantly watching the impression that he will leave the village, and he will find backward ideas about male-female relationships. If the questioner wonders whether he will enter the new connection in the foreseeable future, the answer is no.

The 7 of pentacles represents a steady progress in financial terms. This card suggests that you should now be patient and practical.

Upright Position Meaning

In an upright position, 7 of Pentacles remind us that, although it seems to us that things are stagnating, it’s not really that way. Sometimes the 7 of Pentacles tells us that things just happen a little slower. Be patient. It would be best to stop and evaluate your finances and business ventures. This will give you a clearer insight into the fields in which you need to change something. In some cases, you might find it necessary to change the strategy. In any case, do not raise your hand now. Your efforts will eventually be paid off.

In some openings, this card can talk about dissatisfaction, especially with some projects you are still trying to make. You probably want to raise your hands out of everything, because you do not get an adequate satisfaction for your efforts. Consider what is really not worth the effort and direct your energy to something more profitable.

  • slow and stable progress
  • the need to be patient
  • effort to pay off
  • new direction
  • frustration

Reversed Position Meaning

Do not be discouraged! Reversed The 7 of Pentacles warns you not to rush in any way and give up something from the very beginning. Feeling uncertainty (especially financial) is now very influencing your decisions. You may be depressed and feel helpless. Things may not be as bad as it seems to you. Now it’s not a moment to make quick decisions. Your impatience and haste could jeopardize your long-term goals.

On the other hand, the reverse 7 of pentacles can tell you that you have a lot of costs. Now it’s not smart to make big investments. In some cases, this card warns you about the possible consequences of risky investments. It can also be a sign of financial losses associated with gambling.

Health problems on the nerve base are also possible. Try to reduce stress. Perhaps you would welcome a holiday in which to think about what you really need.

  • do not quickly give up
  • financial insecurity
  • impatience
  • Take too much risk
  • health problems on the nerve base
  • depression