Badger – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Animal symbolism is not only interesting because it shows us a different side of an animal, it can also teach us about ourselves and our personalities. When we look at animal behavior, it is easy to notice some traits that are common with human traits and that can be seen as our own characteristics. Animal symbolism was created, for each animal, b people who lived in their near proximity and who lived on the same habitat.

Animals showed great amount of endurance, intelligence and strength which is why they have been interesting to people since the beginning of time. They have not only even our faithful followers and sources of food; they were also there to teach us how to survive the hard conditions in nature and how to fight against our won negative characteristics.

Spirit animals and totems have many similarities, but their goals are different. While our spirit animals lead us through life, totem animals show us our true self and what we are like to other people.

In today’s text we will talk a little bit more about badgers and what they represent in a symbolic sense. These animals inhabit large parts of our planet and are very interesting because of their peculiar behavior. This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about his animal and also expand your knowledge on animal symbolism.

Spirit Animal and Totem

Spirit animals and totems can be great representations of us and our best qualities and traits. Spirit animal is determined by looking deeper into your subconscious mind and finding out which animal has been around you the entire time. Your spirit animal should be an animal that has a special connection with you. Our spirit animals often come to us in our dreams and meditation séances, which is also a great way to find out which animal is your spirit animal.

Your totem animal is determined by your birth date and every person has its own totem animal. These animals are representations of our character and we can learn more about ourselves by looking deeper into the characteristics of our totem animals. Your totem animal also has the ability to send you strength and powers you need in order to endure difficult moments in life.

Spirit animal

As a spirit animal, badger is best described by these words:

  • Defense
  • Focus
  • Knowledge
  • Passion
  • Determination
  • Confidence
  • Control
  • Creativity
  • Cunningness

People who are guided by the badger spirit animal are very strong-willed people with a lot of strength under in them. They are prepared to do anything to succeed in life and make something out of them. Their goals and aspirations are usually reasonable, since they are much grounded people who know their limitations.

Badger spirit animal is also a symbol of cunningness and ability to think before others. People who are guided by this spirit animal are very cunning and this characteristic can go both ways. It can either be positive or it can be an extremely negative characteristic that leads them into all sorts of bad things. Badger spirit animal is also a symbol of action and creativity. Everyone who is guided by this spirit animal is able to use its creative mind to think about new ways to overcome difficulties. This is one of the highest valued traits they possess, especially when it comes to business.

They love movement and you will rarely see them sitting and waiting for something to happen. They are always on the go and ready to do something new. Their fierce nature can sometimes be too much for others, but those who know them truly, know that this is not something that is overbearing or difficult to handle.

Badger spirit animal is a symbol of confidence and control. This is something people who are guided by this spirit animal certainly have and they don’t lack the ability to show others that as well. Their confident nature can take them to great lengths, but it can also be their flaw and something that makes them too difficult to handle.


If badger is your totem animal, then you are someone who is always close to the ground and never too much in the clouds. You would rather set up goals that reasonable than chase for something you know is never going to happen. Setting boundaries and walls around you is another thing you do well. When you want others to stay away from you and not bother you, you will certanly find a way to do that.

Once you set your goals, you are going to push towards them no matter what. This trait is something that is highly valuable and not many people share the same characteristic. You are also very nurturing and you love taking care of people who need you close to them.

Even though you might seem like an off putting person, you are in nature kind and generous. The only obstacle people have to cross to get to this kind heart, is to show you they are worthy of your affection.

As a totem animal, badger symbolizes a personality that is ready to fight against everything and everyone and this person is not afraid of anyone. You are going to scare away everyone who invades your space and tries to cause problems in your life. You are not afraid to speak your mind no matter what others think. Your outspoken personality is what gets you to great lengths and makes you so successful in life. Having goals and striving towards them is your main quality, but you never forget about your friends and those who mean so much you.

Symbolism and Meaning

Badger symbolism is definitely rich and influenced by additions of many cultures. Since badgers inhabit large portions of our planet, their symbolic meaning is something that has been created as a result of living next to them for centuries. In medieval times, badgers were often seen as the burrowers and animals that spend most of their time under the ground.

People couldn’t really explain how the badgers worked, so they told stories about one badger opening its mouth and holding a stick in his mouth to keep them open, while other put dirt inside his mouth and dragged him up to the surface. According to these stories, badgers used each other’s as wagons to pull dirt from the ground and to dig even deeper.

Badger, as a character in popular culture, has often been used in works of many famous writers and artists. Some of them are the Study of Strange Things, The Badger, Chronicles of Narnia and many others. In most of them, badgers are painted as intelligent creatures and as human helpers.

In Europe, there is saying “badger baiting” which actually means to annoy someone or to “persecute” him. In the US, badgers were often killed because their actions cause damage to crops and their digging is harmful for the farming land. Another interesting legend is that if you hold a badger’s tooth somewhere with you while gambling; you are going to be undefeatable. Badgers are definitely interesting creatures but their relationship with humans wasn’t always the best. Because of this, to a lot of badger stories and symbolic meanings end up in a positive note.

Dreams about Badgers

Our dreams can tell us a lot about our personality and our thoughts. Sometimes things we completely forget about get mentioned and expressed in our dreams, which can disturb us or make us feel bad depending on the thing we dreamed about. Dreams about badgers can be both positive and negative, which depends on other elements of the dream as well.

Seeing a badger – If you saw a badger in our dream, you can expect some negativity in your life. This dream is a representation of negativity that is about to enter your life and it can be related to your private life or to your business.

Dead badger – Seeing a dead badger in your dream is a symbol of missed opportunities. This dream is telling you that there is something important that you have missed out on and it was a chance for you to improve your life. This dream can also signify defeating your enemies and ending up victories over them.

Several badgers – IF you saw more than one badger in your dream, this means you are going to have some sort of financial gain. This gain is going to come suddenly and you certainly won’t expect it to happen.

Talking badger – When badger in your dream was talking to you, this means you are going to hear an advice that could be harmful for you. If you can try to recognize the people who would get you in trouble and give you this kind of advice before it gets too late.


Animals showed great amount of endurance, intelligence and strength which is why they have been interesting to people since the beginning of time. They have not only even our faithful followers and sources of food; they were also there to teach us how to survive the hard conditions in nature and how to fight against our won negative characteristics.

Badgers might not be our best friends and companions, but their characteristics and abilities are certainly something we can look up to. They might be miscevous but their capabilities are something we can’t deny.

Badger symbolism was created by various cultures across the globe and it is certainly something that is a combination of positive and negative.

As a spirit animal and totem, badger is a symbol of intelligence, confidence but also cunningness and fierceness. Ever personality that is represented by this spirit animal or totem is definitely memorable and a personality you can’ forget.