8 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Rhythm of will, speed, instant action, rapid development of events, purpose, receiving important information, problem solving, intense flow of thought, excitement, travel and discoveries, clarity, realization of spiritual truth, help and support of others are the main meanings of this card.

Positive aspects of the tarot card

Stability, enjoyment of life, philosophy of the present as the only reality, fast information transfer, quick decision-making, intense social contacts are the positive aspects.

Negative aspects of the tarot card

Superficiality, vague ideas, rush, quick wear of psychic and physical potentials, unreasonableness, imbalance, neuroticism, possible disorders of all glands are the negative aspects.

Message and interpretation of tarot cards

The tarot card message of the 8 of Wands is that we are followed by a quick, direct action. Its goal is to avoid misunderstanding and any other obstacles. It brings us the time of movement and excitement, and all the events that are under this card are for the sake of something positive or move in a positive direction.

By drawing this tarot card we can expect events that will happen more quickly than usual. We feel filled with enthusiasm for the present project and we are ready to surrender and devote ourselves fully. Our creative energy is now the strongest and we can direct it for pwanductive purposes.

The possibilities that this tarot card still brings us are like traveling overseas or vacationing and spreading the perspective of these new people with whom we will create a beneficial relationship. This is a tarot chart of general progress, things will finally start from the deadlock, our waiting is nearing its end, and now it’s time for changes – the desires and expectations we have, but they have not come true.

Long delayed success is in sight, projects are developing exactly the way we wanted it, but still a little effort is needed. In active tarot systems it is not subject to the influence of other cards, but vice versa: like an electric charge, it initiates its energy into the surrounding tarot cards and strongly stimulates them to express their potentials.

If the eyewear of the wands is viewed independently, it often knows how to tilt the negative aspect, it does not pay attention to the details, the important questions are skipped, and it does not consider how much the actual price of the present enjoyment will ultimately be.

If the tarot is drawn in the reverse position

Slow progress, lack of activity, waiting time, laziness, misunderstandings, lack of communication, superficiality, entry into a certain situation without previous consideration.

8 of wands is a card of energy, action and movement. When it appears in the opening, it tells you that your time is benefiting. Things that have stagnated for a long time are starting to evolve. This applies especially to business and love issues. If you find yourself in problems that you did not know how to get out, things will now be completely cleared up.

Upright Position Meaning

8 of wands is a card of the manifestation of potentials. Everything goes to your benefit and you can expect quick changes. Achieving your goals is at your fingertips. This card tells you that suddenly you get the energy to re-create everything that you have long ago started and which is currently stagnating. You’ll probably get great news or a new chance. In business matters, improvement is possible. This is also a great time for self-promotion.

Also, this card says it’s a great time to start a new business. You probably have plenty of new ideas and creativity. If this is the case, do not forget to direct energy only to what you do and do things one at a time. The energy of this card requires focus and focus, only this can be positively exploited. In some cases, 8 wands are a sign of unplanned travel or relocation.

At the spiritual level, this card says that it is now a good time to expand aspects. Perhaps you have the desire to explore a philosophy or branch of spirituality that you have not been interested in before. You will probably change your attitude to some issues or the whole world view. Be prepared to try something new and enjoy the excitement and energy you will bring in the next period.

In love questions, Eighth of Wands usually predict a new, passionate relationship. Regardless of whether you have a partner or not, expect great progress in the love plan. Sometimes this card is a sign of prospect or belief.

  • clarity and new perspectives
  • sudden change and progress
  • good news and chances
  • new ideas and creativity
  • action
  • reaching goals
  • new love relationship
  • travel

Reversed Position Meaning

In a reverse position, the meanings of this card include energy dissipation or impulsive behavior. Do not do anything before you think about it. It would be good to slow down and carefully examine your environment. You may feel exhausted and things are out of your control. The energy flow that this card carries can sometimes cause fear. No delays and failures in plans are excluded. In some cases, this card tells you that you do not use the energy you have the right way. You need to take a break and think carefully about the next step you will make.

In love matters, this card tells you that you need a break to think about your relationship and whether it is the direction in which it goes really what you want. Impulsive decisions and actions can have very negative consequences for your relationship.

