Angel Number 0101 – Meaning and Symbolism

The Angel numerology and Angel numbers, in general, are the signs, or light, that are used by our Spiritual Guides to guide us on our spiritual path and to lead us to the better life that is written for us somewhere in the Divine realm (the Grand scheme of things).

These signs tell us whether we are living and thinking properly and what we have to do so that we can make our lives better and more prosperous in every aspect, especially in the spiritual and mental sense. Because these are the most relevant aspects of the life of one individual.

These numbers, these special signs speak a lot about character, purpose in life, what motivates and where talents lie in an individual – along with advice for better and prosperous life.

We can (with the little help of these articles) use numbers to determine when is the best time for great moves and activities in life, which is the process that is never easy. Some people use Angel numerology to help them make big decisions like when to invest when to marry, when to travel, when to change a job, or relocate.

The Numerology science, especially Angel numerology is the science of numbers that hide Angel messages; they reflect certain tendencies and characteristics of people, as an integral part of the Cosmic plan, written somewhere in the stars. Each number has a value that is associated with particular cosmic vibration.

We already discuss the roots of numerology, and it all points to the ancient Greek. The real roots of numerology go back to Pythagoras, the most popular source being his teachings. Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician who lived 569-470 BC, could be the beginner of what we call numerology today. Later connection to the numerology came in the twentieth century; old science magically appeared in the form of a series of books published between 1911 and 1917.

Angel number 0101– what does it mean?

Any person that has number 1 in their numerology chart has some of these characteristics – they are adorned with the strong will, determination, independence, individuality, and courage.

These people are considered to be the leaders in a society; they are considered to be the pioneers in everything they do, they don’t have any fear in inventing new things, and having new (and risky) experiences.

Their character can be seen as fiery and active, and their energy is unstoppable. But on the other side of this numerological story, these people are very rational, and they stand firmly on the ground. But at the identical moment, these characters are very imaginative and creative; they have great inner strength and intuition, it is a little voice that tells them what to do and where to go. It is the amazing trait, and they will have problems only in the situations when they don’t listen to that voice.

They love new beginnings, the idea of starting something new excites them, and it is their great challenge. They love things that are still unseen; angel number 0101 will do everything that he can so that others follow their ideas.

Some would say that Angel number 0101 are the people who love to be lonely, and who are incredibly stubborn, but it isn’t entirely accurate, even it seems like it. We could say that they have some of these characteristics, but they in some way hiding their feelings and their true nature.

They can be excellent leaders, they have the gift to easily notice a new, different path that could reach the solution, and most importantly – they possess in themselves so much „drive“ and courage to make that first step up.

One of the prominent characteristics of this number, or the people who are under its influence, is that they are people who are ready to fight for their goals; they don’t wait for something to fall from the sky. This could lead them to the impatient, and they can get them into many troubles because of their fast moves, that are quite unnecessary.

One more thing needs to be added so that you can completely understand the life and personality of the people who are number 0101 are that because of their pronounced individuality they have a problem in working and living in the team, they regularly need to prove something to others.

They are the people who are always one step ahead of others – they are preparing the area for others, and that is their strength, not the flaw.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Number 0101 is created and should be observed through the influence of the numbers 1 and 0, but of course, number 1 is the more dominant numerical element here. Beginning, focused concentration, goal-striving, actions, independence, originality, courage, invention, leadership, self-confidence, ambition, pioneering spirit, will, conscious mind and positivity are symbolically associated with number 1.

Numbers 0 has his characteristics, besides enhancing the features of the number 1 in this case. Symbolically, it resonates with unlimited power, unity, infinity, truth, purity, love, possibilities, first cause, information, the breath of God, general area, source, space, consciousness, and God himself.

These two numbers make a stable and long lasting relationship together, and the person who is under its influence can benefit from knowledge and courage that this combination has.

Number 0101 and Love

These people are independent, impulsive and dominant in love, and they look for the partner who can be with them and not have a problem with these traits. Angel number 0101 want to make things so that he feels comfortable in love relationship, and everything in between is not enough.

On the sentimental plane, they are led by passion; you love if there is no passion they act accordingly.

Angel number 0101 need to be proud of his partner, because they choose them wisely so that everything set to its place. But on the other side of the love story, these people have difficulty when you need to make some concessions, to sacrifice something of own freedoms, so they prefer a little more generous partner.

Since angel number 0101 are brave and more dynamic, they are the driving force of the whole relationship or marriage.

Interesting Facts about number 0101

We have said previously that number 0101 can be observed through the dominance of the number 1, because, in this case, number 0 acts like an enhancer of all those traits that number 1 truly possess.

But on the other side of the numerical story, number 0101 can be observed, at least in one part, as an Angel message, and we might add, that is very important one.

Cause only by looking at number 0101 you can see that it is the number created so that it is recognized, and it is the number that sticks in mind of people, and it carries very powerful energy.

What to do when you see number 0101?

There are many personality presentations that Angels like for people to learn and to understand, to accept and to go by those, new rules. And the life lesson that number 0101 carries is that you have to believe in yourself, to appreciate yourself and to keep to yourself.

Because, everything starts with you, there is no other energy or force that can move you in the Divine direction, only you can do that. Don’t make new mistakes, Angels are saying, don’t shy away from the adventure and worse – do things just for the sake of them.

Your journey is different, and you should not be compared to others, we are all unique people and should remind ourselves that that can be one of the greatest gifts that we god from Gods realm.

The moment in which you saw message number 0101, to accept your individuality, appreciate your honesty and courage, and to constantly grow your inner strength. Stay independent and enjoy your brave life, not many people have that, you are special, Angels are saying in the message number 0101.