Angel Number 508 – Meaning and Symbolism

Among famous and accepted numerologies, there are two most prominent types – the Chaldean and Pythagoras numerology. In nowadays that is undoubtedly Angel numerology.

Various numerological systems are used depending on in which culture they appear. But everywhere everything is expressed through 9 significant numbers; everything else is just combination of vibrations.

And everywhere primarily the number signifies the dark and light character of the person, his virtues, his disadvantages, his tendencies, and so on. It speaks about the person’s life, but not in the sense that something will be like this or that, but concerning life purpose and meaning, life impediments and the roads that are more open or closed.

The same situation is with Angel numbers, but unlike other numerologies, here we can see a direct connection with Angel realm and Gods intentions.

Angel number 508 – what does it mean?

Just as in nature we see traces of the ending of life for some plant and animal species, so in people who live under the number 508, death and life are struggling, good and evil, constructive and destructive energy also. Spirit and matter struggle for supremacy and they never know what part will win. What forces will prevail – destructive or creative – is not certain, but every end brings a new beginning, and every crisis is a unique chance for progress. It is individually and uncertain, which side and time of life will win, but the crisis will be occasionally extreme in their lives. Fortunately, they are equipped with endurance and power to rise just like Fenix after a failure or immense pain.

People who live under this numerical sequence 508 have depth, both emotional and internal, and intensity in everything they do. Instincts are strong, intuition is often expressed, and the subconscious is also powerful and takes the lead.

Their life, often dynamic, is full of various obstacles, often crises and internal conflicts, and often they are encountering death in multiple ways: mentally, or through a profession that is often related to death, disaster, suffering, or danger, or through the encounter with sexuality, which is also somewhat challenging.

Secret meaning and symbolism

In total, vibrations of the numerical sequence 508 refer to new beginnings, ideas, impulses, and the harmony resulting from knowledge and experience; it is bound to the Higher Realms. But also it indicates the need to end the old things to get new ones.

It is true that number 5 pushes a person to a change – the old things (relations, situations) are forcibly disappearing, and all together can be experienced excruciatingly and unpleasantly. In combination with 0 and 8, it is a substantial number that brings us closer to ourselves and allows us to live in accordance with our own needs. It reminds us that only order, work, discipline, and patience are necessary here to achieve the Ultimate goals.

Number 508 and Love

When it comes to love, their love is often a picture of their character, passionate, deep, and with a lot of silence. There are usually breakups; sometimes there are separations due to death of a loved one. But one thing is sure – Angel number 508 wants all or nothing in love.

Sexuality is also something that distinguishes them from other people; it is often one aspect of the fight against death, eroticism is lovely and powerful. Sometimes, Angel number 508 can go into exaggeration, but they belong to beautiful people, not so beautiful, how irresistibly attractive.

Interesting Fact about number 508

Interestingly enough this numerical combination has in itself, beside numerals 5  and 0, a number 8 that has always been very significant. For example, in China, this is one of the happiest numbers and is closely related to happiness.

When found in the Angelic message it symbolizes the balance and constant flow of energy that never sleeps; it always makes changes.

So, if you’ve started to see number 8 in combination with any other numbers, everywhere, it’s possible that you will be expecting a profit soon! And we don’t think only material gain, but we think on spiritual wealth, that we all lack of.

What to do when you see number 508?

You have been a person who tried to find out everything at any cost and wasted precious energy on a million things at the same time, without focusing on right things. And Angels are saying in this message that one thing that you need, and that you are not getting is that Inner peace. It can be achieved with calmness and altruism. It should not be used where it is not necessary.

This numerological information 508 represents the victory of the struggle between spirit and matter. Angels are saying that you will from now on, have the strength to become the protagonist of the divine law.

You can live in social life and evolve from within towards more spiritual things. Don’t stop having material goods, enjoy terrestrial success, but be generous.