Angel Number 42 – Meaning and Symbolism

Here is one compelling insight into the world of numbers – some dates in human history are widely known to be very significant in for all of us, that can be religious and national holidays, events, deaths, births, etc.

On the individual level, those are the dates that have personal significance whether it is about pleasant or unpleasant occurrences such as birthdays, terms of marriage or divorce, birth or death of a loved one person or any moments when something influential happened in the life of one person. Why are mentioning this now? Why is this so important in the discussion about Angel numbers?

You probably have some general knowledge of Angels, and you know that they are light beings, that are here to protect and guide us through every possible situation and even in life. They use numbers as the way of communications with people because they are active and influential.

And now we are going to explain the significance of dates – they are marked with numbers, and here is that connection.

These dates also have an extraordinary symbolism so they can indicate a new beginning, or change, the renewal of a relationship, and even start with some illness. Some dates symbolize the emergence of a particular event; its seriousness must be taken into account during the analysis of numbers.

For example, a specific date is the anniversary of the death of a close person; it can represent the warning or need for us to put our lives into the retrospective.

Every number is the reaction of an unconscious psyche to a certain conscious, real event, and only the knowledge of the numerals, at the awake level, can reveal the true meaning of Angel intention and message.

Angel number 42 – what does it mean?

People who are marked with the number 42 are the people who are destined to work hard whole of their lives, but who are ultimately rewarded for their pain and extreme suffering.

The Angel number 42 are usually born with seemingly little prospects for success, but thanks to their innate persistence and stubbornness, they slowly climb to their mountain of success and in the end always achieve any goal that they want. In this way, from frustrated and mournful people that they deeply inside actually are, they become people who have a significant reputation in society. And be sure about it, number 42 enjoys all of his success and notoriety.

In their youth, they usually have a difficult life, which is why they may be inclined to self-pity. If you look into their eyes, you will see warmth and pain at the same time; and it isn’t uncommon for number 42 to fall into the dark thoughts and depression, and when they are upset, they can be very aggressive.

Emotionally they are very delicate, and these people speak only when they have something to say, so for others, they seem distant and too quiet, maybe even anti-social. You will never see angel number 42 to lead empty conversations and talk about light and easygoing topics. Their sentences are short, but they always say everything that should be, and each word has weight – so when they speak, others listen.

They are also followed by the cloud of melancholy that engages them, and in the workplace, they acted seriously and committed to duty. They do not hide their stubbornness, but on the contrary, they show most brutally. They have a dominant nature, and often become leaders.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Numbers 4 and 2 are leading numbers, and their vibrations are those that make this numerical combination so compelling, both positively and negatively.

Number 4 here brings influences of order, harmony, and need for balancing things, and more importantly, this number brings the ability to make things better after a long and arduous life (life path).

Number 2 makes all characteristics in the number 42 even more prominent, and unfortunately, that is accurate for flaws as well as virtues.

So number 2 doubles features of the number 4 – for some it is the number of perfection, and for other some unspeakable tragedy and misfortune.

Number 42 and Love

Regarding Love, persons who are number 42 in Angel numerology have a high opinion of themselves, but on the other hand, they lack self-confidence and attitude.

In their lives, they have a character of steel and strive for a successful career, so they don’t pay too much attention to love matters. But that doesn’t mean that number 42 is not seductive and flirtatious, they are, and they can be.

But also most of the time they can be pretty frozen and distant, and totally uninterested in love relationship let alone marriage.

They are not creative people with the sense of romance; they are more people who are practical and direct to their potential partners. Both women and men that belong to this number in angel numerology like to retreat from time to time to their loneliness when they do not want anyone close to them, but such a phase usually passes quickly.

Interesting facts about number 42

This is one very distinct number, and it is, by some unverified sources said that it belongs to the order of perfect numbers that are closely correlated with the idealism and spirituality.

And subsequently, this number appears many times in some very interesting connotation. For example, number 42 appears in the “Book of revelation” where it is said that “The Beast” will rule the Earth for exactly 42 days. Then, number 42 is the most common element in the Universe (metal), and it is the number that is in numerology numeral that symbolizes “The Three of knowledge.”

What to do when you see number 42?

Angels are saying in the message number 42 that from now on you are connected with your mind, that now you have the possibility to reach the  “The Three of knowledge.”

They are advising you to listen to them through the rhythm of the cosmos and looking for a hidden code that would reveal the meaning of our existence.

However, the answers just opened the door to some new dimensions. Don’t shy away from different esoteric teachings, philosophies, and traditions – these are all connections to the door to the endless field of all possibilities. And you can take them all, Angels are saying.

This is also called the road to self-discovery, and it is called the travel of soul – it is the place where you don’t need a light, besides the one inside of you. That place that you are about to find doesn’t exist on the regular map; it is a place inside of you, it is a return to home.