Ace of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

The Tarot card Ace of the Wands show the hand from the cloud, as if the spiritual opportunity or the yield was achieved. The Wand is still in bloom, it develops and grows. Leaves fall with the wind, which signifies material and spiritual progress and balance. In the distance, on the left side, there is a castle, which is a promise that the opportunities will come.

The meanings of the upright tarot cards as the Wands

Tarot cards Ace of Wands usually point to new beginnings – generally very positive. Wands represent accomplishments and are often mostly related to work and career. If you are currently in a bad and embarrassing situation and if you get Ace of Wands in the reading, you must know that things will probably be much better in a very short time! Ace Wands represents creativity. It is not the one that learns in an academic setting or from a book, but as a hobby. It is an opportunity to boldly find your place in the universe.

In general, this card shows optimism and hope in the future – with good reason! You probably feel very energetic and positive, or if not then you will feel very quickly in this way. This card shows that now is a good time for some new beginning. If you’re looking for a new job and when you pull out this card, then we know that something new and very positive will happen. Get away and look for what you want, you need and become what you always wanted to be. You will probably be more successful than you always thought or dreamed of.

In a love context, if you are without a partner or partner, it can indicate the beginning of a new love affair. Make yourself available for love in any way. If you are already in a relationship then your relationship will experience a new beginning, which will lead to new levels of understanding of each other. Express your feelings. In financial terms, the emergence of this card is usually a sign of turning in a better direction, in terms of happiness and wealth, and sometimes even it can indicate gifts in cash or inheritance from unexpected sources. This gift does not have to be money, of course, any gift that has a value for the donor and the recipient.

As for health, a new, positive level of health and vitality will soon be reached. This is a great time to start a new healthcare regime. If that means practicing every day or eating vegetables once a week, then that’s what they should do. Do not delay, because it will pay off in the long run.

Meaning for Love

In the Tarot of the Light of the Soul, these cards are represented by a stick that burns in the middle of darkness. In one other deck the stick is being held by a hand. The wand glides over, which means it’s fertile. Like all other aces, this is a breakthrough. Get into something new only that nothing is known. This is a pulse.

As the Wands symbolize the desire to manifest something. Here we want to start ourselves, enter, for example, a new love affair without too much thought. Since the Wands symbolize the fire we are here impulsive. Unlike the swordfoot where we think or asa cups where we feel or feel, we just go on here, in the new hikes we are armed with great optimism.

Fire symbolizes both passion and as the Wands announce that we will come to everyone and everything that is extremely open. Wands emphasize eroticity. We want to conquer somebody, we try to impress. This card carries a considerable amount of promise with it.

So, we promise ourselves and others that everything will be fine, we need to have fun, and even that we need to be distracted. Since the energy that exists in all aces is received, here we have the feeling that the thunder struck us. Something unexpectedly moved in and now we just want to conquer, we want to be warm, we are trying to express ourselves directly, Choleric.

When this card appears in the opening, it means that we are expecting very interesting days. There will be a desire for socializing, that the environment will notice us, to glitter. It could be said that a new direction in life is taking up. Ace of Wands are very oriented to the future. There are no tails of the past that could stop us, blocking fear. We want to live fast in the present. This is very important. Namely, the fire loves to be here now. In love, this gives the need to gain as many new experiences.

Ace of the Wands do not describe specific events and people. For this, however, look around the surrounding cards. Card where and where more emphasizes the internal state of energy. A strong desire for the movement, to finally change our own love life, by the power of our own will.

Ace of Wands are associated with creativity and new ideas. It represents power, fertility, new beginnings and energy. When this card appears in the opening, you can expect new opportunities. Perhaps a new connection is on the pier. Expect strong feelings that will affect your life course and goals.

Upright Position Meaning

Ace of Wands usually signifies a new venture. Now is a great time to take advantage of your creativity. You’re probably full of unexpected inspirations and enthusiasm. Now it’s time for you to take action. Take advantage of energy to move ahead. If you have already started a new project or business, this card is a sign of success and fulfillment. Now you are laying the foundations for the future.