  • non-directional or wasted energy
  • risky and ruthless behavior
  • feeling exhaustion and loss of control
  • fear and anxiety
  • delay and failure
  • The need to think about what you are doing
  • Impulse badly affects the connection
  • cancellation of travel plans

Meaning for Love

The 8 of Wands in the Light of the Soul is presented with wands flying through the air, leaving traces behind it as if they were moving with a jet drive. Elsewhere, the card is similarly painted. The key word is speed. Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius represents a link to astrology.

The 8 of Wands is a chart that brings in a whole bunch of new information in all matters, including love. This card in essence is very similar to swords because communication is her essence.

However, since it connects with the fire this is an active talk. In the context of love of the eighth, he describes situations in which we want to make clear and loudly pronounce all that is in our minds. We try to overcome everything else that other people could never do. And this card as well as all the wands in it contains a dose of courage. We need the audience here. We need someone who will listen carefully and support us. Here we openly complain to our friend that our husband does not understand how our brother does not listen, and another friend finds us stupid. We want to verbalize our dissatisfaction, so that we can break through.

Since the keyword is speed, here’s a quick story. As the card identifies with Mercury in Sagittarius, the person is able to cover ten topics at once. However, there is one serious problem in this card. Mercury in the Sagittarius feels very bad and with his story, man simply smokes his surroundings. Although this planet gives broad visibility, the Sagittarius does not see the tree of the forest. Get lost in the general. It is generalized and its marriage is compared to other marriages although it is obvious that pears are mixed with apples. He dictates his principles, attacks another’s principle, but does not see when I jump into my mouth.

This card is unfortunate because it always brings a blanket. But people in the mouth take people they do not know about, and he thinks he knows because he thinks the power lies in the generalities and impressions. Here he goes unabashedly into a strange marriage, comments on someone else’s sexual life, although he does not see his own, he is accused of adultery, although there is no evidence, etc. Everything is open and so called people are angry that ultimately brings heavy arguments.

When this card appears in the opening, it hints that the person will be optimistic about his love life and will talk a lot about it. The language must be kept under control. Gossip, and especially libel, should be avoided. If you already want to spread a lie, that should work in style behind your back.

Otherwise, you never know who everyone is listening to. The goblets are rapidly expanding, especially the name of the person who said them.

The eighth of the wands symbolizes the change, the beginning of action and the driving energy. Certain things and situations in your life that are now stagnating, which you could not influence because you did not know which direction to start now will ultimately become active. Much of this will be clearer and you will be ready to work. Do not be frustrated because of the wait because it takes a little bit of strain and everything will go in the direction you wanted. Do not rush or hurry, just wait patiently now.

Meaning for Job

You are currently waiting to make decisions that you can no longer influence. You’ve done all you need, do not hurry people into making those decisions. Let things develop slowly and the outcome will be beneficial to you. Be patient.

Meaning for Love

You feel that you are now ready to be tied up and serious about what does not mean that your partner should feel that way. Do not tease it or hurry, give it time to feel what it should. Take some time for something else, take care of the hobby. As soon as you provide your partner with a little space and time, you will be pleasantly surprised by the care and love.

Meaning for Finance

And here, Eight of the Wands calls you for patience. The financial situation is not very glamorous; adjust your habits with the financial situation. Do not enter into risky investments. Savings are necessary.

Meaning for Health

Educate yourself about your health problems and take a positive attitude. Make sure that you are exposed to all the difficulties and symptoms you feel that you do not have the wrong diagnosis, and therefore the prolongation of the disease and further complications in your body.

Spiritual meaning

For most people, patience is quite difficult to achieve. This is the time for a lesson of patience and inner peace. Try to meditate because in this period this is a great help. If you can not spend 20 minutes meditating, do not worry about it – spend a few minutes.

Card facing upside down

This way, the 8 of Wands symbolize the energy, fear, anxiety, delay and failure plans. This is not the time to take action before you think about the consequences and determine exactly what you want to achieve. Impulse behavior could have very negative consequences (especially in the context of love affair). Eight of Wands seriously warn you to stop and consider the next step so you will not be faced with the very unfavorable and unwanted consequences.