Angel Number 55 – Meaning and Symbolism

There are many misconceptions and prejudices about numerology, especial Angel numerology. The term “numerology” relates to the many “funny” articles that you can read every day, but be sure about it, numbers and their connection with the Angel realm are not funny, and so Angel numbers are impressive and very important for the Human realm in many ways than one.

The topics that have been written on the subject of the Angel numbers are based on the prognosis of what will happen to members of a specific number on a particular day, week or month, or what this next year is going to be, or they are based on some prognosis that deals with love or business.

It is correct that numerology contains prognostic in itself, as well as the methods and rules by which relations between humans and Angels are developed, but there is nothing funny about it, it should be taken seriously and with care. Because Angel numbers deal with many serious issues, if not the most serious matters that are related to the Human race, so they should be considered as such.

Those are subject that are existentially important for humans and their development, and they should not be taken so lightly. Also, the matter of improving our life, as well as lives of others has to be the most relevant thing for us (people).

Angel number 55 – what does it mean?

People who are born under the double influence of the number 5 are people who are very curious and like to try everything in life; they have a wide range of interests and enjoy people especially those people who will join them in their adventures. Angel number 55 wants to experience everything life has to offer, and he is also someone who has a lot of friends. They are open to life, ready to taste, feel, smell and touch almost everything.

These are also the people who in all fields of life people have the pronounced attraction, impulse, and curiosity; this is why they are recognized everywhere and why people like to be around them.

Sometimes for others, number 55 can seem like a strange, confusing, unreliable, and even a bad person, the fact is that they don’t have a problem to be different and free, no matter how that seems to their environment. They don’t have the problem for others to know about their life; they want to show the world about how unconventional life is indeed possible, and how they have enough courage to live their dreams.

The person born under the influence of the 55 is unpredictable, unconventional, loves freedom and adventure.

They are not materialistic people; they know that that the greatest treasure is hidden in the adventure and gaining the new experiences.

Angel number 55  want to make all life decisions on their own; they tend to be free and want to be what they are, without any restrictions and limitations. Sometimes they struggle to achieve this “comfort” other times they can have that freedom with ease, but their need stays always.

Their flaw? Sometimes angel number 55 has the problem with being moderate, they tend to exaggerate in almost everything that they do, and sometimes that is reflected in their psychophysical health.

Also, these persons do not have patience, cannot wait, they are not very thoughtful and cautious. A little caution and flexibility would certainly not be bad for this person to have in their life! Also, they should work on their fears of constraints and obligations, so that they could progress in their jobs and everyday requirement.

Secret meaning and symbolism

About number 55 we can say a lot because it is the very special number – it symbolizes development, intellect, and growth. This number is a symbol of the Universe, perfection and a symbol of divine power, and it is made from the two vibrations of the number 5. It is considered to be the very happy number because it points to the five most significant blessings: wealth, happiness, longevity, health and prosperity.

The vibration of the number 55 is the transmission of energy along with the equilibrium and oscillation energy that is needed to start the change. The wave moves in a certain direction, and the power is transferred from the particle to the particle. In this case, the oscillation of one particle will not be able to remain isolated, but will gradually carry to other particles.

Waves are symbolically connected with the number 55; it is the symbol of oscillations, and when we translate them into people, then we find the way in which we pass on to each other moods. When within our body there is a certain reaction to something, for example, something that we feel like the danger, pain, anxiety, then through oscillations it is transmitted to our entire organism, our emotions, our thoughts and we become upset, and under stress. We continue to spread this state of agitation to our other people, first of all to our closest family members, partners, children, as well as people who are similar in structure and sensitive to the symptoms we show ourselves.

So when number 55 is connected with the Angel numbers, and it is equally important in this realm, and many relevant messages are sent through this number, we can say that it represents the connection between the people and the importance of good and honest inter-human relation.

Number 55 and Love

Angel number 55 is the person who doesn’t like to be advised in any aspect and the least in the love area of his life, they are known as people who respond quickly, passionately, sensually. And these are the reasons why this person is always a very admirable lover.

That’s why they say that they are equally attractive to both sexes and that they retain their attractiveness regardless of age. Everyone wants to find himself in the company of a person number 55; it is the partner who in advance salutes all that is unusual, new, and different.

They are always guided exclusively by the heart, they can show the whole range of emotions in a short time, but things usually end on it – once they are done, they continue as if nothing happened. In love, sometimes, these are overwhelming people who are falling in love and relationships usually are only physical, without emotionally binding. Because of this nature, their marriage fails, unless they find the person who fully suits them.

They are full of brilliant ideas and creative ideas both in business and in the private area.

The ability to logically conclude and intuitively follow, and often achieve success in life if they give them a chance, this is true regarding love.

Interesting Fact about number 55

Number 55 is very interesting in the realm of Angel numerology and numbers. What is very important is that number 5 that is a constitutive element in this numerical combination is the number is connected the five elements in the universe: earth, water, metal, wood, and fire, and therefore brings harmony. Number 55 is the number that brings the changes.

This is the number that suits those who love adventure and excitement. The connection of a man with a symbol of number five is expressed through our five senses.

For ancient people, number 5 was the number of the center, the fund, and the balance. It implements the idea of a holy marriage, that is, the union of the earthly that is symbolically number 2 and celestial principles that is symbolically number 3.

The number five is also connected with the Human, as its being; it symbolizes a man who has stretched out his arms.

What to do when you see number 55?

The life lesson that the number 55 carries with it: be a man of free spirit, let your task be to feel the fullness of life on a daily basis! Angels are saying in this message that is sent to you by the number 55 – you can break the boundaries and established the harmony in your life. You are a human of many ideas and you great trait is that you are an enthusiast and that you can have a lot in your life for yourself and others.

Angels are encouraging you to use all of your God-given traits and to make the best out of your life!

For you, it is out of the utmost importance to break with some old habits and to allow her every day to do something new – perhaps just what seems so monotonous and unnecessary.

Only in this way, Angels are saying, that you can count the progress and success in your life; when you can, you will find discoveries and ways that will open them by bringing new opportunities, new topics for thinking, and new acquaintances.

Angels are concluding that you should feel remarkably advantageous that you have seen this number – you are from this day blessed with the new power. This number will from now symbolize the fifth element in your life, besides other senses, it is a symbol o God presence in your life.