Angel Number 777 – Meaning and Symbolism

Where there is any mention of the Angels, as the messengers of the God/ Creator, there is indeed somewhere near the subject of the God that needs to be explained. In this particular article we will start by saying that before you enter the world of Angel numerology, you must first define your relationship with God, but not is a sense if you are religious or not, more in a spiritual way – do you believe in the Force that takes care for us all or not. You should ask yourself, do you see the presence of God in your everyday routine, do you acknowledge its existence, and in a way that you feel that you are not alone, that someone is watching you?

The day, through which we did not go in the presence of God, it is like we are just like a grain of sand in the desert – meaningless and small, and only a fraction of something that is endless. We owe ourselves, and to all who have a place in our heart, we owe lives, we must find time for the love in our lives. For love and passion for all humanity. If we do not fulfill this debt, the happiness that is at our fingertips, at the reach of the soul, will remain inaccessible to us. And we will be scarce, which is a shame since we have a lot of potential in our blood, so to speak. And many, many will be limited due to this.

And now we get to the good part, where we are talking about Angels and their messages; they inform us how to be closer to God, and to live by His rules, all for our own benefit.

You should be open-minded about the way you now see things. Learn and practice non-compulsion for viewpoints to be open to others’ views. The truth is in life, not in conceptual knowledge. Be prepared to learn throughout your life and keep an eye on what is happening in you and the world. Do not lose the awareness of the existence of suffering in the presence of this world. Find a way to be with those who suffer, including personal contacts and visits, and it is something that will enrich you in every way. In all ways, make yourself and others aware of the reality of suffering in the world.

You should never allow for your goal in life to be glory, earnings, wealth, and sense of enjoyment. Live simply and share time, energy and material goods with those that are needed.

Learn how to transform them while there is still semen of Love in your consciousness. As soon as rage or hatred arises, direct your attention to breathing to see and understand the nature of your anger or hatred and the nature of the person who caused them.

Do you know what did you read just now? Some of the essential Angelic information in the Universe.

Angel number 777 – what does it mean?

In this section, we will in details discover the character of the person who is under the powerful, triple influence of the numeral 7.

This numerical combination points to the person whose material values occupy a prime place in his life, and he strives to achieve stability on the business plan while winning combination 777 often provides perseverance and strength so that the realization of business-financial satisfaction is more confident.

These vibrations significantly contribute to the stability and longevity of a love presence in the life of a person who lives under this combination, so that the person is pleased and satisfied with this sphere of life also. When it comes to professional occupation, the harmonious aspects of the 7 give good predispositions to acquiring wealth and brilliant careers that can last a long time. In this case, numerical sequence 777 also contributes to the preservation of the obtained material values.

On the more negative side, the person who is Angel number 777 can continuously monitor the feeling that its happiness is continually escaping from its hand and that some external circumstances significantly contribute to the realization of the ultimate goal that in the end does not occur.

What is left is the feeling of a loss and pain, since the Angel number 777 is left without realization of the final goals. Besides, at times, if this individual is not careful can struggle to retain the acquired “goods.”

Secret meaning and symbolism

There are just handful of numbers in the Angelic formations that carry such strong and influential vibrations, like numerical sequence 777.

In it, we can see many positive aspects, successful events and positive experiences, growth, and expansion in every way and every direction possible.

It is the number that is by many, consider to be the number of incredible gains, and that gain can be different for some – from excellent material gain to the spiritual and intellectual completion in life.

In the vibration of the 7, we see sublimation of all areas of existence, firm faith, but also secrecy, right intuition and the almost daily pursuit of those most cordial answers to ultimate philosophical questions. Unlike the previous six numbers that represent the restlessness and worry of everyday, worldly life, with the vibration of the numeral 7 we enter into a unique, utterly new Universe, which serves just as a bridge between the so-called “lower” and “higher” world.

