Angel Number 38 – Meaning and Symbolism

Human beings, their entire lives have the feeling that they are a part of bigger Plan that God or Higher Force had created; and are very interested in contacting Higher Forces, which are invisible to the naked eye. This interest in something that is important but mystical and metaphysical at the same time, it isn’t something that can be understood right away.

Angels are protectors of people, and their goal is to take people on the right track, a path of spirituality and wisdom.

Every man, whether he believes or not in Higher Forces and Angels, has his Guardian Angel that follows him from the time of his birth till the rest of his life (and who knows what happens from that point). He does everything to protect us and help us, he is praying for us, but the main prerequisite is that we give our Guardian Angel is to the guard us, or ask him for help.

When you ask Angels for help, you have to be honest and ask a question with love; you can just ask him for help, comfort, and advice or only for a pleasant company. Do not hesitate to invite him – your angel flickers with impatience and radiates pure and innocent love waiting for your call, many Angel numerologist claims.

Angels are expecting from you to attract them, and they are happy to help you at any time – in return they send you the answers via numbers.

Angel number 38- what does it mean?   

One characteristic that is very pronounced in the person who is number 38 in Angel numerology is that his moods go into a variety of different stages, and when he is in a good mood it’s often that he is in the center of attention, laughing with a groan and making jokes. This can surprise people, who know him as a withdrawn person. During only one conversation them, you can notice incalculable facial expressions on them, and often they are irritable.

They are not such a sociable persons; they are home types, firmly attached to the home and family. People who are 38 are looking for security in their home since they react very strongly to environmental influences. They need to be loved, and they fall quickly to others opinions of them, they are hurt easily.

Their feelings are very volatile and easy to destroy, which makes them unstable. Their nature is remarkably quiet, which is why they do not like to be at the center of attention unless they strategically evaluate that at a specific point in time they have to be in the center of happenings.

Emotionally, they like to be needed and to take care of others. In this way, they manage to overcome their innate shyness. When they relax, they become very talkative and entertaining.

They are remarkably prone to depressive and melancholic feelings and often suffer from a complex of lower values. They are also predisposed to developing unpredictable fears and phobias, which can slow them down in their progress.

Although they like to live in fantasy, in the end, they usually break their illusions by imagining problems and troubles that can occur. The most challenging task which number 38 needs to master is to escape pessimism and to learn to think positively.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Number 38 is definitely under the two dominant vibrations, one from number 3 and other from number 8; both are integral and very powerful.

Number 3 that symbolizes life, growth, development, and abundance, it is believed that person who is under its influence have a lot of imagination and creativity.

Then we can see number 8 – by some, it is a lucky and great constitutive element in any numerological combination. It is a sign of progress, happiness and wealth. It also resonates with ideas of stability, dedication, and intellect. On the other hand, this is the number that resonates with wicked karma, problems, and hypersensitivity.

And finally, what is hidden here? Symbolically number 38 is actually number 11 (3+8) –a very positive number in Angel numerology; it is one element that allows this person to reach some imaginable heights, in spiritual and every other way.

So number 38 has some great influences and can lead a person who is number “owner” to a great destination, but also some bad influences can reveal.

Number 38 and Love

In love, Angel number 38 doesn’t like to take the initiative. Although in their imagination wonders can happen, in the outside world, their role as observers is maintained. They baffle the opposite sex with its deservedness, somewhat rough behavior and lack of initiative.

As partners, they are gentle, self-sacrificing and dedicated to their loved ones. They lack the courage to resist and fight, except when it comes to defending their ideas, and those situations often occur, and then they become egoistic, unreal and vindictive.

In love relationships number 38 have conservative behavior and behave accordingly, they live by traditionalistic principles, and with them, only a person who is the same can survive in long-term relationship or marriage.

Interesting fact about number 38

Some numbers are considered to be the teachers; others are protectors of every evil.

Number 38 in Angel numerology belongs to the first group – it is meant for problem-solving. It is the number that should give you courage. And it helps you to be closer to God and to be full of empathy for other people.

It brings positive change along with the forgiveness to others, and also it introduces order and discipline into human life.

What to do when you see number 38?

At the moment when number 38 has entered your life, you have probably given up form making your life better, and that you have lived half-way. And you don’t have to anymore,

Angels are saying in the message number 38 – this is a time that will bring big changes in your life. This is the number that teaches us how to protect ourselves from others and ourselves too.

From this influence, you will become more responsible, and you can set boundaries and start realistically looking at life. Without Angel’s interference, we would live without a plan and rules, so from now on, you have entered a more peaceful phase in which you will be well acquainted with yourself.

This is a period when you will learn to appreciate yourself and give as much as you take, even more – this is one of the amazing characteristics that this life will give you.

You may perhaps learn difficultly, perhaps slowed down the way, you need to be patient, but know that number 38 is here to teach you, not punish you, Angels are concluding in this message.