Angel Number 47 – Meaning and Symbolism

Using Angel number in your everyday life is useful in a sense that they have healing properties, and they are confirmed that they can provide spiritual healing among many other things.

We will make it clear right away – this doesn’t have to be connected to the traditional religious way of healing, you should look at the angel numerology as a method of “treatment” that is available for all humanity, no matter if they are believer or not, no matter what religion they belong, or don’t. We are all the same in the eyes of the Creator, God or a Higher Force.

This is also one of the reasons why we are not limited ourselves only to say God, that area is open, and you can call that force by any name you like. But the primary purpose always remains the same – Angels are involved in our world so they can establish balance and peace in all areas of our lives.

Many testimonies of people who encounter Angels and their messages claim that they are very simple, and no matter how complicated their world seems, it is very simple to communicate with them and to receive their wisdom. The only thing that you have to do is to believe with all of heart and soul that we are all connected with the Force that is much stronger then we are, and that Angel realm is here to create Cosmos – Divine order.

Angel number 47- what does it mean?

People who are Angel number 47 are individuals that are adorned with many fascinating and remarkable characteristics, all thanks to positive influences of the numbers 4 and 7 they can achieve a lot.

They are people with the incredible energy, very active and organized, who like to have balance in their lives, but that doesn’t mean that they live predictably – sometimes they can risk, but somehow fortune is turning in their favor, almost all the time.

They are also the people with the natural ability to lead and to be heard when they speak, they have objective and mature attitude and are great with words; they also need to make other people live much better and prosperous.

Emotionally number 47 is the person who has a big heart, but an even larger ego that rule his life; self-love and confidence in this person don’t have any boundaries – these individuals are ready to go to some remarkable ways so they can “feed“their ego. They like to believe that they are the best in everything they do and that every opinion that they have is the best, and are very proud of their life.

They are dominant, authoritative, but at the same time number 7 believe that they are unmistakable; unfortunately, this leads them to some very uncomfortable and stupid situations. Sometimes they can soak up in their need to stand out, to turn into tyrants.

Below this strong self-love, deep-toned side of their heart there are many fears of mockery or shame – this is their greatest fear, to be mocked from society. As they like to flatter themselves, they admire it when others do it too. In this way, they can clearly become victims of someone’s manipulation and deceit.

They have a commanding outlook and dignified behavior, and they know to be theatrical; their movements are like that. Also, everything is dramatic play for them, and number 47 is the lead actor in that performance.

They are very clever and excellent organizers, optimistic and like to enjoy life. They have many friends and are ready to help others, they are sensitive to others pain and are eager to help those who are in need.  They are very stable when it comes to their attitudes, at the same time they are conservative, moral and noble and above all they ignore primitiveness. Due to a specific set of character traits, number 47 finds it difficult to adapt to situations in which they cannot be the best (in their opinion).

Secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number is created, as we mentioned in the previous section from vibrations of the numbers 4 and 7, and in this case number 7 has the more dominant role. But, first we will explain the function that number 4 has in the numerical combination 47; it resonates with order, balance, organization, power, but more importantly, this number is either number that is close to perfection and positivity, or it is the number that brings misfortune.

Then we encounter number 7 that is very positive and prosperous number which vibrations attract many positive opportunities in the life of a person who is under its influence. It is also the number that symbolizes fertility, life itself, perfection and rejuvenation.

But one thing that is hidden here but is equally important is the number 11 (sum of 4+7) – one of the most significant numbers in angel numerology that is a representation of the open passage to the Higher Realms. It is the number that represents a transformation in every possible aspect.

Number 47 and Love

Angel number 47 are the people that have no problem in showing their emotions openly and directly, and it is their characteristic when they fall in love, they initially idealize their beloved person and raise them to the pedestal and after a certain period, and they ultimately erode. This is somewhat unfortunate, but it is just the way these people are, they love to be in love, and love to have that someone special in their lives, so it is understandable how they behave.

Both members of this numbers, male and female act the same in love – they love to be dominant and to be the leaders in their love relationships and marriages. For them, love is a complete merger of the two people. Bonding and communication are the essential attributes so that this connection can work. Because you know, people who are number 47 in Angel numerology cannot control themselves and cannot ignore their partners past, so they are prone to insecure behavior.

These people are very charming, sweet and smooth in seduction; they like to be admired and respected, and if you want to win their hearts just adore and compliment them.

They love children very much, although this is not a sign and they will have many of them.

Interesting facts about number 47

Everything that happens to us comes with a reason, and that is, in fact, our life lessons and this is written in many articles that are discussing number 47. It is said that this number indicates overcoming personal plan and rising to the divine plan of our soul and it points to the moment in which we are ready to learn and mature by our life experiences.

Somewhere is written that number 47 can be symbolically translated into magic words: “This is a prayer for dealing with life’s challenges.”

This is also the number that is connected with the Angels of change – it brings joy and satisfaction, along with the help to discover new ways and achieve everything we strive.

What to do when you see number 47?

Today everything is possible: quickly changing situations and circumstances due to changes in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of the being and raising our awareness to a higher level of existence – this is the information that is imprinted in the number 47 vibration.

Invite angels to change from the depths of your heart, loudly or inwardly, ask for help and guidance, and follow the messages, signs, and tips that you give.

They are saying in the message number 47 that you are on the way to feel better, to improve your life situation. This message is the encouragement that can help you to create joy, satisfaction, and to find your passion and lifestyle and achieve it fully, Angels are saying in the message number 47. This is the way how universe brings you a fortune and happiness.