8 Health Benefits of Spearmint Tea + Recipe

Tea is one of the most accepted drinks, available in this world. Obviously, tea is accessible in lots of varieties, and each of these varieties has really its individual properties and features.

The tea consumers of this world try to have the tea in some different ways. And the main reason behind it is that they want to get the maximum benefits from the drink. To have the best taste as well as notable health benefits, you can add some additional components. One of these ingredients that can fulfill your wish is, in fact, the herb, spearmint.

Spearmint, which is also referred to as the mint, belongs to the family of peppermint. However, its species is quite different. Since several centuries, spearmint has received a significant value in the field of medicine. One of the conventional medical domains, Ayurveda accepts spearmint due to its high ability in relieving the colic in case of the babies. It can also lessen various other issues, including the pain in stomach and intolerable bowel syndrome and many more.

For all these remedial benefits, spearmint is often added to tea in order to have a delectable drink. And obviously, this drink can also be good for health. Here is a list of those diseases, which may be treated easily, by having the spearmint tea every day.

A solution for curing hirsutism

No individual likes to have hair on the body or on the face. Still, it is a common problem, and all of us need to get a permanent solution of this problem. This growth of unwanted hair on the body is called as hirsutism. The hair may grow also on the lips and chin. And you lost your confidence with this condition of your body. Obviously, there is one solution, which never gives you any pain or need you to invest much of your money. Spearmint tea can surely do the miracle for you.

The major reason for the growth of unwanted hair on the female body or face is the imbalance of hormone. Although some particular level of androgen (male hormones) exists in any female body, if it is present in excessive amount, it can cause hormonal disparity. So, it may lead to will some undesirable hairs as well as acne related issues.

It is to be remembered that caffeine is one of the vital components, present in tea. However, Spearmint tea may not contain caffeine. That is why it cannot be considered to be tea in the true sense. The procedure of preparing tea is quite parallel the method of making ordinary tea.

More studies have to be carried out in order to prove the reliability of spearmint tea in curing hirsutism. Discuss with your physician about the excessive growth of hair to get rid all the severe medical conditions prior to starting spearmint tea at your home. With the approval of your doctor, you may have benefit from some revitalizing tang of spearmint tea and lessen the growth of your body hair.

Acne can be cured with spearmint tea

Spearmint tea benefits for acneAcne is another problem that is caused due to the hormonal disorder. It occurs because of the increase of testosterone, which is one of the vital male hormones. Acne appears due to hormone imbalance of increase in the male hormone, testosterone. Sipping the spearmint tea for two times every day can alleviate acne. Besides, it can also maintain the balance of the hormones.

So, drinking the tea can also lead to a very clear skin, and you may feel fresh within some weeks.

Nausea – Another problem to be treated with spearmint tea

Spearmint tea may also be helpful to cure nausea. In this tea, you can find a flavor, which has the power in controlling nausea.

Spearmint is regarded as the anti-emetic plant product, and it means that this herb can alleviate or reduce the vomiting and nausea. The experts of Ayurveda recommend this ingredient for the pregnant women, who have the tendency to vomit very often. The chemotherapy patients can also take it. Most of the patients have admitted the fact that spearmint oil can also drastically reduce vomiting or nausea within one day after consumption. According to the scientists, this spearmint oil has no serious side effects.

So, start drinking your home-made spearmint tea (two cups every day) as it can help you to prevent the nausea. The simple herb, taken with tea can work wonderfully.

No more upset stomach with spearmint tea

Indigestion or upset stomach is a problem of many people, and it is caused for the unhealthy eating. We often take pills or drugs throughout the year to cure digestion problems. The good news is that spearmint tea brings in a simple solution for all those persons, who are experiencing the digestion related troubles. Only drink Spearmint tea, just after having the meal or prior to going to your bed at night for solving the digestion-oriented concerns. Very soon, you can get relief from the problems of indigestion.

At the same time, there is another incredible job, done by the spearmint tea. Those, who are suffering from insomnia, can consume this tea before time of your sleep. The tea can help in having the sound sleep.

Pregnancy problems solved with the tea

For the pregnant women, the spearmint tea is the best friend. However, this tea is also good for those, who are incapable of getting pregnant because of the disorder, like Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. In many of cases, the women cannot become pregnant due to PCOS. It is such a condition, during which, the cyst in ovary can lead to the irregularity in the menstrual periods. As a result, a horrible pain is caused at the time of the menstruation. And consequently, it also brings about infertility, besides causing a few problems in the ovulation.

The major cause for which PCOS can occur is the appearance of a particular male hormone, i.e., androgen within the body of women. Generally, this hormone is present only in little amount. However, over secretion of this hormone may cause the infertility.

In your ovarian calendar, you have to continue the consumption of the Spearmint Tea for five days. And it has to be consumed for two times daily. It can control the cycle of menstruation by modifying the ovulation process. Thus, it assists to become pregnant.

The morning sickness of the pregnant ladies can also be prevented by having spearmint tea. It is also stated that Spearmint Tea may make nausea very well. Similarly, it can also treat morning sickness. However, pregnant women have to take spearmint tea, only after taking the advice from the doctors.

Another thing, which is to be noted, is that spearmint tea can also be useful for stopping the breastfeeding. While you feel that it is the time to prevent breastfeeding, you can drink this tea (at least two times per day).

Bacteria can be killed with spearmint tea

Spearming plantIt is another positive result that you can get from spearmint tea. The scientists have tested with the pathogenic bacteria of different types. It is found that spearmint can stop any bacterial damage. From the experiments, it has been concluded that spearmint may give some antibacterial effect. In terms of cleanliness also, the spearmint has some function. This herb is sometimes used in soaps, mouthwashes or any other similar products. However, spearmint tea’s antibacterial result hasn’t yet been proved scientifically.

Support to the respiratory system

Spearmint tea possesses some antimicrobial properties, which are really helpful. And these properties can function in an effective way in order to lessen the respiratory problems, for example, sore throats, while taken with some honey. In addition to it, according to some users, spearmint tea can improve mental awareness and releases the crammed sinuses with nasal channels.

Inflammation may be reduced with the tea

Lung inflammation is also another problem that can easily be decreased with the intake of the special spearmint tea, which is very easy to prepare. The tea can help in carrying out the protective system, and thus, it leads to the reduced inflammation in the body of any individual.

Is adverse effect of the tea?

Though your home-made Spearmint Tea may give you several expected results in a number of health disorders, you have to consume it with some care. Excessive consumption of this tea may cause some side effects, though the drink is herbal. It is already stated that the pregnant women must talk to the physicians regarding the quantity of spearmint tea that is to be taken. Too much consumption may decrease the libido in case of both female and male body. Thus, you have to be aware of the amount of tea, suitable for your body.

The recipe for preparing spearmint tea

The way of preparing the spearmint tea is very easy. You, at first, need to heat some leaves of spearmint in water. Wait for nearly five minutes. It mustn’t be boiled to maximum extent. Only heat it up to sip it. And you may consume it in either cold or hot condition.

There is another different means to make Spearmint Tea. You should put a number of leaves of spearmint in water for five to ten minutes. After that, warm up this water and drink it in any way. To get a very sweet taste in your drink, you can put sugar, milk or honey. However, it depends on your own preference.

Thus, spearmint tea is perfect for all the above ailments of your health. You can have the hot tea on a regular basis. So never try some harsh chemicals for some of your diseases.

Where to buy spearmint tea?

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