Angel Number 48 – Meaning and Symbolism

Regardless of whether you are dealing and believing in numerology and whether numbers are anything in your life, you cannot escape them. Money, age, weight, human height, and many, many other things are expressed in numbers, and it is expected that we can express with numerical sequences much more that is hidden and secretive in our world.

Numerology provides answers to many questions, and with the help of numbers and their careful analysis, and many articles like this one can help you that process. The calculation and interpretation of the Angel numbers that at times represent the spiritual and fateful numbers (that are the most significant issues in Human) and their reveal the virtues and defects of the person, its affections, and potentials.

The Angel number reveals the way you are experiencing life and fate, along with the relations that you can experience during life (including a relationship with yourself, other people and with Higher Force).

We can count on the Angels and Angel number that strongly affects the person’s life and plays a fundamental role in the spiritual life.

Angel number 48 – what does it mean?

People who are born under the influence of the number 48 are people who are very intuitive and capable of understanding what is visible and what might be. It is said that these people are very close to their inner being and that they have the opportunity to reach realms of High spirituality and Wisdom.

They often make correct daily, everyday decisions precisely because of their deep intuition, although they believe that they are the sole result of their deliberation. These are genuine, serious, dignified, independent and “stylish” (they look good, are very attractive) personalities of intense intuition, brilliant insight, and highly expressed individuality. By looking at these traits, we can see that people who are number 48 are incredibly blessed.

Their mighty mind easily approaches the unknown; they are the masters in discovering many things that are hidden from other people.

Although they outside look calm and collected, inside, they are filled with the passion and strong emotions that are just waiting to get out.

Regarding relationships with other people, the persons who are number 48 are very humble, humane, reasonable and noble; they hate every numbness and bragging, and they avoid that kind of people. They have the innate ability to see the face and back of each situation and can help others with both words and actions.

This is one of the reasons why they find so much success in working with people; they are even rewarded for their work and have international recognition.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Number 48 is made from two vibrations of the number 4 and 8, and as you will be able to see, both are very potent and have amazing secretive symbolic. They also work great together as the symbiotic unity.

The symbol of the number 4 is square, and this number has a special meaning; it is a symbol of four elements, which are fire, air, water, earth, and also 4 sides of the world.

Some mystics in number 4 see the Enlightened man, the God-man, who connects celestial and earthly energies, and in this case, it connects Angel and Human realm. The number four is the foundation, the basis, the balance, and as some say it is number that represents the perfection.

On the other side of the numerological scale, we see the very significant vibration of the number 8, and it is the double-square symbol, or four plus four. Some consider that the number eight symbolizes Eternity, Infinity, Light, and Magic, Divine powers.

The symbol of the eight is the protection of the Guardian Angel, happiness in the material world, but also number 8 symbolizes spiritual evolution.

Number 48 and Love

Angel number 48 is great in the area of love. As a partner, the person who is number 48 has the best possible traits. He is mild in communication but passionate inside, generous and faithful.

He will never neglect his home and family for any other interest but at the same time this is a partner who will provide to his family everything that they need.

The person who is number 48 is a dreamer and lives to experience love, but at the same time, he is not someone who will promise much, but what he has he will do it from the heart.

They can be incredibly romantic and passionate when they fell in love and built a strong relationship with tenderness and care, sensuality, and love. If you want a dedicated partner, choose the person who is number 48 in Angel numerology.

Interesting Fact about number 48

Here is something that is very interesting when we discuss number 48 is that it can be symbolically reduced to the number 12, that is considered to be very important and meaningful number.

Twelve is one of the perfect numbers, the multiplication of number three, divine perfection and four, which represents the world and its creation. Twelve is the number that represents many important mystical creatures and people.

But others believe that dates like 4.8 or 8.4 or any date with the number 12 can bring good luck and good fortune.

And here we come to the most important part of this article – if you have seen number 48 as the manifestation of the Angels will know that on your way a solution is coming, the answer to a problem that has been part of you for a long time. Angels are sending their support and love, along with the answer to that burning question.

What to do when you see number 48?

If you have seen number 48 and if this is imprinted in your mind, know that Angels are sending you the answers. This number represents infinity and everything in the universe, which is infinite; infinite love, absolute energy, eternal time, in other words, by receiving this message you will enjoy the complete and endless abundance without any disadvantages.

If you see the number 48, it is the answer to the Universe that your prayers have been answered.

Angels are saying in this message that you come to an end, the completed cycle, which for you can represent the completion of a particular life chapter.

Angels are encouraging to complete something that you have already started, and now is the time, so you don’t have to have excuses or worries.

Deep within you, you already know what your life purpose is, even if you are not sure how to achieve it. This message signifies that it is necessary to take the appropriate action towards the realization of your dreams and the purpose of existence.

Any step in that direction will be productive; Angels are concluding this message under the number 48.