In love matters, this card can represent a new love affair. Ace of Wands there is a card of privacy and sexuality. If you are alone, this card can be predicted by the entry of a significant person into your life. This connection will surely be very passionate. Those in a relationship will surely feel a new passion of passion. In some cases, this card may also refer to fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.

In a spiritual sense, this is a materialization card. Now is a good time to materialize your intentions and values. The more energy and optimism you invest in achieving your dreams, it will be more pleasing to the end result. Every new idea is worth considering. Be open to every possibility and have faith in yourself.

Wands usually represent our sense of purpose and goals. In some cases, Ace of Wands can represent a change in a goal. You may go to a venture that seemed to be unattainable to you earlier.

Also, you may be in a situation to completely change your life path in terms of changing your career or partner. In any case, everything that is offered and imposed on you is worth considering.

  • new opportunities and ideas
  • new connections
  • creativity and inspiration
  • new life course
  • fertility, sexuality and birth
  • enthusiasm and energy

Reversed Position Meaning

In the reverse position of the Ace of Wands can speak of indecision or lack of direction. It may be difficult for you to fulfill all your obligations. What once worked interesting is getting boring and monotonous. In some cases, the reverse Ace of Wands can talk about a person who is not dedicated to his business or relationship.

When it comes to business issues, the reverse Ace of Wands tells about the lack of initiative or energy. The project is not successful. You may feel discouraged, frustrated, or helpless in attempting to achieve goals, or you have completely defeated the spirit because you think you are completely incompetent. Now is the time to carefully consider your intentions. Are you on the right track? Do you need a major change in your life?

In love matters, this card may represent a selfish partner or someone who does not want to bind. It can also be a weak libido or infertility. In the worst case scenario, this card can be a betrayal and and unbelief.

It is very important to re-examine your own behavior. Can you be too demanding or too aggressive? It’s important to think about your motives and attitude towards others. If you promise something to someone you care about, then fill this promise. Often this card represents stubborn and pessimistic people.

  • lack of initiative or energy
  • deadlock in the project
  • frustration
  • unbending
  • irrationality
  • pessimism

This card symbolizes the beginning of a new life, a new life stage, fresh life force, inspiration. If you open this card means that it is a difficult period behind you and to follow a period of high activity and satisfaction. The changes that will happen to you will be very positive. It can be said that a whole new phase in life is happening. It’s a great time to start something new, something you’re thinking about for some time.

Meaning for Job

When Ace of Wands appears, you’ll have a huge success on your job that you did not expect. Do not be modest in what you are looking for and expect from others.

Meaning for Love

If you are not in contact soon you will fall in love and start a very intense love relationship. If you are related, get rid of it and relax completely because you will partner with your partner in a deeper relationship than it has been so far.

Meaning for Finance

Ace of Wands suggest you a gain, which does not necessarily have to be in the form of money. It is possible that you will receive a valuable gift, inheritance or a greater amount of money. Whatever gift you get, it will be of great (positive) meaning for both you and the person who gives you.

Meaning for Health

Your fitness and health will rise to a higher and better level than it is to date. Now is the right time to introduce new exercise regimes or healthy eating – this does not have to be a big change, it’s enough for a few minutes of exercise each day or more fruit for breakfast. Whatever you do now for your health will have long-term positive outcomes.

Spiritual Meaning

Pay close attention to the close association between body and mind. Neither the Wands signify a new spiritual dimension in your life – do not ignore it and let it pass by you.

Card facing upside down

As opposed to the Ace of Wands, it symbolizes indecision, inalienability, and the need to belong. You will feel frustrated, discouraged and helpless when trying to reach your goals. You should wonder about the nature of your own intent and patterns of behavior. In love affair, unbelief, struggle and lack of closeness are possible. The Card tells you to obey your own stubbornness and pessimism that deeply rooted in your character.