On some secretive level, we could see that numerical sequence 777 is the number of the discovery and knowledge, it points to any expansion of the experience and the process of finding the exact meanings in life, along with the secretive ones.

Number 777 and Love

When it comes to the field of love, this person very much appreciates a useful and constructive conversation concerning a loved one so that he can quickly and efficiently solve any problems in a romantic relationship caused by poor communication and insufficient understanding. So you could guess that person who lives under the numerical sequence 777 has a fortune in love also – he is a desirable partner, good looking and charming. But more importantly, someone who can resolve all problematic issues with his partner -so there are many harmonious aspects that vibration of the 7 gives, in love also.

We should also mention that this person by emphasizing his attitudes can very easily exert significant influence on his beloved person and represent his ideal of all aspirations and wishes that he might have in love. These individuals have an excellent talent for seduction and the ability to charm in love so that a person is rarely lonely in this field of life. When “love opportunities” are not used in a right way, or they are misused, in their life there is an indication of insufficient willingness and less will to help their lover to cope with all life’s problems. There is also a fast and hasty response so that a person often does not know which way to pull in specific life situations, leaving the impression of a clumsy and undedicated partner or a lover.

Interesting Fact about the number 777

In this particular section, we will inform you about many surprising aspects of the number 7, and we will try to explain why this number is so significant and valuable in the world, no matter what part of the globe, religion we are talking about.

The number 7 is one of the most mysterious and sacred numbers for which the human species knows, and is continuously repeated in all religious texts and placed on the pedestal.

We use this number daily, and it is the number that is mathematically important – is a free number which is not only a Mersen free number (2 to 3 – 1 = 7) but a double Mersen free number since number 3, which is its exponent, is also a Mersen free number.

The Babylonians, a very advanced civilization divided the week to seven days (hence: a week). Why? Because it was merely in agreement with the time intervals between the moon’s men. It is said that it is the number that requires a cosmic and supernatural clarification.

From “special” to “magic” is only one, short step, which is why the number seven has acquired the theological significance. The word, it became a myth by itself.

The Aryan Rag Veda has already described seven stars, seven concentric continents and seven streams of some (sacred liquids that the Aryans had drunk during their rituals, and poured into the hearth of the god Agni’s god).

In Buddhism, it is found that the newborn Buddha made seven steps. Rome had seven kings before the republic, and it was built on seven hills.

Numerologists find that number 7  signifies creation since it is the sum of the spiritual number three and the material number four. It is the sublimation of both worlds.  In Europe, Pythagoreans the first numerologists in the world believed that the number 7 symbolically indicates the unity of God with the universe. Irish mythical hero Kuhulin had seven fingers on each hand and foot, and seven pupils in each eye; he was seven years old when he got his first weapon and defeated the enemy armies; his son was seven when this one killed him.

As far as Judaism and Christianity are concerned, seven only confirm its importance. God created the world for seven days; Kain will be punished with seven different revenge; Noah received a warning about the sink seven days earlier, waiting for seven days to send the second bird in search of land and at the barrack – which settled on Mount Ararat after seven months – was followed by seven people. Solomon builds a temple for seven years.

So, in the end, what kind of importance this number has, when is tripled and correlated with the Angelic messages.

The answer is extensive signification.

What to do when you see number 777?

Angels are saying in the message 777 that you are Love. To know God, you must have love in your heart, because without love you cannot be known to Him. Let love flow freely and learn to love what you do, love your environment, and love all the souls around you. Love has no price; Angels are reaching to you-you can never give too much love, so never fear or try to break the flow of love, even when you are denied. When this happens, it is easy to close the heart and withdraw from the fear of injury. Do not do this, because you will only become hard-hearted and weak. In this state, you will never be able to help another soul, because nobody attracts that hard heart without love.

Use wisdom and understanding along with respect and in that way keep the perfect balance; it is also said in the numerical sequence 777. The most critical lesson in life is to learn to love, without it we are empty shells. Do not waste your time and quickly master the experience of love, and you will find the God in you.