Angel Number 556 – Meaning and Symbolism

All of us, who believe that God exists (as Supreme Force, High Energy, Nature or the Creator); imagine Him or It or this Force differently. Some people who are more connected with their religious heritage see him as religion teaches them (in Christianity as a bearded Man for example); others don’t have to give him a face, he exists and is in all of us always.

Same is with Angels – we could give them a face, and we all know what Angelic look is – kind, loving and beautiful. But is not how they look, but what they do and what is their purpose in our lives.

Their purpose is to protect us – that is why they are called Guardian Angels, but we are often in doubt how they communicate with us (or are they talk at all). But we are going to tell you; they certainly do, all the time. That way could be direct – Angels can approach us directly by showing themselves, revealing their true nature; or they can send us a specific message using some channel of communication (dream, vision, voice, or some symbolic message that is physically present in our world). It can be many different things, but numbers and numerical sequences are perhaps the most useful.

And when you think about it, numbers are a perfect choice for such task – they are comfortable, short, and easily understandable and they carry immense energy and power in itself.

Angel number 556 – what does it mean?

Angel number 556 are the people who have a particular character, love things that are precise, and honest. They attach more importance to the action than to thinking – these are the people who like work more than words. They never succumb to the waves of discouragement and pessimism, and their life motto is – keep moving forward.

On top of all these things, number 556 belongs to the people who are endowed with confidence. They are not stubborn – they will change mind if others logically convince them that they made a mistake.

Internally and emotionally these people can be impulsive and advisable. When they want something, then that’s all or nothing. Their flaw is that at times these individuals like to mix in other people’s affairs, to give advice, although this is not required of them. Often it happens that in this way they are hurting someone roughly, even if they did not intend to.

They are not very disciplined and do not obey the social rules, and this should not be taken as their flaw, even though it can bring them some problems in life, especially in their work environment.

Secret meaning and symbolism

The numerical sequence can be easily observed through the vibrations of number 5, 6, 16 and even 11, but we will deal with this issue more in some other section.

Double power of the number 5 resonate with adaptability and inner strength; it is the number of progress and expansion; so when it is doubled than that progress is even more enhanced. But what is interesting in this case is that that progress leads to the next vibration, and that is, in this particular case – number 6. Its vibration is widely connected to the Realm of Divine power and God himself, and having these influences is a great way towards the achievement.

Number 556 and Love

Even in love Angel number 556 is someone who stands firmly on the earth, dreaming is only a mental break. These people envision what their partner is going to look, smell and feel; how long will they be together, etc. – they plan everything. They are realists and like concrete things in love – so they know exactly what they want from their potential partner. So maybe the best suit for these people is someone who is similar to them because it is unlikely that relationship between the two completely different people to work.

When they decide that they have the person who will be their partner for the rest of their lives – it’s hard to get away from it. They will do anything to stay with that person forever, which sometimes is not a good idea. When love is broken or gone, sometimes it is a bad idea to repair it. Sometimes it is better to let go, and the person who is Angel number 556 learn this slowly.

Interesting Fact about number 556

This is a numerical sequence that appears in lives of a people who have a valuable lesson to learn – to choose to experience and defeat, rather than go back or change their mind.

This combination of its sum vibrations gives numeral 16 – in this case, it is number connected to filling the tasks stubbornly, and its wave provides durability and patience.

It is the number that has 1 and 6 it implies that a person who has this numeral in its map can work several times, have several roads, just to get the perfect result. Current failures do not scare them, and it shouldn’t – these are all lessons, never failures.

It is also the numerical sequence that gives people who see it calmness and measure; it brings maturity and confidence. Both characteristics are needed for personal growth – but not any growth, only for growth that is stable and constant.

What also needs to be said when we are discussing this topic is that in one part, smaller, this numerical sequence is influenced even by number 11 that is one of the most powerful vibrations that can be found in the numerology Realm.

It is the number of completion and achievement, and it is always connected to the most active and most influential Angel messages.

What to do when you see number 556?

The first thing you need to understand is in which direction to focus your creativity and spiritual energy – it is the primary message from Angel Realm. You will be inspired by new ideas and willing to start new projects after you see this number. And you will think: “Finally, changes come to me, and that’s the better. In the next period, the only good news is expected. If you’re thinking about moving, that might happen now – you will move to a place where you will feel a new energy.

Also, in a career, you can progress or expand your job. Traveling is an excellent way for you to widen your horizons and develop the potential of your soul.  This is a definite time for your growth and achievements, and you should see this and use the favorable circumstances, Angels are saying in the message number 556. You will be required to take a little more responsibility for your life, don’t shy away from them.