Beaver – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Beavers are originally native to Europe, but have spread across Asia to North America. They are very interesting creatures with even more interesting behavior patterns.

In today’s article we are going to look into their spiritual meaning and see how they affect us in a spiritual way.

Beaver – medicine

The beaver is a proper companion and diligent pioneer. If he steps into your life, he points to the special potential to realize visions and to put dreams into action. Since he is both on land (earth), and in the water (water) he can connect both elements together. This means that he teaches how to organize and bring his feelings under control and to develop general sense of order. Now is a good time to plan – be it education, family, travel or partnership.

Be inspired by the construction of the beaver and be creative! Take on a new hobby or take more time for your old age. Your soul wants to express itself artistically – be it through music, manual labor or drawing. The beaver also wants to tell you that you do not need much to live on. Unnecessary collection of items and memories may be more burdensome than you may think – now is a good time to get rid of legacies.

Use the beaver’s ability to build bridges to reach your goals or to make new friends. The beaver helps you to balance, independence and patience.

However, he wants to make you aware at the same time not to give your feelings a damn. Go and venture now and then to prevent a tsunami of emotions that may be the result of feelings that have not been lived out.

Furthermore, through persistence and perseverance, you can now achieve a long-awaited goal.

Dream interpretation

If the beaver waddles through your dreams, he encourages you to balance your life and find the right balance between family, work and hobby. In addition, the appearance of a beaver in the dream announces good luck for upcoming projects and businesses.

In general, the interpretation of dreams in beaver is a dream symbol of ambition and perseverance. The dreamer can reach his destination with hard work. Seeing him in a dream is therefore a good sign. Business or projects will be successful for the dreamer, if he stays with patience and diligence in the matter. If he observes a beaver in a dream, he may receive unexpected help from another human or have a sparking idea. It may be that the living conditions of the dreaming will improve.

Conversely, the dream symbol can also be a reminder to stay tuned and pursue a project. The dreaming should keep his goals in mind and implement his own ideas. Other people may play a more important role than he thought before. He should seek their support or assume he may run the risk of isolating himself too much.

If the beaver is hunted in the dream and killed because of its coat, then the dream symbol stands for inappropriate behavior, which the dreaming one will probably be accused soon.

Another interpretation of the beaver in the dream is the aspect of communication. The water in which the beaver moves and which it diverts or piles for its purpose symbolizes the feelings of the dreaming. He learns to express it better, or is reminded of his dream that he should communicate more with others and deal with his emotions.

Other symbolical meanings

In the medicine wheel and Indian horoscope, the beaver is assigned to the “moon of the returning frogs” (20.04 to 20.05.). Beaver people are considered hard-working, patient and persistent, but they can also be stubborn, lazy and sluggish. By nature, beavers are born practitioners who prefer to act rather than lose themselves in any theories or thought loops forever.

Meaning of the beaver as a power animal

The beaver is an architect and builder alike. He invites you, structured and thoughtful, but also with a lot of creativity to make your wishes a reality.

Those who were born in the sign of the beaver are usually enduring and careful and patient in everything they do. The care of the beaver man can go hand in hand with a great deal of detail. The beaver relies on reliability and safety. As a result, he runs the risk quickly inflexible to respond to new situations and does not like to take a risk. More about the characteristics of the beaver, love, profession and partner horoscope under Zodiac Beaver.

The animal spirit beaver

Your power animal beaver is an animal spirit that accompanies and protects you. It is not a real animal, or the spirit of a particular deceased specimen, but the archetype of the genus. Your lifelong power animal is first determined by the time of your birth. In some people, the power animal changes in the course of their lives.

Others even have several power animals. A power animal can also come to you temporarily as a helper animal to show you a way in a certain life situation. More about force animals in general and how to find your personal animal spirit in the article Power animal.

Power of the beaver

You can especially trust the beaver’s power when you:

  • Encourage or inspire someone to reach a goal,
  • When you are exhausted and burned out and need energy,
  • Venture into new creative projects or change your business direction
  • Want to bring structure into a group,
  • You want to free yourself from contaminated sites – be they mental or material nature.
  • Power animal oracle beaver card pulled right around

“Perseverance, care, community”

“Do not dream your life, but live your dreams.” This could become the motto when the beaver enters your life. The beaver builds its artful dams on seemingly little firm ground. But with perseverance, care and skill, real works of art are created. Take an example of the beaver and build on your goals as if they were already reality. The beaver teaches you how to realize this bit by bit with the means at your disposal: with structure and planning, but also with a lot of creativity and imagination. And with the support of close friends and family, you can achieve anything just as the beaver builds its own dams.

Maybe you have to give a new direction to the flow of your life for the realization of your goals. Try alternative ways and possibilities to make your dreams come true. Otherwise, you only limit your options and stand in your own way. The beaver is a gregarious creature. He shows you how important it is not only to pursue his visions, but also to rely on the dynamics of a community.

Power animal oracle beaver card pulled upside down

The shadow of the power animal beaver: “blinders, low orientation”

Pulled upside down, the card can mean that you lack flexibility. You’ve been so focused on achieving a specific goal that you are now running blindfolded around the world. So chances outside your field of vision remain unused. Be careful not to stem the flow of life with too much tenacity. Often you have to let things or people go completely for a cause to start rolling. This is certainly one of the difficult exercises of life, but one can gradually approach and learn to let go.

First, feel where you hold something in life, want too much, and put too much (unhealthy) energy. Imagine the beaver, how he wants to build his dam in the wrong place of the river day and night until exhaustion. Neither diligence nor perseverance is of any use to him here. Feel the blockage in life before the inner eye, visualize it and finally feel that it is not your destiny. Then it succeeds bit by bit to let go. Choose a different and more beautiful place for the construction of your dam. You will be astonished how suddenly your efforts will bear fruit and be rewarded.