Angel Number 44 – Meaning and Symbolism

You can observe Angels like as your true and honest friends that are around you, all of your life – this is a friend that is a light being who will help you save your soul. The Guardian Angel is always in a role of a supporter, never an avenger. Angels advise people to be kind and loving, even in hard times, to protect their families and to forgive their enemies, this is a path to an easier forgiveness, a way that subsequently leads to the roads of an Ultimate spirituality.

All you have to do is to ask your Guardian Angel to help you, and soon enough he will send you the answers in the form of numbers.

Many Angel numerologists confirm this attitude towards Angels by saying “Make friends with angels.” This gold advice is valid because from that moment we expect mercy and advice from our angels they work on our problem. They will do their best to help us, and they are very influential. They are those who sincerely wish us good in this world and they will provide people with an unconditional love that you cannot even imagine.

Numbers continually surround us; we think they are quite simple and clear, but by profound looking, we realize that we do not even know if they exist in Nature in some way or are just something so abstract and out of this world. They simulate mutual relationships between people and Angel. We have to mention here the famous saying “all things are numbers,” and modern science also recognize this statement.

We mentioned numbers as the way that Angels use to communicate with people, and they choose numbers because of besides other things, they are easy to use and are representatives of an incredible power (vibration).

Angel number 44 – what does it mean?

No doubt about it, the person who is under is number 44, is under very efficacious and distinct impact of the number 4; and that force can be observed in a very positive or a negative way. So, subsequently, the life of a person who is born under the influence of the double number 4 can go both ways.

These are the people who like to put their lives in order and balance, who want to have everything programmed and are very disciplined, but who also find many mistakes in their life journey. With a lot of work, the person who is number 44 in Angel numerology can be trained to compromise with difficulties and can arise from sudden changes in their lives that are in most cases very negative and stressful. That sudden shifts that these persons encounter can, in the long run, destroy the entire area of their lives – their life becomes tense and ugly. But all of this doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything positive in their lives, number 44 can be successful and happy, can have some benefits in his life, and can at least have some encounters with high spirituality and wisdom.

Even when they have all the benefits and when they live luxuriously, they always miss something – but this is more their inner struggle. Often they have opportunities for progress, but their suspicious nature makes them miss such opportunities – persons who are number 44 think that everything around them is some conspiracy, and they don’t have many real friends.

In family life, number 44 is dedicated, maybe overly dedicated, and loving, and often are overburdened with heavy responsibilities and duties and have no choice but to deal with them. They help everyone even when that help is not actually needed.

They have a lot of endurance and strength and can achieve a lot in their profession, but their work is not adequately rewarded. They not only do not value them as much as they deserve, but they are also continually faced with criticism and opposition from others. This makes them suspicious and overly cautious; forced them to become even more reclusive and to feel sad and lonely.

On the more positive side, these people can overcome their obstacles, and to never give up – and this is probably one of their best traits, they are fighters. If you knock them down, they will be back. They can find great pleasure in their work and always try to become even better in what they do.

During life, the person who is number 44 can earn a lot of money, many times over, but also can lose it in some inexplicable way, and both situations are ok with them, they will just start over. He likes to spend his money on family.

On this brighter side, the person who is number 44 has unconventional nature, positive views, critical mind, and they do not follow existing customs and rules.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number 44 is made from the double vibration of number 4, and it is very significant and compelling.

By some claims, this is the number that symbolizes something that is distinct, and that has metaphorically distinct edges – this is reflected in their character, they like to put things in order and balance. It resonates with things that are solid and tangible, and thus accessible to our senses. But more profoundly, the double vibration of the number 4 is a unique symbol of completeness and comprehensiveness.

There are four main sides of the world, four winds, four main phases of the Moon, four seasons, four elements, four temperaments, four rivers in Paradise, four main Angels, etc. – in Universe; there are many things that are connected with the number 4. In this context, the number four symbolizes the earthly, the totality of the created and the manifested, which is at the same time transient – this is the Earthly manifestation of the Heavens, and it can be seen as a connection between God and Human.

By some other symbolism number 4 is a sign of death and it is the number that is connected with loss and pain.

In Astro-numerology, there are specific claims about the characteristics of number 4. Some associate it the nature of the powers of the Moon, while others rank it in the same rank with Saturn. In both cases, number 4 is connected with building and stable foundations – this is mirrored in the life of a person who is under the influence of the number 44.

Also, some connect number 4 with the planet Jupiter, a symbol of protection and justice. In this sense, number 4 symbolizes family, stability, balance, organization and perfect rhythm.

And finally, some Angel numerologist claim that number 4 is a symbol of perfection and signification that something influential is going to come and that it reflects people who are loyal, productive, with high moral values.

Number 44 and Love

Angel number 44 is the person whose life is marked with many obstacles, and it is true for all of his life aspects, including love. But the main problem maybe lies in their character that is somewhat rigid and problematic.

Another problem faced by almost all people that are angel number 44 is the fact that in their private life, they often lack flexibility and elasticity – they have many problems in making a new friendship or to have a new lover.

They are partners who have difficulties to make a compromise, to open up, to relax, and these are all characteristics that are needed when it comes to love.

In a love relationship, they tend to be dominant, but they actually seem cold and distant, so their lovers never know are they getting enough of emotions. Even in early age, the person who is number 44 doesn’t like to experiment very much; he has a couple of relationships without the desire to explore too much. It often happens that those emotional relationships are transformed into a kind of routine connection that lasts briefly.

They are too rigid and want their partner to follow their rules and to listen blindly, and fulfill their needs which is not very healthy.

It’s hard for the number 44 to decide to let some new and “unverified” people in their lives, so for the people on the side, they can act as too calm, even cold-blooded people without emotions. They willingly hide their sincere feelings for some apparent comfort and constant conviction that it is for better, but at times Universe send them a genuine partner, a person who can see besides of their shell, a trustworthy companion that will wait for their shield fall, so they can have what is inside – and that inside is great and filled with the most beautiful emotions.

Interesting Fact about number 44

What is very interesting and that is connected to the number 44 is the Fact that this number appears through the History and it is very remarkable in that sense, especially in a religious sense.

In the Holy Bible, there are several mentions of the number 4, and it is the constitutive element of the number 44, so it can be reduced to its vibration.

So, the sentence goes like this – as four sides of the world or four winds (Matthew 24:31, Revelation 7, 1, 20, 8). In Acts 10.11, the four-cornered sheen symbolizes the gospel preached to all gentiles throughout the world.

These are just examples, of how number 4 is significant in the world of Humans, and of course, it is connected with the angel numerology and Angel messages.

What to do when you see number 44?

If you have received message number 44, you have to learn this lesson: “Be careful not to become a closed person, because hiding from the pain, you will miss out all the positive feelings that life will bring.”

Life has limitations, Angels are saying, but don’t shy away from it, the only boundary is in your heart and soul. So, if you limit yourself, you cannot achieve any of your goals, and you will miss out so much, the life of spirituality and wisdom will be far away.