Angel Number 888 – Meaning and Symbolism

It is known for centuries that numbers in any of their shapes and forms have religious and magical importance and spiritual value, their vibrations have the Original and Divine meaning and significant power. In many societies, it was considered dangerous to allow a stranger to know your “happy” or “secret” number since it is something like a lucky charm; they may potentially curse on you. One way to avoid this problem was to have a secret number that only you know – it is an invisible and vital part of your real identity.  Numerologists believe that the Angel number which contains information of crucial importance about your personality, as well as the goals you should strive for in your life.

And we all also know, by looking into the many available records, that numbers were significant wherever there was civilization, religion, art, and science. Pythagoras, a famous mathematician, and philosopher who lived around 580-500 BC is probably best known for his teachings on the sides of a rectangular triangle, but more importantly the study of the meaning of numbers in geometry, music, architecture, astrology, and astronomy, which lasted throughout his life. Pythagoras traveled for years in the old world, learning about the Universe, planets and the Sun, the human race and God of many religions, the philosophy and the sciences he encountered (and created in a way). He linked everything he learned in one scientific system and established an esoteric school in Croton in southern Italy, where he transferred his teachings to carefully selected students.

Later philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle rely on his work abundantly and are considered to continued his work.  Pythagoras name is attributed to the discovery of mathematical relationships between musical notes, including the octave, and the interval between music notes that makes a musical harmony. According to Pythagoras, odd numbers are male, active and creative, and even numbers are female, passive and receptive – this remains relevant to this day. Each number from one to nine has its own, distinctive properties, and Pythagoras’ description of these properties still very much influences today’s numerology.

Many also believe that Kabbalists are responsible for contemporary numerology and our view of it. They represented the mystical side of Judaism, but they also included elements of Christian and Islamic thought. Kabbalists were great scholars, from the 12th century, and they influence southern France, and in Spain and Portugal. Nowadays, people, even celebrities find interest in the world of Kabbala (like Madonna, Demi Moore, etc.).

After the 12th century, during the 16th and 17th centuries in Western Europe philosophers of hermeneutics studied and dealt with astrology, alchemy, magic, and the mystical meaning of the numbers. So it is apparent that even in Christianity people find interest in the world of numbers. In the 19th and early 20th centuries Numerology has become more than a fun, and finally, this subject is scientifically recognized. In everyday life, we use numbers for various actions, from most complicated to simple – for counting, for building designs and for mystical goals.

Fun fact: Did you know that in the USA there is even the California Institute of Numerical Research. In recent years, the resurgence of New Age has led the numerology back to its symbolic and mystical roots.

All these information and gathered knowledge are incorporated into the world of Angel numerology, and by some, it represents the Highest form of numerology.

Angel number 888 – what does it mean?

People who live under the strong and tripled power of the number 8 are strong, and they rely on themselves, they are smart. It is like the knowledge is something that was given to them before they were born since studying and learning are two processes that are natural to these people.

Also, they are incredibly attracted to the world of the paranormal and mystical world, and they want to discover all secrets that exist in life – their life path is in a way directed towards this. But we should also mention that Angel number 888 are the people who nourish their spirituality and inner well being. People with a lot of numbers 8 in their numerological system are usually materialists, valuable workers, and stubborn protectors. This feature doesn’t exclude their incredible energy and power – that they show in almost every aspect of their lives. This is the reason why the need to find that peace since their life sometimes can derail into the darkness.

On the other hand, they can be materialists and lethargic at times, and this is maybe their most notable characteristic – they cannot find a middle ground even if they try so hard. These people can get the most out of the ladder of success, far beyond expectations, or they can fall to the rock bottom. This is the number of wealth, prosperity, leadership and efficient organization -and if these people find out what they want to do, they will use them for success. These people have high endurance and ability to stay focused on the job.

Undoubtedly they are fighters, and their goals in life are to achieve greatness through combat. These exciting people love that struggle for power, which completes their lives.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Many mysterious and symbolic meanings are hidden in this triple formation of the number 888; we could see clearly that number 8 dominates. Its powers are enhanced to the maximum, and we will talk about secret features of the numeral 8.

This is a “sum” vibration of all physical forms that are contributed to the number 4 -they are increased in number 8 – this is the number of practical concerns. Far from the worldly things, number 8 is a magical symbol of infinity and overflowing energy. This number also represents the door to the important life.

The numerical significance is added, and the practical aspect of the number 8 is emphasized, it is not the escape from the world, it is quite the opposite.

However, what numeral 8 also brings is a possibility of pain and lose – unfortunately, prone to failures.

We will mention once again that number 8 is the number of significant energy that can be directed negatively and positively, but it will never disappear. It can be even resurrected.

Number 888 and Love

They are powerful, hard and ruthless on the road to achieving their goal -maybe that is why they don’t have many friends in their life. Who wants to be around these people when they can be so ruthless? But success does not quickly come to these people, they have to fight to achieve them, and it those times there is no place for love.

One more important thing needs to be added -they have problems showing affection for loved ones, and in balancing their business and private lives.

It is not like they are not attractive or that they don’t know what to do in love, it is more question of their energy and openness. They are not open, not in life, and not in love either.

Maybe a good and prosperous love connection is something that Angel number 888 will strive whole his life, and perhaps never achieve that goal.

Interesting Fact about Love

Many interesting things are associated with the numeral 888.

First, it is the numerical sequence denotes transcendence, departure from the material sphere, from the world of separation. It represents the world of spiritual sublimation. With it we could return to our Source, God, we could become one Light. Those who carry the energy of the 8 are always connected with this Source where the past, the present and the future occur at the same time.

Triple power of the vibration 8 shows, in a way, represents the totality of existence that can be felt at one point, so that there is a perception that we are all One.

At one point that Unity’s knowledge gives gifts of unconditional love and empathy, but makes us self-conscious. Number 8 is like a reflection in the mirror where we recognize ourselves and the Divine form by loving one another.

Caution – number 8 also brings, and it is the number of love. And love must not be an illusion.

In the end, this number allows us to see God in everything. It gives us a sight that can help us to understand with spiritual senses and can see in the very core of everything that exists – that is the Light. Spontaneously goes beyond the world of duality, beyond the idea of ​​good and bad, and then the divine nature of everything we see. It is a revelation. It teaches us that we don’t divide people in good and bad but considers everything worthy of love.

And conclusion – we come to the Angelic information and its connection with the 888. It says that the path of unconditional love and acceptance is the path of Human, and on this journey, he learns to distinguish what is love and what fear. He learns to identify what empathy is and what pity it is. He teaches love to return people to power, and compassion makes them weaker. Angels teach us to use love to heal, and her kindness draws power to others.

As we learn to love others, we begin to love ourselves. The power of love strengthens, and this love becomes a shield.

What to do when you see number 888?

What shall you do when you encounter this numerical sequence? First, it is clear that you will see it immediately since it has specific shape and form. It will take only one fast look at this number, and we will be able to see clearly what Divine Realm has for us.

This is how Angels tell you that a certain phase of your life is coming to an end. They want you to know when it happens, that it will be with you and help guide you into a new situation that will better suit your needs, desires, and goals.

This Angelic order signals that you are in the last hours, even minutes, just before the big change! Do not be afraid, because, during this transition, which will occur very quickly, you will receive support and love from the Divine Realm.

You will learn, Angels are saying that you will find out what the principle of Love is. Message 888 brings the subject of love -it is something that is extremely important for your life.